Toot Toot!

That would be my own horn — and Fillyjonk’s and Sweet Machine’s. (They let me toot their horns sometimes if I’m very gentle.)

I started this blog (in its current form) on March 30. 7 and a half months ago. At the time, my Technorati ranking was a goose egg, and like all new bloggers, I checked about 187 times a day to see if it had climbed from 0 to 1, then 4 to 5, then from 10 to 20. Then, could I crack 100? Etc.

Just before I did crack 100, I discovered this post, which sets out a formula for determining who’s A-, B-, C-, and D-List in the blogosphere. And naturally, I became obsessed with those categories, even if they’re no more meaningful than Amazon rankings (which — sorry, authors — are really not very meaningful). So, when I became a “B-list bloglebrity,” I partied a little on my personal journal, but then I had 400 damn points to go before my status would change again.

Well, in the last 24 hours, it did. Shapely Prose finally cracked 500. Now, when you enter “” into the little Technorati widget on that post, you get this:

A-List Blogger

Sadly, this doesn’t mean I’m going to get better tables in restaurants, or past the velvet rope at beautiful-people clubs. It doesn’t even mean the readership has grown much recently. But it does mean I’ve achieved an arbitrary goal I set for myself several months ago. Woo hoo!

And it also means it’s time to gush about how amazing it is to have this readership that so wasn’t there 7 and a half months ago, to write posts that get hundreds of comments, and to get all kinds of positive feedback every time I open my damn mouth (so to speak). One of the hardest parts of being a writer is not knowing if what you’re doing is worthwhile, if anybody’s ever going to read it or care. Being able to connect with readers immediately has completely changed my image of myself as a writer (even if it does make the never-ending novel that much harder to write, in some ways, because that remains lonely, uncertain work). Specifically, it’s made me feel like I am a writer, not just an “aspiring” one.

And that’s all you guys, right there. Thank you so fucking much for reading — and linking.

Now, if someone would like to pay me to write this blog, that would be even better.

39 thoughts on “Toot Toot!”

  1. Paul, as the formula astutely points out, the key to cracking 500 is posting like a fucking crazy person. The more you post, the more people link, period. (Which is also why I can’t really take credit for this, since having two other bloggers on hand means a lot more content goes up here than I could produce myself.)

    I mean, I’d love to say it’s because I’m brilliant and awesome, but realistically, it’s because this blog averages at least a post a day, probably slightly more.

    You are still the king when it comes to fat blogs. :)

  2. Kate, Fillyjonk and Sweet Machine – Congrats! Keep up the great work!

    BTW, the link you provided to the Technorati rating has an “http” too much (sorry to nitpick!).

  3. Congrats! I’m very happy for you. I am a recently arrived reader and am so thankful I found you and this community. You write with a clear voice. I appreciate the honesty. And wisdom. And humor. The forthright comments from the shapelings really make a difference for me. I’ve been on all sides of the fat equation. I’ve been fat and miserable. Fat and accepting of myself. Fat and defiant. I’ve also been thin and resentful. Thin and powerful. Thin and fearful. I’ve been compassionate. I’ve been judgmental. I’ve been helpful and I’ve given unwanted advice. Thanks for a place to find a little humor and humanity.

  4. No Tari, I think it means you get eat babies turducken style ;-)

    Kate- I just started reading in the last month thanks to some redirects. I think it’s pretty hip and cool that you’re addressing issues that quitely simply every woman deals with, not just those of us who are fat. We all have our “skinny pants” which will never fit again since oddly enough we all still grow a bit after high school and such. I have issues with some other places being very clique-ish (in that “you’re not my size so you can’t be fat, why are you here?” that I get at a size 16/18/20 right now) but you’re very inclusive and I appreciate that.

  5. Congrats, all!
    I don’t remember how I found you, but am really happy I did. Appreciate all the wisdom, and the great writing too. Keep it up.

  6. Well deserved! Personally, I’ve always felt that if I had to choose between fame or fortune I’d go with fame. Because, yes, I am that much of a narcissist!

    Also I would suggest your awesome post from 2 days ago, The Fantasy of Being Thin, be added to your tabs next to the BMI Project and Don’t You Know Fat is Unhealthy? It’s a classic.

  7. Kate – not to get all gushy here, but this blog has seriously changed my life.

    You know how sometimes things that are totally common sense will escape you, and then when they’re pointed out to you you’re like, “Oh, duh, that makes perfect sense.” That’s what happened to me with Fat Acceptance.

    This is the first place I’ve found where not only is it okay not to be skinny, but it’s okay not to WANT to be skinny. It’s fantastically liberating, as I’m sure you know.

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work!

  8. Count me as another new reader. Just found this blog today via a link from Bitch PhD, and had to add it to my favorites. The Fantasy of Being Thin post was indeed awesome.

  9. And a side of fried butter!

    Seriously, Kate, you’re helping me to see a world I’m not yet in (I’m still at the “fat acceptance in X pounds lost” stage of dissonance) – but you’ve got the map and the description and you’re daring me to dream.

  10. Congratulations! You thoroughly deserve it. Have some champagne!

    Warning: despite the name, make sure it’s not Babycham, that stuff s vile and contains *no* baby whatsoever.

  11. Yay you!! Thank you *so* effing much for writing! Since I found this site, it has become my one, absolute, must-check-every-day-or-start-to-get-jittery daily internetzing pleasure. I love feeling like I’m becoming part of this amazing, intelligent, articulate community (even if I’m still a bit shy and lurky ). Who mentioned life changing? Amen to that.

    (Sorry, was that me gushing all over the floor there? I’ll clean it up…)

    And just so you can toot a little more, everyone in my little intuitive eating community who has visited your site on my recommendation was dead impressed, and I’m sure will be coming back. The Fantasy of Being Thin did indeed strike a chord with many – belated thanks for that wonderful post.

    ‘Nuff gushing now. Keep up the good work, young Kate. The world still needs a *little* more changing – go for it!

  12. Congratulations! A-list in 7 months sounds like a pretty awesome accomplishment! I lurk mostly as I don’t have anything really profound or pithy to say like your regular commenters, but I did want to delurk briefly to say how much I love your blog. You provide a real and valuable service. Thanks Kate and FJ and SM.

  13. Congratulations from another lurker. I found your blog just when I needed it most, and, while I don’t usually comment, I get so much out of both the posts and the comments here.

    Thank you for providing a safe space where I can listen and learn and work through my body issues without the constant noise of “Yeah, but skinny makes you happier/healthier/holier/faster than a speeding bullet” ringing out around me. And, if I’m honest, ringing out inside me, too.

    Keep up the fabulous work!

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