Happy December 17

As some of my readers know, I apparently have some strange cosmic connection to the date December 17. At different points in my life, I’ve known up to 7 people at a time with this birthday, up to 5 of them people I’d consider good friends. As if that weren’t enough, it’s also Shannon and Kim’s anniversary. So at this point, I’ve given up on individual well-wishing and am just going with a generic annual blog post.


Happy December 17, everyone! Hope you got everything you wanted!

22 thoughts on “Happy December 17”

  1. It’s also Beethoven’s and my late grandfather’s birthday! (I remember each of those because of the other.)

  2. Shoot. I celebrated yesterday for Jane Austen’s birthday. I guess I can celebrate two days in a row, right? Happy December 17th!

  3. It’s three months and four days before my birthday, which just goes to show you that ASTROLOGY IS TRUE

  4. It’s three months and four days before my birthday, which just goes to show you that ASTROLOGY IS TRUE

    Hey, with logic like that, you could write health care policy.

  5. Weird, weird, weird. It’s my soon-to-be-ex’s birthday AND our last full day of marriage (the divorce is final tomorrow).

    Is it too snarky to say that with this, I am getting everything I wanted? ;)

    Happy Anniversary, Shannon and Kim!

  6. Well, this day usually doesn’t have any significance for me, but then I went to the gym and it was like fat people day. We were rockin’ that place, all over the machines and track. So now I’m going to have a vegan baby donut to celebrate.

  7. Today was my last day of school for the semester…is it bad that I’m already counting down the days until next semester (in case you couldn’t tell, I absolutely love school right now)?

  8. How convenient! This reminded me to wish a happy birthday to a family member who is indeed born on December 17th. I am now counting on this website to remind me of important events.

    Happy Birthday to everyone born on this date, and congratulations on the rest (anniversaries, divorces, successful gym trips, etc.)!

  9. It was my great-grandmother’s birthday, I think. Or her wedding day. She was born on a 17th (either July or Dec), married on a 17th (again, Dec or Jul) and died on a 17th (September). That one I remember. It was my 22nd birthday.

    So. I was four months into 30 on Dec. 17th this year. So you’re more right than you know, filly_jonk. ^_^

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