Got Experience in… Pretty Much Anything? The Fat Rights Movement Needs You.

So, at the Think Tank last weekend, we managed to set out a few short-term goals for the movement — mostly researchy stuff, and creating some online resources. Naturally, we need volunteers to make it happen.

Please hop on over to Big Fat Blog and check out Paul’s list of projects we could use some help with. If you see a way to make yourself useful — or you have other ideas — contact Paul. (Or, if you’re shy, contact me.)

Thanks, everybody!

10 thoughts on “Got Experience in… Pretty Much Anything? The Fat Rights Movement Needs You.”

  1. I may be able to offer some artistic ability for prettyfying things.

    articles illustrations, posters, postcards, website graphics (just not website building – im not capable at that), anything and everything that requires a decent level of draughtmanship :P

    I’ll try and fit it round my coursework or even incorporate it into it, but I’d like to get involved, hellsyeah.

  2. Oh my god yes, apricotmuffins HAS to be our resident artist.

    I can do layout and graphic design, but probably not nearly as well as someone else. I write a mean press release, though, and I know some influential people (such as the editor of the NYT Magazine).

  3. I’m pretty good at researching things. I can do the searching for…well, pretty much whatever. Since I work from home, it isn’t hard for me to work it into my schedule (my best friend says I can find anything online. I don’t think that’s true, but I can try!)

    I can help write too. Especially snark. I love snark. And nice too! I can do nice. :-D

    And if you need someone to do the inquisitive phonecall…I can do that too.

  4. I’ve emailed Paul, but I thought I’d speak up here too. I’m an editor and would be glad to edit articles, press releases, advertisements, posts, or whatever else anyone comes up with. I’m not sure how helpful that is, but I firmly maintain that anyone (or any cause) who wants to be taken seriously should have impeccable spelling and grammar. :)

  5. If there is no math involved I am unfortunately fairly useless.

    I can conduct surveys? And analyze them? And otherwise be nerdy.

    But all this stuff seems to involve those pesky word thingies.

  6. I firmly maintain that anyone (or any cause) who wants to be taken seriously should have impeccable spelling and grammar.

    You’ve got a lot of company there, pearlandopal! The FA movement seems to be rife with editors, writers, English majors, and various other spelling and grammar fascists.

  7. I just have to say I will follow this from Sweden. And hopefully we will have a movement like yours later on.

    There is a movement called “overweights society” here and one of there claims is to make fat be seen as a disease. So we certainly need a fat acceptance movement here too.

  8. I volunteered to help organize our first convention when the time comes. And if you need someone to make phone calls, it’s a superpower I have to charm people on the phone. I can charm people with severe paranoia to some in to see me and I can charm frustrated family members whom I can’t provide information to because of confidentiality. I’m up to cold calling as well, I don’t mind it at all.

  9. Dude, that is a really great tiny superpower! I really hate the phone which makes some of my job rather nerve-wracking.

    Oh my god, “what is your tiny superpower” would be a fabulous Friday Fluff. Thanks for the inspiration!

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