PHFC7: Time to Get Weepy

Okay, since I’m not the only sap who can be brought to tears by John Denver and the Muppets, let’s just go ahead and have us a weepfest. Unfortunately, I can’t find the Muppet version of “When the River Meets the Sea” on YouTube (though the Emmet Otter version — which, go figure, sounds almost IS exactly the same — is here), but this is the one that always gets me anyway.


12 thoughts on “PHFC7: Time to Get Weepy”

  1. I only figured out two years ago that the lyrics were “open up both your eyes” instead of “open and close your eyes”. I’ve been meaning to look on the youtubes and see if there were videos to go along with the songs – hooray!

  2. Thank you for posting the clip, Kate! My Aussie childhood was very pro-Muppets, but I never even knew this existed, let alone actually seen it before. I’m so going straight to Amazon to find the dvd and cd.

  3. Someone put the fabulous Tom Snith tribute ‘A Frog and His Boy’ to a montage of Muppet show clips.

    If you aren’t familiar with Tom Smith, let me just say get the industrial box of tissues before you listen to this one.

  4. *sniff*

    Well, at least it isn’t Ray Charles and Kermit singing “Bein’ Green.”

    You know, being as I gotta go to a holiday fete and it would be nice if I had some mascara left, and all.

  5. So many years, I thought I’d never find another person outside of my sister who had this kind of love for both JD & the Muppets AND Emmet Otter. Kate, this made me love you times infinity.

    Sigh. The world is much less bright without Jim Henson. “A Frog and His Boy” killed me dead.

    I also carry this kind of torch for Mr. Rogers.

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