Best Feminist Blog Posts of 2007 at Hoyden about Town

Hoydens Tigtog and Lauredhel are taking nominations for the best femmobolsho* posts of 2007. If you’ve read a terrific feminist post this year, please go mention it in the comments there. And if you’ve written one, you are equally encouraged to “spruik your own wares,” which is the kind of phrase that would keep me reading Hoyden About Town even if they weren’t so awesome with the thinky stuff.

Winners will be posted in early January on Hoyden About Town and Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog. Nominations close at midnight Dec. 22 January 2, Australian Western Summer Time, which pretty much means get ’em in by early January 1 if you’re in North America.

*Speaking of charming Aussie phrases, Tigtog adds this note over at FAF101B: “‘Bolshy’ in Aussie slang has no special leftist connotations, it has a stronger denotation of simply “challenging the status quo.”

15 thoughts on “Best Feminist Blog Posts of 2007 at Hoyden about Town”

  1. Oh man, now I wish I’d been bookmarking things. I know for a FACT that there would be several Hoyden posts I’d nominate. I love those two.

  2. Miss Conduct – I just read that out loud and one of my coworkers litterally just shot milk out her nose she laughed so hard!

  3. Thanks for the plug, Kate.

    I’ve just extended the deadline to the end of New Year’s Day our time, because I decided I hadn’t given people nearly enough time before Xmas with everything else we’re all doing, and also it allows for the whole of 2007 to be included.

    So, revisiting femmobolsho favourites is the new what to read after the big holiday dinner and before the fireworks, mmkay?

    PS re “budgie smugglers” – some people have mondegreened that as “budgie sNugglers”, which is a rather more perverted image entirely.

  4. I hear “bolshy” (or “bolsho”) and immediately think “bolshevik,” which I suppose is understandable, given that that’s the first American definition. It does seem, however, that the British (and by extension, Australian) definition just amounts to “obstreperous.” Making it perfect for the hoydens.

    Also, “stroppy” is another one of those words that absolutely delights me, but would make me sound like a pretentious twat over here.

  5. I am Australian and I cant say I have ever heard anyone ever refer to anyone as “bolshy”.

    One saying my American friends seem to like is “I have been flat out like a lizard drinking” and “he was as happy as Larry”.

  6. Yes! That phrase “flat out like a lizard drinking” was on a bottle of ginger beer I had in Australia. What does it mean? Drinking a lot of booze? Or just flat out as Americans would use the term meaning exhausted or overworked? Is the lizard drinking (and thus, possibly, extended upon its belly), or you?

    What, me overthink things?

  7. The “Femmobolsho” moniker is also a nudge ‘n’ a wink to online magazine Crikey, who coined the term when rating HaT on their blogospher bias-o-meter thus:

    “This is the blog that puts the F in Oz politics. […] Hoyden About Town dispenses its femmobolsho views loudly, proudly and with plenty of bite.”

  8. My favorite Aussie phrase is the one for men’s Speedos: “budgie smugglers.” I nearly fell off my chair when I heard that one.

    The Aussie camera bag company, Crumpler, do a bag they call the Budgie Smuggler. I hadn’t heard of the Speedo connotation!

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