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Friday Fluff: BYOF

I don’t know if Fillyjonk or Sweet Machine have anything up their sleeves today, but I got nuthin’ for Friday Fluff.

I’m sure the Shapelings have something, though, so it’s Bring Your Own Fluff time. Please use the comments thread to point us all to the best fluff on the internet today. (If that involves blogwhoring, please feel free.)

Either that, or take Sweet Machine’s advice and go give some serious consideration to Cute Overload’s best of 2007 candidates. Or both. In any case, talk amongst yourselves. I’ve got like 3 more serious drafts going at the moment, which I may or may not finish today, but my total laziness is no reason not to have a lively discussion here.

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  1. Well naturally I’ll just take this moment to offer up a nice dish of spam to my loving co-Shapelings, by plugging my sister and my new blog, Basket of Kisses, devoted entirely to the AMC wonder-hit, Mad Men. Which I want you all to watch, because it’s flipping fascinating and you’ll love it.
    Except really you can’t read it (our blog,, that I am supposedly plugging) until you’ve seen the show, ’cause of how it’s loaded with spoilers from the brilliant first season.
    So watch the seaon one encore, which begins Sunday, January 20th at midnight. Just watch this show.
    THEN come see our blog.
    Sorry, that’s all I got :- )

  2. When I first read that title I interpreted BYOF as Bring Your Own Fat and I thought, “yeah, okay, I can bring some of that. I’ve got lots to spare.” Oy for Friday brain! As for bring your own Fluff, all I’ve got that’s fluffy is my mind obviously.

    Can’t wait to read the essays you’ve got up your sleeve Kate. I always make a pot of tea and get a snack ready when I see one of your posts pop up in my Google reader. Then I hunker down for a good read.

    ….so let me know when to put the kettle on!

  3. I got nuthin’ too! Maybe if I ate some baby donuts it would come to me.

    Here’s something I want to know as my new school term is starting up: what’s your favorite online game/timewaster? Lately I can’t stop playing Chain Factor. Shapelings, help me proctrastinate! Even more than you do already, that is. :-)

  4. Only fluff I’m working today is trying to prep myself for a blind date (woo hoo!). And figure out how to navigate the inevitable diet talk that will come up when two fatties are on a date. I don’t want to preach, or insult….but I also am just NOT gonna be all, “Yeah, that’s so good you’ve cut out carbs.” GAH!!!

  5. Tari, my new strategy is to smile and say: “Oh, I’ve decided life is too short to count calories”. So far I’ve only tried it with my mom (who responded: “I thought you might want to lose some weight to look nice in your wedding dress”… argh) but I hold out hope that it will work with people who are more polite/boundary respecting.

  6. – Just what it sounds like. A waiter, ranting. Fun and snarky and kind of arrogant, but a great look at the life of a professional waiter and what he *really* thinks of those of us sitting at the other end of the table. – a woman who is recapping a bunch of the junky books we all (okay, some of us… including me) read in our pre-teen years. Like Sweet Valley High. :)

  7. Yay! What do i get?


    Sue, I enjoy Waiter Rant, but he has at least one incredibly fatphobic post in there (search on “Mr. Creosote.”). I wrote about it aaaages ago — and apparently deleted that one when I moved over to WP. He actually read the post and left a comment (something like, “Goddamn, that one pissed a lot of people off”). But he really didn’t seem to get why the post was offensive, and of course, neither did many of his commenters.

    Other than that, fun site.

  8. Boomshine. Create chain reactions to polish off the dots.

    Even though I’ve gone through all the levels, I still go back and play it when I’m ready to karate-chop people. Strangely soothing.

  9. Nicole – yeah, when I discovered Dairi Burger, it was a lost work afternoon. :)

    Kate – I had no idea about that post on Waiter Rant – I never read back that far. Thanks for the heads up. Now that I’ve read it… well, he’s lost a fan. It wasn’t just ignorant, it was offensive.

  10. I’m a total geek sweetmachine, because my favorite online time waster is Highly recommended for RPG players and bad pun lovers alike. This thing gets me through a good solid hour some days of just seriously bad puns and super fun monster killing.

    That’s about all the fluff I’ve got though. Today as been a way too serious day for me.

  11. GoingLoopy, I was just playing the full version of JewelQuest! I’m finally far enough along that it’s hard and starting to annoy me.

    Oh, and Roberta, I forgot to say, I’m glad you mentioned when Mad Men will be rerun, because I’ve been wanting to see that, actually. And I’ll definitely check out your blog after I do!

  12. Oh, Tink, I used to play KoL all the time! I even have a KoL sticker on my laptop. But I haven’t played in ages — maybe this quarter that will be my study break site. :-D

  13. I love me some Jonathan Coulton!

    A song we can all appreciate:

    For the zombies among us:

    For the hard working monkeys:

  14. Tari, my response to pretty much any statement like that is to smile weakly and say “I’m so glad it’s working out for you.” Then change the subject.

    I second GoingLoopy’s recommendation of because it makes me laugh every single day, even when there’s nothing else to laugh about.

    And this one was from of a link in the Notes from the Fatosphere yesterday: – it checks out at Snopes and is horribly addictive if you’re a language geek :). I had to drag my husband away last night because we have to sleep sometime!

    I am looking forward to checking out all these links! Whee!

  15. Laurie, shoot, I just deleted your repost, because I thought you thought it hadn’t posted at all. Now I just realize you were reposting it in a different thread. Feel free to post again, if you like.

  16. Hey, no problem, I can do that. I should’ve been more clear — I figure more eyes will see it here than there. Feel free to delete it on the other post! :)

    On that note, I’ve been wondering — are there any sites out there that collect real ‘diet’ success stories?

    By that I mean the woman who goes from a 16 to an 18P because of all the muscle she builds up biking every day, or the dangerous, bordering-on-disorder crash diet (excuse me, meal plan) people who quit, go from a 6 to a 10 and feel amazing. Or the people that don’t lose or gain size at all but over a year go from seditary to 5k joggers/bike riders/weight lifters?

    I’d love to see that kind of inspirational story. If it doesn’t exist, heh, I’d love to start it.

  17. Tink, who are you on kingdom of Loathing? I’ve been playing for yearzzzz and it just keeps getting funnier. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to procrastinate.

  18. also, shinobi: I just discovered Jonathan Coulton and I am infatuated. “Code Monkey” may be the best unrequited love song ever written.

  19. Sumac, half the reason I didn’t bother finding my own fluff is because I can’t stop reading pointless caucus recaps. So woo hoo!

    Also, the way to do the linky thing is:

    [a href=”http://whatevertheurlis”] Text you want linked here [/a]

    Replace “whatevertheurlis” with whatever the url is; replace text as you please; replace square brackets with angle ones. Leave everything else (i.e., spacing and quotation marks) the same.

  20. I think this is my favorite song ever:

    WARNING: Tearjerker, I cannot actually watch this video because it makes me cry like a baby. (I just listen to the song and try not to think about the video.)

  21. Sometimes I love the internet for fabulous writing and blogs and places (like this one).

    And sometimes I love the internet for the ENDLESS supply of photos of baby animals.

  22. Laurie, please do! We need ’em!

    Now if I had time (but I have waaay too much other stuff going on here!) I’d start up an inspirational site on people who take new things up late in life. Sports, music, bungee jumping, you name it. I feel sad whenever I hear people say ‘I could never do that at my age!’ And, I’m fed up of reading music books and sites that all say ‘X started playing the piano at the age of three…’ or similar. On my favorite ‘cello board, about half the players started as kids and the other half took it up in their 50s. So, I have (although that url is probably taken, I have no idea) on my list of Stuff To Do When I Get Bored, which will be, ohh, approximately never at this rate.

    Anyway, did I hear someone mention fluff? Is this little guy fluffy enough?
    The regular CuteOverload people may well have seen this before, but IMHO you can never have too much coyote…

  23. Apologies…I really didn’t mean to link to that first one, which is definitely not fluffy. Shoulda searched first!

  24. Bring Your Own Fluff, eh? Hmm…well, I do happen to have these videos of a certain painfully adorable Boston Terrier for just such an occasion:

    And this website: can make me laugh no matter what kind of day I’m having.

  25. mustella, I have 2 characters right now (no I’m not cheating, I work equally hard on both and dang it if I didn’t just finish the Quest for the Holy MacGuffin on one before I started on another, LOL) I have my primary account as klrtink, a happy little disco bandit, and my secondary as tinkerbelle, my sweet little pastamancer.

    I love love love KoL. Where else are you asked to start a war between hippies and frat boys?

  26. Time-Machine,
    Touche. Ouch.

    Yet another fluffy link. (Clearly I am dedicated to my job.)
    [a href=””] The Secret World Chronicle [/a] A … post apocalyptic, super hero podcast series. They are on the second book now. I really enjoy it, I just wish they would publish FASTER!!!

  27. Kate, a long time ago i found a bargain priced CD of JewelQuest in an old game shop. So i snagged it, installed it, and played it until my eyes fell out of their sockets.

    I will warn you, though: pay ye not any attention to the “plot”, because if you do, it will irritate the snot out of you. Seriously. The gameplay is fun, but i nearly chucked my mouse across the room when i found out how the story ended. :P

  28. Another KOL geek here. I’ve mostly played accordion thief, but I’m trying my hand at turtle tamer right now.

    And when I’m neither reading the fatosphere nor loathing, I’m a total addict to design blogs. My two favorites are

  29. Hehe Meowser… I believe I heard wacky weed from Reefer Madness or similar mid-century scare clip… but I could be COMPLETELY making that up.

  30. Tink (and the others): Fucking THANKS for giving me another game addiction! I just started playing KoL and thank God I’m out of adventures for today, or I’d never stop! I’ve decided to be a PastaMancer (named MinaMacaroni). ;o)

  31. Man, I spent the whole day lying around on the couch feeling miserable (and occasionally reading an online college fantasy story with BDSM lesbians in it — don’t judge me!). I shoulda checked in here — it would have reminded me to spend the day lying around on the couch feeling miserable playing KoL! (I think I maxed out my disco bandit, but I’ve halfassedly started some other characters since. Actually… did I ascend? I might have ascended, which is a good reason to start playing again.)

    Announcement (mostly for shinobi): I had dinner/Manhattans with Jonathan Coulton last year. I know, it’s pathetic name-dropping, but listen, I ain’t got much.

  32. Fillyjonk,

    So… I think we should have dinner/manhattans sometime? and then… by the transitive property, I would have had dinner/manhattans with Jonathan Coulton too. (Oh, Plus you! X2 Bonus!)

  33. Karin: LOL, you’re fucking welcome! Hee! Oh and for those who are into loathing and you’re having trouble with quests, you need to make sure to check out

    Their stuff, plus the wiki stuff has helped me out tremendously when I’ve been super stuck.

    And that is your KoL PSA for today.

  34. Oh one more PSA, if you are currently clanless and want to join one I hear the Jack Rollers is pretty awesome…or so they say *wink*

  35. re: fillyjonk reading Tales of MU.

    Ha! I’ve read this site off and on for a while (I love sending people the “Don’t You Realize Fat Is Unhealthy?” link, especially as one of my most most well-rounded friends has a diabetic husband who could fit through the eye of a needle) and was stunned and pleased to see a link to my story coming from it.

    Small world.

  36. Alexandra, well, lemme tell you that your story got me through two days home sick from work, during which I read the entire thing, and it’s not even my usual type of fare (not a big consumer of fantasy, though I can’t pretend I didn’t get a lot of the geekier jokes). Oh, AND I’m pretty sure I had a dream with some kind of magic college full of creatures in it (no BDSM, though… I seem to have gone off it). It’s pretty engrossing!

  37. Shinobi – I cried like an inconsolable fool over that hedgehog video. In point of fact I had to go grab my cat just to make sure he hadn’t died since the last time I’d seen him and furthermore wasn’t planning to any time soon. Then I cried some more, making him no end of soggy. I hate sad goodbyes.

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