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I am screwed for a holiday dress.

Right after I made that post, the lovely Ozlem from Igigi e-mailed to see if I wanted to review some more dresses, all of which would be appropriate for a holiday party. I said hell yes, and she sent along the green velvet wrap, Lucille dress in red, and bless her little heart, she even found me one of the sold-out short lace dresses — though in green, not red. Surely there would be something I’d want to keep in that pile, right? So I stopped thinking about it.

The dresses arrived. All lovely (review to follow), but none of them work on me. For starters, the yoke wrap was a fluke — 14/16 is definitely too big for me all over in their other dresses. (For reference, they fit me very much like typical 16Ws, and I usually wear a 14W or straight 16.) Their new 12s are more my size, and Ozlem sent the green velvet and the Lucille in 12, but neither one hung quite right on me. The Lucille is just not my cut — it makes me look short(er) and pregnant, and the 12 fits my shoulders but, like most things that fit my shoulders, is not quite big enough for the Rack of Doom. The green velvet is SO CLOSE, just as I thought when I saw it on the website, but Al and I ultimately agreed it’s only a meh+ at best (again, because of how the cut looks on me, not the dress itself), and I can do better.

Problem is, I haven’t done better. When I realized I wouldn’t be keeping any of the Igigis, I went back to the Coldwater Creek website. But by that point, the purple velvet was sold out in 16, and of course I didn’t just listen to you guys and get the red polka-dotted one. I gambled on the brown velvet, which, like the green velvet, was SO CLOSE, but not quite right on me. (Rack of Doom strikes again.) Fucking desperate at this point, I ordered (and express-shipped) a simple, somewhat dowdy LBD from Jessica London — which I somehow convinced myself was velvet, even though A) boy, it’s not, and B) it says so right there. I even got it in two sizes, so I’d certainly have one that fits.

Yeah, no. The fabric is fucking awful, the dress is cut ALL wrong for me, and neither one really fits anyway.

So now, I’m flagellating myself with shouldas like you wouldn’t fucking believe. I shoulda…

  1. Gotten the Monif C. dress I bought LAST YEAR altered to actually fit me;
  2. Ordered this $29 velvet wrap from Silhouettes on spec;
  3. Gone with a simple, somewhat dowdy, ACTUALLY velvet dress from the ever-reliable Eddie Bauer as the back-up;
  4. Ordered everything I was interested in from Coldwater Creek before they started selling out, and just returned whatever didn’t work;
  5. Etc.

Since Al’s holiday office party is Friday night in fucking Indianapolis, and we leave tomorrow, my chances of finding the perfect dress before then are awful slim. Not to mention, my credit cards are damn near maxed from all the dresses I now have to return. Which means I’ll be going in exactly the unremarkable old black wrap dress I wanted to avoid when I started looking for a holiday dress goddamn WEEKS AGO! GRRRRR.

But then, I do have all day on Friday to shop. (In Indy. But still.) And the credit cards aren’t quite maxed yet.

Wish me luck.

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  1. g’luck! I have no good advice to offer, but sending good shopping vibes your way! May the lines be short, and the dresses be fetching, and may your credit card recover promptly.

  2. Good luck finding a dress!

    I’m disappointed to hear the Igigi green velvet dress looked meh on you, we have quite similar figures so it would probably look meh on me too. Ahh well, I didn’t really need a new dress for $175 anyway. As for the size, their sizes are very inconsistent from style to style. If you check the size charts, the waist on the 14/16 on your yoke dress is 37-38 inches. On the green velvet dress it’s 44-48 inches. (The 12 is 40-44, making the 12 in the velvet dress bigger than the 14/16 in the yoke wrap dress). So yeah… gotta check the size charts.

  3. Well if you have to go with the black unremarkable wrap, at least you can accesorize right? Maybe get some hella awesome shoes?

    I recommend lot’s of gawdy jewelry, but then that’s just me.

  4. okay, don’t know if you’re looking for suggestions, but I’m going to give you one anyway: there comes a time in a woman’s life when the answer may be Target. Find yourself one of those huge-ass Targets that have lots more clothing and take a look at the Isaac Mizrahi holiday dresses. I know you usually go for slightly higher quality stuff than Target, but this might be worth a shot since you’re so pressed.

    I totally fell in love with the “Embroidered Lace Dress” ( ) in store recently and had to get it even though I don’t currently have anywhere to wear it. I got it in this awesome color they call gray (can’t tell if it’s the same as the “library gray” listed now”) but is slightly purpley and very pretty, but it comes in other colors, including “Bing Cherry” i.e. red.
    It is not plus sizing, but I usually wear an18straight/16W and the XXL fits me well, so maybe the XL would work for you?. From your fashion posts in the past I think we are shaped similarly (including the RO’D) (though I’m more hippy, I think — a 1blue in LB right fits) so I think there’s a good chance this might work for you as well. (I’ve accepted the inevitability of the lacy cami as part of this outfit, you will probably have to as well, depending how much cleavage you want to be showing off, but it really actually works pretty well, especially since the dress is lacy.)

    There are others, too, including at least one velvet one (purple!), which looks slightly strangely shaped on the website, but might be better in person. (of course, I don’t know how many of these are in the stores, but for your sake I hope they are!)
    Anyway, just thought I’d mention this in case it could help. Good luck! (and yeah, gotta love those “shouldas” *oy!*)

  5. Three things:
    First, there’s a Coldwater Creek store in Indy, so perhaps they might have one of the dresses you liked there?

    Second, if you have to wear the black wrap, I vote for the sparkliest shoes and jewlery ever.

    Third, I may need to borrow the term Rack of Doom at some point. :)

  6. oh man, i am sooo with you sister. i’m going on a similar holiday party shopping rampage tonight (for tomorrow’s party), wishing us both a pleasant surprise. and if not we can always jazz up our bleh black dress with good shoes, makeup and accessories. xoxo

  7. Yes, accessories. I have a multicolored burnout velvet poncho-scarf from Chico’s that will make any basic black outfit look snazzy. And hats. Plenty of hats. When you have great accessories, you almost want boring clothes, so people will pay attention to your you-nique accessories, and not the dress. Anyone with enough money can buy a dress. It actually takes some flair to accessorize.

  8. I like sparkly scarves a lot….people always comment on how much they lurrrrve my scarf collection. Also, I concur with the great shoes and, if you can’t find a scarf, the sparkly jewelry.

    Otherwise, if you’re at least comfortable in the boring black dress (which probably is not nearly as boring as you think, but I understand the “THIS OUTFIT SUCKS” mental block), then that’s a bonus. Sometimes, new, untested outfits are bad…they poke, they itch, they droop, their buttons are not sewn on well…

  9. I know you usually go for slightly higher quality stuff than Target, but this might be worth a shot since you’re so pressed.

    Oh, honey. One of the two already-owned black wrap dresses I’m considering IS from Target! And I totally wore it to my last semi-fancy party. :) Great suggestions, too — I was eyeing some IM dresses the last time I was there, come to think of it.

    there’s a Coldwater Creek store in Indy

    Is there?? That might be the ticket! I went to one here and wasn’t that impressed by the in-store selection, but I probably could have found something. If there’s one in Indy, I’ll definitely check it out.

    ETA, I just looked up where it is, and that mall has some other options for me (Talbots, J. Jill), too, so THANK YOU!

  10. This might be more casual than you’re looking for, but I LOVE some of the dresses they have at Gap right now (I bought a green flutter sleeve dress that doesn’t seem to be on the website anymore, but they even have some stuff on velvet).

  11. The Gap has some great dresses, some of them look *very* formal and are velvety.

    Macy’s also has some kickass dresses: (depending on how much you’re wanting to spend). Most are in the $60-$200 range.

    Oh. Go for velvet shoes.

  12. <kateharding said
    I know you usually go for slightly higher quality stuff than Target, but this might be worth a shot since you’re so pressed.

    Oh, honey. One of the two already-owned black wrap dresses I’m considering IS from Target! And I totally wore it to my last semi-fancy party.”

    *lol* of course it is, of course ;)
    I realized I should have added:
    “and by “go for slightly higher quality stuff” read: “post about beautiful things that I dream of being able to afford someday, while my current reality is that a $40 dress from Target is a huge splurge”

    Glad you like the ideas, I really hope you find something! I hate that feeling of “but, but, no fair! I started looking such a long time ago, how is it possible I’m now screwed?!?!?”

    TR said
    “and shoes are a lot easier to find than dresses, at least in my experience.”

    :D oh how I wish I shared that experience!
    (for starters I wear a 10.5, which basically doesn’t exist, and am smack in the middle between a regular and a wide width, with, apparently a relatively high top of my foot (what the hell do you even call that part?). I could go on, but I’ll, uh, save the shoe rant for another time and place ;)

  13. Let’s see…

    The Lucille can’t be shortened? Because shortening tends to fix the stumpy. A silk cami underneath tends to resolve the Rack of Doom problem (not that it’s a PROBLEM exactly) and if you have a beaded cami, it does double-duty as jewelry.

    A meh dress with MEGAJEWELS is the true answer. I’m talking a multi-strand choker and/or a big chunky beady thing PLUS a “lavoilier all the way down to your waist.” With an emerald dress, I’d do silver and topaz. You’ll knock people’s eyes out. Which will leave eyes all over the floor, and yuck to that, but let’s just leave that metaphor behind.

  14. Because shortening tends to fix the stumpy. A silk cami underneath tends to resolve the Rack of Doom problem

    Agreed on both counts, but it won’t work for this one on me. RoD problem in this case isn’t about cleavage, but about the empire waist hitting mid-boob, instead of underneath them. And given that, even if I had time to have it shortened before leaving for Indy, it wouldn’t be worth it. :(

  15. Monkey – I do know what you mean. I wear a 7 1/2 EEE and have struggled to find shoes that fit well. The shoes are just relatively easier to find than fancy dresses that fit my fat body!

    That probably says more about how hard it can be to find fancy dresses for fatties than it does about the shoes, though.


    @Kate – Patent leather with velvet shoes are not the same! *grin* But sound super cute anyway.

  16. Kate- I live in Lafayette (you’ll pass me on 65…Hi!). I go down to Indy sometimes to shop, and their Lane Bryant in the downtown mall has some really nice stuff (unlike mine, which seems only to carry stuff I would only wear on halloween). You could check the website for dresses you like, and call the store to see if they have them in-stock and will hold them for you.

  17. Get a pretty wrap to dress up the black dress. A gorgeous pashmina or shrug or something that makes the dress remarkable.

    And jewelry. Good jewelry. Al should really get you an engagement set of jewelry. ;-)

    And then fabulous shoes to top it off and the unremarkable will be gorgeous!

  18. Kate, since you have such pretty hair, you might consider putting it up with a really sparkly clip. That’s one way to oomph up a plain dress and it’s flattering on a short person.

  19. Ah lots of luck. I’m sure you will find something, plus, I totally agree with Laurie that accessories can make a huge difference. In fact, with some acessories, you MUST wear a simple dress otherwise its just all too much. So maybe it will all work out for the best.

    Also, I know it’s too late now, I’m just gonna give you this link for the future:
    Have you heard of Bravissimo? They make things for, in their own words, “big boobed women”. It says so right there on the site.
    The downside is they are in the UK so you end up having to waste money to ship things back if you don’t like them.
    That said, I am still really happy i found them.
    And for the first time I have a proper bikini!
    I’m digressing here a bit but I believe in the virtues of wearing a bikini even if you are what this culture considers too fat for one. And i haven’t been able to find any bikinis that work for big boobs. Why the fuck don’t bikinis come in bra sizes anyway? What the fuck does Small Medium and Large mean in a bikini top?

    But anyway, they have lingerie, swimwear (including one pieces and tankinis and bikinis), and all kinds of clothes. including some dresses I’m considering, and halters and various tops that are normally very difficult to do if u have big boobs, but they put a bra right in there. (for the first time i have certain clothing shapes that i could never find to work with my boobs.)
    Their sizing goes by your overall size and then your boob size separately, so for instance two people of the same dimensions except different size chests will find the right variations for themselves.

    I don’t work for them or anything, haha, and like I said I have had to waste some money shipping things back if they didn’t work, but for me it was worth it for some key items i could not find anywhere else and thought i just could never wear.

    (If any of you do end up wanting to buy stuff there, I will be happy to share what worked for me, and include my overall shape/size/height/etc to give the rest of you something to go by. They also have measurments and stuff on the site.)

  20. Holiday dresses. ::shudder::

    I just got a skirt for my holiday dressing needs, and it was *not* a pleasant experience. Despite being a “normal” size (whatever that means), I am not built at all in the way that clothing thinks I should be. I have a belly. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it would be lovely to be able to buy a dress that didn’t make me look pregnant. Apparently thinnish people all have a waist hip ration of .8 or lower.

    ::eye rolls::

    I hope you find something that makes you feel like the perfect 10 you are!

  21. btw bravissimo do have bikinis that go by bra size, and i dont get why thats not the norm. actually i think they do that for all kinds of tops with built in bras, and THAT should be the norm too… big boobed women are way neglected by fashion if u ask me.

    oh and on the topic of fasion i have been meaning to respond to what fillyjonk said about “to hell with tiny pants”.
    whenever i had old pants that didn’t fit me anymore, the best thing i could do for myself was get rid of them and fucking get some bigger pants. it’s hard to accept it and do that but i can say from experience it’s immensely helpful. i was even asked if i’d lost weight a couple of times when i first wore some new, bigger pants. sheesh. i know ideally we shouldnt even care about trying to appear skinny, and i don’t know why the hell we expect to stay the same shape since age 16, but at least to those of us who still feel influenced by that wish to appear thinner – perhaps a good compromise is to stop wishing and trying to change our body and just fucking get bigger clothes when we need them and immediately both look AND feel better.

    So thanks to kate and fillyjonk and everyone for these posts, very inspiring and helpful :)

  22. Good luck finding a dress that’s more than a meh+ ! Dress shopping is a complete pain in the butt for me, so I feel your pain. I was trying to find a dress last year for my now-husband’s holiday party and wound up saying “F this” in frustration and just wore khakis and black turtleneck sweater. My upper and lower halves just weren’t made for dresses. But, as I said, best of luck! Think positive!

  23. Find yourself one of those huge-ass Targets that have lots more clothing and take a look at the Isaac Mizrahi holiday dresses. I know you usually go for slightly higher quality stuff than Target, but this might be worth a shot since you’re so pressed.

    ^^^ That. I saw a champagne colored silk charmeuse cut on the bias ON THEIR WEBSITE!!!! FOR $99!!!! And really need to beat myself in the head b/c I didn’t run instantly out and get it in my size.

    Also — and you all can laugh if you want to — VISUALIZATION SHOPPING. It has yet to fail me. I have hard to fit skinny feet, the Butt from Hell, and I hate jewelry, so I close my eyes and think of the details of a garment and how I want to feel in it at the occasion. Then I go out to look and there it is.

    Did it just last week; party with grownups so I had to get something that looked like I’m doing well for almost nothing (and it was a small party). There were 20 people there. I got 15 compliments on the necklace (and I don’t usually wear them; they end up in the soup or the car door).

    My mom, who was at the soiree, exclaimed loudly enough for several people to hear (sotto voce is not her strong point), “It looks just like the real thing!!!”

    But the point is, had she not said that, I would have fooled everyone at the party!

    I’m going to a new party this week with the same necklace. Mom will not be there to blow my cover.

    Visualization. Shopping. (Especially in Indy. GO IU!!!)

  24. There is a Goodwill in Carmel (northside of Indy) which is richy rich and you can often find designer and brand new clothes at Goodwill prices. I got a fabulous white brocade mini dress there for $5 and wore the heck out of it.

  25. Cassie I totally feel you about the top and bottom halves issue. My top is about 2-3 sizes smaller than my bottom, it just never works out. The last bridesmaids dress I bought the fitting lady was all “Uhhh… I don’t really know what to do here, because you need the biggest size on bottom… but… blah blah blah totally unproductive conversation designed to make you feel like shit about yourself, even though the solution to this problem is glaringly obvious.”

    Depressingly enough I haven’t bought any practical clothing in well over a year. I am the least excited I’ve ever been about clothes. Though I’m hoping to get some stuff from Igigi for Christmas :-).

  26. Yeah, I guess I have it lucky on the dresses thing, in that my RO’D is big enough that if something fits me on the top, as long as I pick the right kind of cut (i.e. usually A-line) it’ll be big enough for my ass/hips/thighs which are not small but I guess reasonably “in proportion” with my top.
    I’ve recently started getting into wearing dresses again after years of pretty much just ignoring them, and have been really appreciating the fact that with a dress you don’t have to worry about a waistband (therefore cleverly avoiding dealing with the sometimes-as-much-as-2-size difference between my hips and my waist as well as my apparently unusually short rise).
    I’m so amused by the whole thing where when I wear a dress, it’s just one piece of clothing! It covers the top and the bottom, with just one thing! (of course that doesn’t take into account the tights/cub-rub shorts/knee socks/possible cami/whatever that get worn under, but still!) what? easily amused? me? no, never . . .

    Wouldn’t it be nice if every kind of clothing came in something like Right Fits (but with even more options) where there were multiple shapes available? But of course this would require actually acknowledging that *news flash* not all bodies are the same!

  27. Like ccgirl said, Bravissimo!

    I’ve never had a bra, body, swimsuit, bikini or piece of clothing from them that didn’t fit me PERFECTLY. Seriously, their sizing actually makes sense and their clothes aren’t that different price-wise from the stuff you usually mention on here.

    I was dying to treat myself to their LBD in a 14 supercurvy but they sold out SO fast!

  28. cggirl – Bravissimo. Wow. Their size charts and tops with built in bras seem to be exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank you!

  29. Hi there. Long time reader, and now I’m finally commenting. I love this site. :)

    May I humbly suggest the most-unfortunately named Dress Barn? I got a cute velvet-flocked shiny gray cocktail dress there that I’m probably wearing for NYE for about $50. Dress Barn carries up to size 16, I think, and Dress Barn Woman carries larger sizes, I believe. Just a thought, I’m sure they probably have a location in Indy. :)

  30. Kate,

    I don’t know how you feel about Anthropologie, but I have found several fantastic dresses (size 14) through them and they just opened a new store in Indy. They are definitely pricey, but no more so than what you appear to be willing to pay. Might be worth a shot. Some of their stuff is gorgeous and, FWIW, I have never even had a problem ordering dresses online. They’re really good about providing accurate sizing, esp. according to different brands.

    Good luck finding something fabulous and have a great time at the party!

  31. Oh, good call on Dress Barn, Artemis! It varies a lot by the Barn in question, but once I finally got over the name and went to the one near my house, I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the wares were. That’s actually where I bought the green version of that Robbie Bee dress Kate was eyeing!

    One thing is that I’ve never seen a 16 in a Dress Barn where there’s also a Dress Barn Woman. It’s like they stop the straight sizes earlier because you could just go over to plus. Which is silly.

  32. Dress Barn is indeed a good call — and I’ve bought 16s at one that had a DBW, so that must depend on the Barn as well. Which is good, ’cause I really can’t go across the aisle there — they pull the thing of starting their plus sizes way bigger than where the straight sizes end. Grrr.

    Jenn, I LOVE Anthropologie, but I don’t fit into most of their stuff. I’ve noticed on the website that they’re carrying more XL/ostensible 16s, but I don’t have faith that they’ll fit. Might be worth a shot, though, since I think the one in Indy is in the same mall as Coldwater Creek/J. Jill/big Talbot’s.

    I’m also warming to the idea (perhaps out of desperation) of a skirt and top, so that should open my options up a bit.

  33. I’ve noticed on the website that they’re carrying more XL/ostensible 16s, but I don’t have faith that they’ll fit.

    Anthropologie is a heart-breaking store. I’ve infrequently found things that fit around my own R of D, but they’re so damned long! And often even their very, very biggest size doesn’t fit me (16).

  34. Bunny i was totally eying that LBD myself!!

    And mizerychik i’m glad u like them :)

    I do wish they’d inlcude hip measurements st bravissimo too now that they are selling more things like long coats, and dresses etc. cuz a big butt and/or lower stomach is a very different story than people who are smaller in that area… But maybe one can call their customer service and ask about that, i might try that. And still they have fucking awesome stuff and i love all the great things i found there; i only returned a couple things and it was totally worth it.

    But i still got tons and tons of successful purchases from them :)

    As for Dress Barn – wow this is a revalation. I’m so shallow i never went in there because of the name :) now that i’ve ready what u guys have written, perhaps it’s worth a shot!

  35. cggirl, I have a bugbear with Bravissimo and have had correspondence with Sarah Tremellen, the owner of the company, about it in the past. They are not a fat girl’s store. It’s very easy for us to think they have our best interests at heart because they carry up to a JJ cup in some lines but you’d be hard pressed to find anything beyond a 38 back; the knickers that match the bras don’t come any bigger than a UK 16/18 and their clothes are specifically designed to fit thin girls with big charlies. But the fact remains many plus-sized women can fit quite happily into their bras, and every time I go in there at least half the customers and assistants wouldn’t be able to squeeze their lower portions into their own range of clothes nor the manufacturers’ size 16 drawers.

    Sarah Tremellen said she originally wanted to serve both the plus-sized market and the one she currently serves but that learning about their differing needs, she opted to serve the one market well rather than spreading themselves too thinly. They’ve had a huge effect on bra manufacturers over the last decade. I so wish they’d lobby the manufacturers to start producing bigger knickers too. But my guess is that there’s still such a stigma about serving the plus-size market, (which of course is by default frumpy, has no taste and doesn’t care about the state of its underwear), that the manufacturers have a total blind spot about it.

  36. @buffpuff: what I don’t get: the prevailing “ideal” of a woman seems to be that thin girl with the big breasts that you mention. Yet it is impossible to get bras, if you have these proportions. In both “nomal” and “over”-sized stores, salespersons stared at me in disbelief when I asked them if they maybe had something like 32H. The utter frustration of standing in a whole floor of pretty underwear, and of the hundreds of things, not one will fit remotely.
    I got the same looks from friends when I told them that I mostly have to order bras, and then pay something like 60 €. For a bloody BRA! That usually isn’t even my style, I just pick the one least offensive.
    Hey, but out of that frustration, I discovered the joys of corsets, and how many compliments a fat girl in skintight clothing can get.

    Erm. Rant over, sorry, I’ll relurk now.

  37. Yeah, buffpuff, I meant to say something about that, actually. Since I’m pretty sure I’m a UK 18/20, I’m hesitant to order anything from Bravissimo. I mean, I MIGHT be able to get a top in a supercurvy 16 or whatev, but I definitely don’t think any of their dresses would fit over my hips. They ain’t a plus-size store.

    I can see the argument about serving one market well, but I’m not sure why you’d pick the “thin girls with big charlies” market over the “fat girls with big charlies” one, since I’m pretty sure the latter is much bigger (so to speak). On the other hand, the former market really is served by virtually no one other than Frederick’s of Hollywood, and having been a part of that market for a few years, I would have been really grateful for Bravissimo. So… yeah, don’t really know if I should hate them or not.

  38. In both “nomal” and “over”-sized stores, salespersons stared at me in disbelief when I asked them if they maybe had something like 32H.

    I’ve gotten that, too (usually over 34 DDD-G, depending on how fat I was at a given time). When I was in college, a friend dragged me into Victoria’s Secret, whose bras run notoriously small. I could sometimes wear a DD in other brands at that point, but not VS. Still, a saleswoman insists that I go try some on, and I’ve got nothing better to do, so I do. I walk out of the dressing room, say, “No, thanks, they were too small,” and the woman goes, “THE DDs WERE TOO SMALL? I DON’T BELIEVE THAT!”

    Okay, well, you want to come in and watch me try them on again? Fuck you.

    I’ve gotten all sorts of raised eyebrows, giggles, and “OMGs” from other bra saleswomen over the years. Really, come to think of it, I’ve had a much higher rate of nasty/embarrassing comments while bra shopping than while shopping for anything else. It’s like they’re just so fucking stunned by the number, they completely forget where they are and what their job is.

    I’m a 36 band now, which makes it a little easier to find big cups, and makes saleswomen a little less weird about it. But even then, I went into a big-ass Cacique store last summer and asked if they carried 36Gs in store. (Tangential rant: they seem to be phasing out all their 36s, and most other plus stores also start at 38. There is an in-betweenie market for bras, too, y’all!) Saleswoman goes around and collects me a whole bunch of bras, which I don’t really look at on my way to the dressing room. I get in there and find they’re all 46Gs. So I go out there and am like (nicely), “Oh, I guess you didn’t hear me right.” (*cough*or look at me*cough*) Then I ask again for 36 Gs, and it’s like I asked if they carry unicorns with purple manes. The women there didn’t even know they DID carry that size on the website at the time.

    Hate bra shopping. Yes I do.

  39. It’s like they’re just so fucking stunned by the number, they completely forget where they are and what their job is.

    That’s why I buy my bras at Nordstrom’s. They’re extremely discreet and professional and do a proper fitting without raising an eyebrow, even if your bra size looks like a bad report card.

  40. On the Victoria’s Secret notoriously small bras – Much to my shock I found a 40 C while shopping yesterday that fits my anywhere-else-I’m-almost-but-not-quite-DD’s PERFECTLY!

    So random. Only one in the damn store or I probably would have cleaned them out. I’ve never had a bra fit so well! No matter what the brand or cut, I’m normally spilling out of the D’s but I definitely don’t fill the DDs. They need to make a Dd or something!

  41. even if your bra size looks like a bad report card.


    Kate, I totally have gotten that reaction with my slightly less doomy rack — when I got fitted this spring and went looking for 34E at various stores, salespeople looked at me like I was a LUNATIC for asking for that size. Finally I just started asking people if they carried *anything* over a DD, and almost inevitably the answer was “no” with a side of “you’re some kind of monster.”

    And then when I did find a place that had a wide range of sizes (Nordstrom RACK, natch), another shopper started picking up the small-band-big-cup bras and talking loudly about how they were for the “tiny girls who got boob jobs.” I still regret that I didn’t point to myself and announce, “Chubby and all real, ma’am!”

  42. I just started asking people if they carried *anything* over a DD, and almost inevitably the answer was “no” with a side of “you’re some kind of monster.”

    Snerk. A BOOOOOOOOOB monster!

  43. the former market really is served by virtually no one other than Frederick’s of Hollywood

    As far as what I’ve seen on their website, Frederick’s only goes up to an F cup, and they don’t sell swimwear or bra tops/dresses. So I think Bravissimo is great, although I wish someone would start a similar company for plus sized women.

    And as far as the lingerie sold by Bravissimo, they do go up to a 40K (that’s a UK K which I think works out to an American P), which would fit some plus sized women. (Probably more than they think, because a lot of women wear too big of a band and too small of a cup. Like someone might wear a 44DD because that’s the her boobs squeeze into, but she should actually be wearing a 40F or G).

  44. It goes the other way as well. I wear a 42 AB

    That size does not exist- sigh. I wear Cacique 42B’s only because they have those air pillows in them to help fill in the gaps. I have the same problem with tops.

    Apparently, fat girls all have boobs. And even if I am a member of the itty bitty titty club, I still want support. I wear Camis a lot, but I like a good supportive bra just like the next person.

  45. Hm I certainly agree that bravissimo is not a fat girls store.

    But i don’t think those are british sizes either – my stuff from there is a 10 or 12. I usually wear 12 in american sizes, sometimes 10 or 14 depending on the item and the company – as u know each company sizes differently…

    But my point is, i think someone your size, Kate, would actually just wear a 14 or 16 in their sizes… Cuz they will be like american 14 or 16… Maybe look at the measurements?

    But in any case I don’t wanna steer your wrong – i don’t wanna be responsible if it doesnt fit and u have to send it back all cuz of me! haha.

    And buffpuff – i totally get what ur saying and i think its great that u contacted them about it. I only brought them up because kate, specifically, was describing issues with dresses fitting everywhere else but being to snug in the chest… and given her size, i thought she might like this store.
    But yes, it would be a big improvement if they catered to a wider array of sizes! definitely.

    Krista – u r so right, it sucks that certain combinations of sizes just are not made enough. i wish i had something to recommend for u… if i hear of anything from friends i will post about it here!

  46. (i mentioned what i had gotten from bravissimo – but that did not include any dresses. they stupidly do not have waist sizes on there, and i do fear their stuff would be too tight in the tummy and butt areas if u just got my usual size… but im still considering trying a dress from there sometime… hm.)

  47. oh while their dress sizes seem similar to american ones, their cup sizes are crazy different. i had to get a much bigger cup size.

    and luckyliz – i am shocked by your victorias secret story! i can never find anything there, its all just too damn small. but i’m glad it worked out for u :)

  48. Hey, on the general topic of clothes, has anyone checked the Igigi site today? They have a new line of work clothes that looks really good.

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