6 thoughts on “Pre-Holiday Fluff Cavalcade Two: Nora the Piano-Playing Kitteh”

  1. Nora is a handsome kitty!

    I have to maintain my loyalty to the cockatoo, though. I still can’t watch that without collapsing.

  2. Okay, it’s not fair to kill me dead 17seconds into a youtube video. The kitty nose exploring the camera… eeesh. And then the piano playing!

  3. Nora is a cute one note kitty playing upon a single note
    Other notes are bound to follow but the root is still that note
    Now this new video is the consequence of the one we’ve just been through
    And my post is bound to be so obscure it will mean nothing at all to you!

  4. Okay, I know I’m late in the game here (been busy with Christmas-type stuff), but I just loved this. Although the smarts of teh kitteh really don’t surprise me none. I once had a kitteh that learned how to use the toilet (complete with flush!) just by watching me. Smart kitteh + following his human (me) around 24/7 = potty trained kitteh. Teh kittehs can surprise ya. ;)

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