Pre-Friday Fluff: Cute Overload, overloaded

It’s not Friday yet, but after our heavy (har har) discussions about kids, lying, and underwear, I think all Shapelings should head over to Cute Overload’s Best of 2007 post. What’s your favorite? (I think this little guy should be in the running for SP mascot. Uh, not that we’re having a contest or anything.)

10 thoughts on “Pre-Friday Fluff: Cute Overload, overloaded”

  1. I hardly ever read the comments in CO, so I’d missed that. Yikes! Though I’m not surprised — there are an astonishing number of pet health cranks on the Web, and they’re no more shrinking violets than the fatphobes. Buddy provides them with an opportunity for a two-in-one!

    Sigh. Can we make a turn up ahead into Sanity?

  2. I haven’t seen a lot of those videos. Thank you for helping me kill 1/4 of my afternoon at work! (I love Caturday morning, that is my morning, every morning.)

  3. Oof, Kate, I didn’t see that (too busy scaring my kitties by playing the baby tiger video — seriously, Mr Yeti ZOOMED into the room on high alert when he heard baby tiger meows). But I look forward to your post.

  4. I stopped reading the comments on CO when they started to get overrun by pet-health and other humor-free concerntrolls (like the ones on the notorious “cats with Hitler mustaches” thread — as I pointed out there, Jews are more likely than anyone to make Nazi jokes because of the we-laugh-that-we-may-not-scream thing). Oh, and the misanthropic commentators who object to babies and kids being in the same photo with the cute animals because “babies are not cute.” I’m just glad that the site owners, at least, don’t seem to judge the fat animals whose pictures they publish and don’t seem to have the bone up their asses that a lot of their readers seem to have.

  5. I’m rather fond of the one with the pit bull carrying her puppies in a backpack-like contraption.

    But i recognize that i’m biased, because my bullie just had puppies (they’re WAY cuter, though).

  6. I’m totally a cat person, but there may be nothing cuter in all the world than that baby kissing that pig!

  7. On that note, I’ve been wondering — are there any sites out there that collect real ‘diet’ success stories?

    By that I mean the woman who goes from a 16 to an 18P because of all the muscle she builds up biking every day, or the dangerous, bordering-on-disorder crash diet (excuse me, meal plan) people who quit, go from a 6 to a 10 and feel amazing. Or the people that don’t lose or gain size at all but over a year go from seditary to 5k joggers/bike riders/weight lifters?

    I’d love to see that kind of inspirational story. If it doesn’t exist, heh, I’d love to start it.

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