9 thoughts on “Food Crisis Number 2 of the Day”

  1. That’s an even better idea.

    And I might even have saved the turkey. I only basted it once with the over-seasoned mixture before I realized what I’d done, so on the second round, instead of using the rest of it, I just used a little more butter and wine, no seasoning at all — and also took that opportunity to scrape some of the seasonings off the bird.

    Also, I didn’t actually put in 2 T of thyme. The recipe called for thyme, paprika, garlic, salt, and pepper in various quantities (plus wine and butter), and instead of all that I just did not quite 2 T poultry seasoning and the right amount of garlic. (I even thought it looked like a ridiculous amount of poultry seasoning as I was doing it, so I cut back a little from what I thought I was supposed to be adding.) It was still a fuckload of seasoning, but it wasn’t like I did 2 T of that AND all the other stuff, at least.

    Fingers crossed.

  2. I think bacon + turkey sounds pretty good right about now. I’ve had Starbucks, bacon drippings, and half a bottle of wine. I should probably eat something but I’m saving myself for stuffing. I applaud your gravy in a bottle, by the way. I could eat that for breakfast with a straw.

  3. So far I have had the root veggies boil over and extinguish the stove, flipped out because the other half tried to wash his knife with hand soap, and almost forgot the most critical part of the cornbread- the two sticks of butter. And I haven’t even gotten to desserts.

  4. Aww. I’m sure everything will be lovely! :-D

    At least you didn’t make a cake (as I did, at lil’ bro’s request) and have the icing melt off.

    I should mention the cake was quite cold before the icing hit….*sigh*

    Oh well. At least the pie turned out nicely (and I used the ‘frigerated crust) :-)

  5. Well I learned that one should trust the plastic pop-up button that popped after four hours, not the cookbook that said five hours.

    Turkey was so dry I got the hiccups from sneaking a bite while carving!

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