9 thoughts on “Pre-Holiday Fluff Cavalcade Three: Elfed!”


    I used to sell those at my old job — I can still recognize all of them on sight, for better or worse — and the fat cell is definitely new since this April. I want one!

    The elves aren’t working for me but hopefully the site will get its act together.

  2. Also, wow, Giant Microbes has been busy. There’s also a neuron now, and herpes, and a bacteriophage, and penicillin! So awesome. Ooh, and all of these guys are new! MRSA is wearing a cape! I almost wish I had my old job so I could get free samples. Only I don’t, because it fucking sucked.

  3. I made a four-elf one of these featuring my husband, two of our cats (sorry, smallest cat of which I have no good face-forward pictures readily accessible), and me. The crazy thing was that the elf maker correctly read the gender of the cats. The other crazy thing was that it looked creepy as hell.

  4. fillyjonk, where do you see the neuron? I can’t find that one (my boyfriend’s a neurologist and I’d love to get it for him).

  5. I have an elf yourself, and you are right, it is horribly unreliable. Mine speaks and that looks very weird, but a lot of fun!

    Cool beans, if a bit creepy!

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