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Friday Fluff: Thanks, Lauredhel!

Because she knows I’m a word geek, Lauredhel at Hoyden about Town handed me this delightful post about the Macquarie Dictionary’s Word of 2007 contest.

Here are a few of my favorites that Lauredhel didn’t mention:

arse antlers
plural noun Colloquial a tattoo just above the buttocks, having a central section and curving extensions on each side.
man flu
noun Colloquial (humorous) a minor cold contracted by a man who proceeds to exaggerate the symptoms enormously.
noun Colloquial (humorous) a floor littered with discarded clothes, viewed ironically as a clothing storage system. [floor + (war)drobe]

And then, although I know this is supposed to be fluff, we have the outrage list.

salad dodger
noun Colloquial (derogatory) an overweight person
noun the phenomenon of obesity in Western countries, seen as a worldwide health problem. [glob(al) + obesity]
slummy mummy
noun Colloquial a mother of young children who has abandoned all care for her personal appearance. See yummy mummy. [slum + -m- + –y + mummy]

Aaaaand, my very favorite:

tart fuel
noun Colloquial wine coolers and alcopops, viewed by men as deceptively alcoholic drinks that will lower a woman’s resistance to sexual advances.

Are you fucking kidding me? You know, if they’d just told me that “tart fuel” = wine coolers and alcopops, I would have found it fairly funny. (Though perhaps I’m underestimating the power of the word “tart” in countries where it’s frequently used. I think of it as much, much milder than “slut” — and it also has a connotation of “ditzy” in my mind. Still not exactly flattering, but not something that sets off alarm bells for me.) Sort of like calling a particular brand of beer “football fan fuel” or something. But no, the definition makes it clear that this is actually about fueling the tartiness itself, and therefore making it easier to have sex with a woman who wouldn’t otherwise consent. And they’re talking about putting this in a dictionary. As always, rape is HILARIOUS.


Anyway. Have at it, Shapelings. Which are your favorites? What have they left out? What should they be ashamed of themselves for, other than fucking TART FUEL?

33 thoughts on “Friday Fluff: Thanks, Lauredhel!”

  1. Just to say that I can never hear the word ‘tart’ without thinking of this:
    (in which Lilo Lil, Freddie Boswell’s mistress, was probably the archetype of how Brits regard the word) – and hearing it in a broad Scouse accent: “taaart”!

    Fauxtography is fun, and I hadn’t previously come across it. Orthorexia should be more widely known, because too often we regard it as normal behavior.

    Silent disco is a weird one. Do people actually do this?

  2. Hunh, I always called it bitch pop. Which is probably offensive, but at least doesn’t imply that I drink it to make myself into a rape target. Just implies that you drink it because you can’t stomach REAL liquor, which… sometimes, yeah.

    “Tanorexia” gets my vote for Most Thoroughly Incorporated Portmanteau of 2007. I barely even think of it as a neologism anymore.

  3. Im annoyed this one got categorised as humourous too:

    noun (humorous) the range of sports-related injuries incurred by baby boomers as they pursue health and physical fitness programs into their old age, such as bursitis, tendonitis, sprains, strains and stress fractures. [(baby) boomer + -itis]”

    because it isnt humourous. its evidence that people are being coerced into over-excercising when its clearly not good for them. the fact theres a damn term for it now, makes it pretty obvious that theres something off with the ‘exercising 24 hours a day is good for you!’ chants.

  4. I know it’s awful, but I’ve always thought “tramp stamp” was a funny term for those tattoos women get right above their butts. I think I just like words that rhyme.

    “Salad dodger” is pretty annoying. Why do people think that fat people never, EVER eat fruits and veggies? I’m eating a piece of fruit right now!

  5. They’re *just* figuring out “shroom” now?

    “Floordrobe” is perfect for me, considering that is exactly how I live. Clean clothes get tossed on the floor and I might put them all away once a week…maybe.

    Silent disco is a weird one. Do people actually do this?”

    Back in May, they had an all-night art and activities festival in downtown Chicago called Looptopia. One of the featured events was a silent disco, though they called it something different.

  6. Yeah, I’m pretty excited about “floordrobe” myself.

    And I might replace “tramp stamp” (which is awful!) with “arse antlers” or whatever it is they said. “Arsehorns” might be even better.

    Sadly my tramp stamp does not actually look like antlers.

  7. fj, we always called it bitch beer… so same idea I never really thought it was offensive, but then again I wasn’t the most sensitive college student. I think if someone called it skank fuel (which sounds like maybe the equivalent? Idk… I’m with Kate I always thought of tart as more cute than derrogatory) I’d probably hit them.

    Silent Disco is totes weird.
    Toad Juice kind of made me want to throw up
    Dumpster Diver is new down under? huh…
    I like Floordrobe best :)

  8. Meh, tart isn’t a powerful word even here in Blimey. It has connotations of flirtiness, more than sluttiness, but with extra sauce.

    For example, my other half is a “big tart” for letting a fellow Guildwars player think he really is a girl, because he gets more presents that way. See also, my youngest cat who has learned to stand on her hind legs, stretching out one paw and mewling pathetically whenever I get meat out of the fridge.

    But the meaning they’ve given to tart fuel is… yeah… I always thought they just meant that it was drunk by possibly-underage girls wearing not-much-clothing while out on the razz. But damn, implied rape?

    And arse antlers is just my favourite new phrase.

  9. silent disco: I first came across it at Glastonbury about 3 years back, basically it’s so they can keep the dance tent going late at night without keeping the nearby campers awake. Never tried it since a) the queues were immense and b) I was one of the campers trying to sleep, so as to enjoy the rest of the weekend more.

  10. Anything that empowers the geeky and nerdy is all right with me.

    Odd story: At the beginning of the school year I was working a bit late and as I left about 20 kids piled out of a classroom… in an orderly and respectful fashion. This is a middle school so, naturally, I was intrigued, I asked the closest one what team had just met. The answer? The chess club. Love it.

  11. Slummy Mummy made me laugh. I’ll take a Mom who cares about her kids more than looking great, thank you very much!
    What happens if I’m fat but just ate a salad? Because I just did, and it was good. Happy Friday!

  12. The use of ‘tart’ in the UK varies wildly, Kate but is generally deemed fairly inoffensive. Occasionally it means strumpet; sometimes it means flirt; but mostly it just means woman – kinda like ‘bird’. I once heard a guy refer to his wife as “my old tart” right in front of her. Admittedly he was a horse’s arse and his old tart divorced him shortly afterwards but I don’t think that was why.

    Watching a silent disco must be a fabulously surreal experience. I really want to go to one now!

  13. You know, I first thought the silent disco thing was really weird and almost creepily surreal. But when you think about it.. you could have normal conversations with people instead of shouting because you could both just take off your headphones.. you can control the level of the music you hear so you’re not half deaf afterwards.. there really are some advantages!

    And I didn’t take “boomeritis” to mean that people are being coerced into over-exercising.. but rather that people who are advancing in their years think they still have the body of a teenager and end up hurting themselves when they run out to get involved in some athletic activity that they’re not quite in shape for or haven’t bothered to stretch properly or things of that nature.

  14. Oh, and some of us that drink aquapop can stomach real liquor just fine, thank you :) I just don’t like beer, and not every social gathering includes a full bar :)

  15. I’m kinda puzzled that ‘tube dress’ is apparently a new term too. I love that they included ‘lady garden’ though.

    And as for the whole tart fuel thing–I agree, ew. Tart is one of my favorite words, in verb form…’getting tarted up’ for applying makeup, fluffing the rack, etc. Really, such a cute word to be used in such an obnoxiously misogynistic term. One of my good friends calls said fruity beverages bitchwater (one word, always) and it stuck.

    A silent disco would be all kinds of awesome. To watch or to participate in .

  16. I use “tarted up” for any kind of decoration or embellishment because tarts are cute and tasty, dammit.

  17. Hm. I always heard wine coolers called gaybooze. Again, one word. But I’ve heard bitchwater, girlydrink, tweendrink; I’ve heard someone comment that a drunken teenage girl may be called Zimalicious. I like the tartfuel name but not the implication. What, because you like sugar in your alcohol you’re feminine? Pshaw. And I love the word tart. And strumpet. Also, trollop.

    Other words that I liked were nerdcore and arse antlers (though, natch, we Yanks would just call ’em ass antlers).

  18. Oh! Phledge, when you actually typed out ‘ass antlers’, I remembered where I’ve heard that term before. I think it can refer to a visible thong top (aka whale tail) too. Ah, the joys of slang.

    And seriously, electronica? I concur, 1996.

  19. Salad dodger, my green-vegetable enriched rump. I remember having a skinny boyfriend years ago who said he didn’t like to eat vegetables because they “tasted like plants.” Another skinny boyfriend never ate veggies of any kind other than onions or potatoes.

    In fact, other than the current BF, nearly every man I’ve been involved with, regardless of weight, has been a salad hater, and even C. doesn’t eat many veggies unless I bring them home and prepare them. Even with stuff we have growing in the garden, it’s usually me who says, “Hey, let’s eat this cucumber before it goes bad,” not him.

    And it’s a stupid term for another reason. Salad can be just as “fattening” as a cheeseburger and fries, depending on what else is in it besides lettuce. It may be more nutritious overall than the cheeseburger and fries, again depending on what’s in it, but if it’s all about EEEVIL ZOMGCALORIES, and you actually want a salad that won’t leave you hungry an hour later, you’d better believe there’ll be fuel aplenty for that bunsen burner on legs of yours.

  20. kate: perhaps I’m underestimating the power of the word “tart” in countries where it’s frequently used

    I’ve mentioned elsewhere I lived in England for a long while. “Tart” is a popular term there, and as best I can tell, it’s the equivalent of “bimbo”. There’s a sort of ‘loose and stupid’ quality to it. “Slag” is even more unkind, and equates best to our “slut”. (Profanity is a bit of a hobby of mine, so apologies for the probably-gratuitous info).

    meowser: even C. doesn’t eat many veggies unless I bring them home and prepare them

    My husband’s manifesto is, “No meat, no eat”. I think a lot of folks – thin, fat, or in between, live their lives by this. I’m quite fat, and love salad. Go figure.

  21. Maybe it’s because MacQuarie is an OzEng dictionary, and it takes the words a while to filter down under, but there were many of these that I thought predated 2007 by quite a bit. There were a handful I’ve seen used for at least a few years, if not longer.

  22. Mickey: they’re words and terms that were added to the dictionary in 2007, not coined in 2007. Mainstream paper-dictionaries don’t typically add new terms the moment they’re coined – they wait awhile to see if they stick around.

  23. Most years I work backstage at a music festival in the south of England, and we had a silent disco last year or the year before. Watching it was indeed fabulously surreal. Especially since they weren’t all even listening to the same song.

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