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I desperately need to update the blogroll with, among other things, all the fab new Shapeling blogs that have cropped up recently. So if you’ve got a fat blog you think should be on the roll, will you do me a favor and leave a link in comments? (I’ve probably checked it out already, but I’m a lazy fat chick, and I want all the links in one place.) Oh, and hey, if you’re a fat blogger and aren’t on the fatosphere feed yet, you should totally contact Fat Fu and ask her to add you.

Also, if you’ve written or read something terrific recently, now’s your chance to blogwhore. Link to recent must-reads, yours or anyone else’s, below.  Thanks!

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  1. I’m probably the last person to see this and the millionth person to comment about it, but — I noticed BUST Magazine referred to this blog in this month’s issue. :)

  2. My blog reflects the fact that I’m one of those still in the middle of that body acceptance vs FoBT journey . . . but I do write a lot about the things I read here and at the F-word, as well as elsewhere in the fat acceptance blogosphere. I also try to make sense of my mood disorder and the world in general, and sometimes I whine about my car, Great White ;).

    I’m really looking forward to checking out some of these blogs being listed here. Yay new reading!

  3. Dee, I’m going to add you on livejournal because I heart you hardcore, so when a new person shows up on your “friend of” list, that is me.

  4. Lonie, oops, of course it should be on the blogroll! It is on Notes from the Fatosphere in the meantime, though.

  5. Good Morning Shapelings!

    Hey Katie poo bear…you know I am ready to jump on a plane and come shopping with you at Vive Le Femme anytime you say. I warn you…anytime I come to a friend’s house I tend to take over the kitchen so be prepared for fabulous meals (if I do say so myself!)

    We can do a joint video blog! Vlogging in the fatosphere woo hoo! Why should Elastic Waist be the only ones I ask you?

    Yeah that’s the ticket…it’ll be a little bit Art Brut and a little bit activism — happy smiling fat people seen in public places! Trying on clothes…and ohmigod — eating! We’ll shock the world. No one I would rather shock the world with than you babycakes!

    Come visit and come shopping at

    Love ya! Mean it! Let’s do lunch!

  6. Yeah, it’s redonk that First, Do No Harm isn’t on the blogroll yet, because, um, it’s 1/4 my blog and 1/4 Fillyjonk’s. I wasn’t kidding about really needing to update — if anyone was wondering if my omission of their site was personal, now you know. :)

    (And Vesta44, eep! I’m glad you commented, ’cause I actually thought you WERE on my blogroll already. It’s really been a while since I updated, I guess.)

  7. La di Da, see comment to Vesta44. As I’m going through, I’m realizing there are several of you I thought were already on the roll, ’cause you’re on the fatosphere feed, so I read you via the right column on my site. :)

  8. Debra, your link didn’t work for me.

    Hilary and Femmeknitzi, I put both you guys under “Other Stuff We Read.” F, because your interests are broad and H, because you’re not totally fat positive at this point, but I definitely think your site’s worth reading.

    I think everybody who’s posted so far is now on the roll.

  9. I am so glad to see so many people blogging. I have new sites to add to my folders now (and will have to add hours to my day so I can read them all….lol). I think I have about 70, so far, so it’s going to increase as I add all y’all that I don’t already have. I have to say, the Shapelings I’ve read so far are talented, insightful, witty women and you rule!

  10. So, I have a blog, but it is (yawn-yawn) filled with my personal drama and only occasionally noteworthy for anyone outside my skull.

    Having said that, I did crank out one piece of writing recently that Shapelings might enjoy: here.

    I’m stoked to see so many awesome blogs. Ass kicking!!

  11. I guess I’ll join in the blogwhorin’. The link to my blog: I’m on the fat feed, but I’d love to be on your links too. Thanks!

    I, too, am psyched to see so many new blogs show up. Don’t feel too shy to join the feed, there are other topics covered there too besides weight politics (cats come to mind as a recurring topic), and I usually enjoy reading those posts too.

  12. I have been called a whore more than once ;) I am not a fat blogger- well, actually, I am fat and I blog- I am more of a personal blogger.

    There is fluff, there is hard hitting posts, and a little of in-between stuff. Maybe someday I will pick a subject and stick to it. Until then…. :)

  13. Not sure if it’s what would be considered (as I do occassionally post about struggles with weight and weightloss) but my journal is at:

    Personally I find it interesting as I post fat fiction (short bits of fiction where the main character is overweight or obese – like real-life, some of these characters accept their weight, some have issues with it, some accept themselves but find themselves in situations where they don’t feel accepted), reflections on my own experiences being overweight and obese, and thoughts on and links to current events which have a fat acceptance/discrimition slant.

  14. Here’s mine! Much like Krista, I am not a fat blogger, but I blog, and I…I dunno, I don’t really have body issues with my OWN body. But I do boil over with righteous indignation with fat-hating, so I suppose I can be in the club.

  15. I started a blog a little bit ago and then got so distracted by culinary school I haven’t posted in awhile. I’m not planning on abandoning it, but just need to find time to actually write at all, my LJ being similarly abandoned, sigh …. I also need to post more in other people’s blogs, being too much of a lurker. But here’s my blog link, which will hopefully get a few more posts in the future!

  16. I wasn’t really sure if I should post this, considering I only just started my fat blog at the end of October. But you’re the ones deciding on whether or not to add people, so I’ll throw it out there anyway, for whatever it’s worth.

    I do sometimes mention personal stuff or whatever, but I’d say at least 95% of my content is Fat Acceptance or Self Acceptance related.

  17. Hi Kate and FJ and SM,
    I’ve been following your blog for some time and love reading it. . .always thought-provoking and funny. I started my blog as a way to track my weight as I attempt to become a “normal” eater. . . but really not sure if it’s focused enough to fit your criteria! I post rants about dieting/diets, healthy recipes, and stuff about my dogs (who often comment, too). Enough of a long introduction to


    I only just made it a few days ago ( i used to just post in my journals on, but i felt really inspired by your blog and decided to start my own! (sorry, i am a nervous ditz right about now and i’m only commenting ^^; ) I visit here every day and you guys are my inspiration (i’m always to shy to comment.. i feel nervous around strangers- whereas on my blog i pretty much say whatever i want lol). I know my writing might not always be the best (i’ll just blame my only 17 year-old age for that lol) but i’m trying to get better and make my points clear…. well, i think i’m much to spazzy to say anything more, so thank you ^^

  19. men_in_full: their generous form in art and experience

    From the description:

    “MIF celebrates large men. It offers a whole re-orientation of how we perceive them with the eye and in the mind. …

    Women have become far more articulate about issues of size, but not so much men. While I can’t speak for fat men, I can speak about them in a positive way ….”

    PS – if this is moderated, and I made a double post, I apologize…

  20. I don’t consider my blog a weight loss blog any more than I consider someone posting about a dress they just bought a fashion blog.

    It’s your sandbox. I understand that. I also think it’s your loss.

  21. Fatosphere is about 60% fat and 40% other random stuff.

    Btw I noticed some people have posted their links along with an apology, like “I just started it” or even “My blog isn’t that interesting”. II originally started out this comment with “My blog isn’t totally about fat, but…” and then I decided I could just say what it’s about without making it sound like I feel guilty about the content or something. Maybe people are just feeling a little weird about the blatant self-(blog-)promotion thing, but in my case I am pretty sure it’s because I tend to go around apologizing for everything all the time. I am trying to stop that.

  22. Not even sure mine counts.
    A.) I talk about other stuff.
    B.) I’m trying to lose weight.

    But here it is if it even matters (says in Eeyore tone)

    a writer dodging bullets.

    I have something I’ve called Countdown to a Hotter 30. Trying to slim down before I turn it…Look for it uner the Improvement tab.

    I keep a feed to your blog on my blog. I may not comment every time but I love the read.

  23. Hi Kate,

    Either you missed my comment, or you don’t like our blog (and either one is totally fine). Since this is an opportunity for blogwhoring, though, I thought I’d re-post the comment in case it was the former:

    We came here to read The Fantasy of Being Thin and stayed too. Excellent blog, y’all.

    Here’s ours:

    EssBee and Sly B

  24. – being fat and disabled with MS, with the added bonus of being bisexual, IRL and on the internet. At least, that’s what it purports to be,

    It was kinda neglected for awhile, but I’m back and will be posting as much as I can afford to!

    Thanks for the opportunity to leave my link. Take care.

  25. My blog:

    It is about Fashion, body image, politics feminism and pop culture with a hearty dose of humor and good natured self deprication. It isn’t 100% about Size/fat acceptance but that’s a major theme.

    Here are a few entries that will give you the gist of things:


  26. I know I’m sort of late to the game, but I only started my blog recently. It’s mostly about my own journey to self acceptance, but I throw in some other stuff too. I would seriously pee my pants if you added me to your blogroll.



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