Good God, Let’s Eat

So, I had the first food crisis of the day immediately after waking up. I’d planned to do a turkey breast in the crock-pot, but I pulled a Rip van Winkle and slept until 11 a.m. The hell? I usually get up at 7:30 or 8 and almost never sleep past 9, even on vacation (which drives Al mental). And I went to bed lateish, but not that late.

Oh, well. Holidays are supposed to be for relaxation, right? Just ask Al, who’s still in bed at noon.

Anyway, since I don’t want to be serving turkey at 9 p.m., I’ll be roasting it now. And naturally, I have no clue where the roasting rack is, so it’s gonna be sticking to the bottom of the pan. And the whole point of doing it in the Crock-Pot was so I could have the oven free for pumpkin pie and acorn squash (which I’m trying with brown sugar and bacon this year, since Al’s not a fan of the maple syrup version, and his biggest complaint about Thanksgiving is that it doesn’t traditionally include bacon). Now, there’s going to be some juggling involved. YAY.

I am grateful, however, that it’s just the two of us, so if anything gets seriously fucked up, we can order pizza and laugh about it. I am also grateful that I decided to go with Pepperidge Farm stuffing and a jar of gravy instead of making my own, because those are inevitably the two biggest hassles for me with a meal like this (stuffing because it’s time-consuming and gravy because I’m constitutionally incapable of getting it right).

Finally, as I said in comments on the Surviving Thanksgiving thread, I am so very grateful for the Shapeling community. You guys make it so fun and gratifying to keep this blog going, even on days when I think reading one more article about THE OBESITY CRISIS BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA is gonna make my head asplode. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now dig in, and feel free to come back here and vent about your family as necessary.

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  1. I wanted to mention that being Jewish, some of my fondest family TG memories revolve around Chinese food. Yes, the family would get together at my grandparents’ apartment in Flatbush, and there would be about a dozen of us, and for the one and only time that year my grandmother would chill out and behave herself. She was an insane hypochondriac and emotional vampire the rest of the time, not to mention a terrible cook, which she refused to acknowledge, continuing to prepare inedible food for decades although my grandfather was a much better cook and would have been more than happy to take over had her fragile ego allowed it.

    And we would order in piles of Chinese food, including my favorite, lobster Cantonese, which you can’t find anywhere anymore. (My mom is convinced it’s “one of those 1960s dishes nobody knows how to make now.”) I remember one time asking my dad, “How come we always have Chinese food at Grandma’s on Thanksgiving?” He answered, “It’s the only thing she knows how to make.”

    Damn it, I’m going to work on my lobster sauce recipe all year if I have to, to come up with a decent one that doesn’t have ground pork in it because C. won’t eat it, because that’s what I wish I was having today, along with some of those Brooklyn egg rolls. (I think C.’s eating habits are the diametric opposite of Al’s. He leeerves pasta and won’t touch pig.) Oh well, it’s not like pecan-crusted catfish is going to be awful or anything.

  2. Today I’m in New York at my parent’s house. My father is in seriously poor health and it’s questionable if he’ll make Christmas. So weird mix of emotions here and of course, lots of food to drown those sad and awkward emotions. (I came by my disordered eating honestly.) Thank goodness my sister is here with me. She’s my rock of sanity in an otherwise dysfunctional emotional train wreck!

  3. I have a solution to Al’s bacon problem: My family covers the top of the turkey or turkey breast in bacon before roasting it. It self-bastes, the gravy tastes slightly smoky, the bacon turns out wonderful — I highly recommend it.

  4. All this talk of turkey and bacon is making me hungry and jealous! It’s not Thanksgiving here, and I’m having a frozen dinner for dinner because I have to run straight from work to Brownies.. *sighs* :P

    Happy Thanksgiving guys =)

  5. We’re doing turkey breast too. Ours will be stuffed with roasted chile cornbread and chicken chorizo though so I planned on having it in the oven. I took the lazy way out with desert and bought a mini pie at Whole Foods as not to bake (plus my pie crust is horrible). To keep it moist though we have tomato-chipotle butter for the skin/top. Mmm tasty.

    And my venting has nothing to do with blood family, but rather adopted family. The 4 legged child decided to leave us presents by being sick on the floor yesterday. i thought we were done be the time we cleaned up the upstairs but most of the evening was spent dealing with more of the doggie being displeased and leaving us presents.

    I was not happy to have to get up early this morning to make the cornbread which I was going to make last night.

  6. (plus my pie crust is horrible).

    Oh, honey. I didn’t even consider making my own crust. My mom made everything from scratch except pie crust, because she believed that once frozen ones existed, making your own was lunacy. I have proudly carried on that tradition.

  7. Oh, but frozen pie crust just does not compare to homemade! Of course, my great-grandma was a pastry chef, so I’m spoiled.

  8. Oh.

    See I grew up in a house where pie crust was made by both my mother and father.

    I learned how to do all the rest of the baking except pies. And I learned to do the inventive baking- like today the only thing that had a recipe was the cornbread and it was the standard Quaker recipe. Though I’ll admit today is a day of butter and being in Pasadena, I can almost hear Julia Child telling me to use more.

  9. I grew up in a house where my mom tried to make pastry and wound up sitting on the kitchen floor crying after it burned black in the oven and broke on it’s way out. And my dad’s only real kitchen skills were grilling steaks or making beans on toast, and doing the washing up. Subsequently, I have very little idea of how to cook. Congrats to all of you who can pull it off!

  10. All this talk of American thanksgiving is making me want turkey again. Too bad Canadian thanksgiving was a few weeks ago.
    As to pie and pie crusts, I have no idea how to make a pie, having never made one. My family has always been more into cakes for desserts, so I can make a mean cake. Luckily, my boyfriend makes amazing pies (with delicious home-made crusts) to fulfill any pie urgings that I may have.
    Happy American thanksgiving!

  11. kate, we deep fried turkey and it wasn’t done until 10. the turkey was delish, but it took so long to cook i actually barfed, college style, from drinking too much mulled cider (with crown royal and peach schnapps) on an empty belly. we did have one tasty app that i think you and al would approve of: bacon-wrapped sesame breadsticks with parmesean cheese. sooo good.


    paula deen rules!

  12. Okay, apparently all the cool kids ended up drunk from lack of food on Thanksgiving. Before, I didn’t think that was possible.

    And I definitely approve of the appies.

  13. On the topic of bacon, one of the sides my brother-in-law made for Part II (Friday’s Thanksgiving at their house) was brussels sprouts with pancetta. Yum!

  14. Thanks for the little bit of sanity here. My aunt makes me want to shake her a little, between her talk of how she cooked the turkey but didn’t eat any, and how she mostly eats fruits and veggies, and how nobody at her work thinks she eats because all she has is a Powerbar and an apple, and how much extra she’d have to do on the treadmill to compensate for this buffet they had at work, yadda, yadda. It just goes on and on. Until 3 years ago she was relatively heavy, and she lost a lot of weight since and is clearly fighting tooth and nail to keep it off, to the point where every conversation is about food. I mean, she was food focused before this but it’s at a whole new level now.

    After we left her house, when I mentioned to my husband that she sounds like she has an eating disorder, my husband was relieved that I said something first because he thought she was fairly obsessed and unhealthy but didn’t want to bring it up since he’s not the one directly related to her.

    There’s also the coworker and the friend who were both thrilled they didn’t gain weight when they weighed themselves on Sunday night. *twitch*

    I needed to get that out. Thanks for providing this space. Maybe one day I’ll be able to deal with this stuff with the people directly but I’m not quite there yet. It’s easier with the friend than the coworker/aunt, at least.

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