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Totally Awesome!

Joy’s got another video! And this time, I’ve got a writer credit!

A while back, I posted a conversation I once had with my friend Jo. Joy loved it and decided to turn it into an itty bitty video — et voila!

The funny thing for me is, when Jo and I had that conversation, we were both pretty much cracking up. There was no pathos whatsoever, because the whole point was that we were being ridiculous. But Joy and her co-star Jennifer Ruckman have transformed it into something completely different, which I love. Words are strange things.

And so are our self-images. Boy howdy.

35 thoughts on “Totally Awesome!”

  1. Hey, that’s pretty awesome! It’s a very minimalist video and yet there’s a lot going on underneath. They really put some meaningful tones intoit.

    Also, Joy is totally hot.

  2. Sweet!

    I’m totally going to send this to my boyfriend so he can appreciate Joy’s boobs. (He is a boob conneseiur.)

  3. It’s always fascinating for me to watch Joy because I think we’re almost exactly the same size and shape. (It’s awesome, I have no problems whatsoever.) Naturally I have no bleedin’ clue what I actually look like, so looking at Joy is informative as well as entertaining.

  4. I liked this too, in that, regardless of the ownership of spectatular abs or gorgeous boobs, that no one woman’s life is perfect.

    The very fact that women are broken into sexualized parts – boobs, butts, abs, legs, lips – and that ownership of these “perfect” parts would make for a “perfect” life is of course an oversimplified perspective. Because fat and thin alike are likely negatively affected by the sexualization of women as parts and not whole.

  5. I love that dress she’s wearing. I want one. I wonder if there’s anyone out there who knows what it is and if it’s still available any place.

  6. I love that so much meaning was packed into not even a minute and a half. Hopefully its a sign of more video ideas to come, Kate.

  7. Love it! And I love Joy too. Watching Fat Rant the first time (about 6 months ago or so) made me cry and shout ‘Yes!’ thereby startling my partner sitting a few feet away at his computer. Heh.

  8. You know, I’ve watched this like 10 times now, and although at first the use of the mirror bugged me a little (because I’m dumb and was all, “Wait, why did they switch places?”) I LOVE it now. Both the fact that they switch places every few seconds — reinforcing the interchangeability of different body image issues — and the fact that the p.o.v. shifts from how they see themselves to how other people see them, add more layers. Awesome.

  9. Yes, it is totally awesome (d’ya see what I did there? :) ) . I like the fact that it’s so short. For a second I thought, “And…?” and then, “Oh, that’s it!” It doesn’t need to say more. Truly wonderful.

  10. This is great, Joy is such a pleasure to watch, and this video makes such a good point.

  11. I love that dress she’s wearing. I want one. I wonder if there’s anyone out there who knows what it is and if it’s still available any place

    Me too! Me too!

  12. Ooh! ooh! (it’s twice-day, apparently)… Joy Nash had this on the post on her blog:

    “Jen’s dress is from Forever 21, mine is from a store called Happiness in East LA.”

  13. I remember when you posted that conversation! I thought it was hilarious. Fun to see it brought to life, though, as you say, with a different mood and making a bit of a different point.

  14. You guys are fucking superstars. Joy’s videos and your blog posts have collectively made my start to 2008 the best new year ever.

  15. Once again proving that Joy is Totally Awesome! (I truly don’t think any of us in the Fatosphere had any doubt.)

  16. Very cool. I love the dresses and the quality of the video is superb.

    We too rarely tell each other that we find each other beautiful. I sometimes get very starnge reactions from friends when I compliment their looks — sometimes absolute surprise or disbelief, confusion. But I do it, nevertheless. The smile on the face of a woman who hears that her beauty is recognized by a friend without stupid envy is truly amazing.

  17. “We too rarely tell each other that we find each other beautiful.”

    Januaries, I so agree. I always tell my friends when I think they’re looking fab. I did once chase someone down the street to tell her how covetable her shirt was but, on the whole, I find it slightly harder to compliment total strangers unless it’s in a fitting-room context.

    And Kate 217, you are right on the button about that dress. Sigh.

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