17 thoughts on “PHFC9: *headdesk*”

  1. Carolyn Hax-approved, family-appropriate response: Wow.

    Snarkier response: Um, Kate? I didn’t realize we were writing a religion blog here. I may not be able to participate anymore.

  2. “And this is why you’re my STEPmom . Shut up kthxbye.” :p
    Kidding! ^_^
    I got into it with my sister too. She asked about one of my friends who lost weight due mainly to hormonal treatments for PCOS that recovered her metabolism, but my sister was suggesting gastric bypass in the process. Then my mother got into it after I said “It’s about what you do” 30 times, and she replied by saying “It involves healthy eating.” Which I then replied with it “Hence why I said IT’S ABOUT WHAT YOU DO!!!”
    My mom keeps going back and forth with the health at every size concept. She has certifications in personal training, group exercise, and spinning, but some days she’ll agree that it has a high dependency on what you do, and others she’ll get confused by what it’s all about when it comes to it. She’s got a little extra, she’s not highly self-hating, but sometimes her thoughts about food seem almost orthorexic in nature. I have worse times with my sister though:

    Me: “Wow. She’s hot.”
    Sis: “She can’t be hot to you, because you only like fat people.”
    Me: “Firstly: I like both. Second,, even if I was exclusive in my preference, I can still find her attractive.”
    Sis: “No you can’t. You can’t like both!!”
    Me: “How the hell do you know? You don’t, and you aren’t me.”

    She’s so confused about it. If it came to the topic and we both had time to explain everything, I would run her into the ground if I wanted ( She’s constantly asking me about health questions, and the first conversation actually came up when she asked about hyper/hypothyroidism :p), but we get broken up too quickly by our mom, whom gave us our tenacity. :p I wouldn’t want that thought: I save that for the bigots. Plus she’s getting me a bullworker for Christmas, so yea. ^_^

  3. Last week a male coworker walks into my workspace, while I’m working mind you, and says “are your clothes getting smaller, or are you getting chubby”. Sorry, my point is, some people are just dumb.

  4. As much as I think my mom could use some companionship … I’m really glad not to have to deal with a stepfather.

  5. This made me LOL…

    but sadly, I’m afraid my boyfriend would agree. :( He gave me a speech today about how if he “can do it, other people can too!” (because…apparently he was a chubby kid? idk). I will sway him eventually!

  6. I might have shouted back,

    “The opposite of … oooooo … feelin’ good”

    but I’m snarky like that. Especially during the HoliDaze.

  7. Wow, Moonlight0806, tell me you reported him to HR, because that is really, really not ok. In so many ways.

  8. Some good news on science! My bf’s sister told me last night that her company now requires its employees to go to wellness screenings or have a jump in their premiums. I was worried about what was to follow, but apparantly they told her that she (at 5′ 3″) should weigh somewhere between 155 and 175, given the amount of lean mass in her body. Granted, they are still dictating a “healthy” weight, but it was so much better than the 120 that she has been told her whole life. She was really pleased…

  9. I work at a very small company, about 8 people. So i basically told him to stick it and go back to his office.

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