What My Brain Is Capable of Right Now

That would be very little.

Rachel has a write-up of the BFB Think Tank this past Saturday, which was awesome, but I’ve been feeling too out of it to write much in the last couple of days. So I offer you memes.

The first one comes from my sister J., who e-mailed it. The deal was, “Describe me in one word, and one word only.” When I sent it out to friends, this yielded such entertaining responses as:

  • Awesome
  • Audacious
  • Brillarious
  • Bootylicious
  • Bold
  • Wordie (I mean that like foodie, not like verbose, which would of course be spelled wordy)
  • Fierce

and, from the one who knows me best:

Me: If you had to describe me in one word, what would it be?


Me: Wow, that was really the first thing that came to mind? THAT fast?

Al: I don’t know, is “not subtle” one word?

So now I challenge you, Shapelings. How would you describe this blog in one word, and one word only?

Meme number 2 is stolen from Fillyjonk and Sweet Machine’s livejournals. I’d actually never seen this one before. The deal is, you type the answer to each question into a Google image search, and you pick an image from the first page of results. Lots of images after the jump.

1. Age at next birthday:

2. A place you’d like to travel:

3. Your favorite place:

4. Your favorite objects:

5. Your favorite food:

6. Your favorite animals:

7. Your favorite color:

8. Town where you were born:

9. Town where you live:

10. Name of a past pet:

11. First name of a past love:

12. Best friend’s nickname:

13. Your screen/nickname:

14. Your first name:

15. Your middle name:

16. Your last name:

17. Bad habit of yours:

18. First job:

19. Grandmother’s name:

20. College major:

If you do this on your own blog, link to it in comments!

Back to watching Psych reruns and thinking about napping.

71 thoughts on “What My Brain Is Capable of Right Now”

  1. Okay, um… Kate… you had a boyfriend named Sasquatch?

    And LOL!!! at Tonya Harding… I didn’t even think of that until I saw it.

    As for describing this blog… the best ONE word answer I could come up with would be informative. But then there’s entertaining, funny, homey (as in I feel “at home” here)… I could go on, but then I’d just be wordy. ;)

  2. Sheesh, doesn’t Al know the word “unsubtle”?

    He’s not vocabulicious on the spot.

    And actually, he later elaborated that he meant “loud” as in, “you can hear me coming from a mile away,” not just, “I talk at 900 zillion decibels and never shut up,” which is also true. So it kinda went beyond “unsubtle” (and you kinda had to be there to know how funny the way he said “not subtle” was). I refused to count bullinachinashop as one word, so he had to improvise.

  3. Okay, um… Kate… you had a boyfriend named Sasquatch?

    Weirdly, that photo comes up on the first page of images for “Mike.” I found it appropriate.

    My screenname isn’t “animated stork,” either, but that’s the beauty of this game.

  4. I know… you should see some of the weird things that came up for some of mine! I’m definitely going to post them in the morning (it’s past midnight here… methinks I should go to bed soon). :)

  5. laurie, I agree it was a pain in the ass, but I learned how to put pictures on my blog posts, so it wasn’t a complete mess. And I had fun looking at some of the pictures that showed up for my answers.
    Seeing the pictures that showed up for your answers, and apricotmuffins’ answers was neat too.

  6. Illuminating.

    If “oh my god I could never put that into words before I’m so glad I’m not alone but how the HELL did you get into my head like that?!?!!” were one word, I’d choose that one instead. For now, “illuminating” will have to do. :)

  7. Yeesh.
    I considered playing with the photo meme, but I plugged my first name into Google and got nearly a full page of naked lady pics. My middle name got more of the same.

    Not sure I can pick a word for this blog, but I’m happy it’s here. I’ve been trying to lose weight lately — an effort I’ve only ever truly succeeded in when I was eating anorexic levels of food due to a medication side effect — but my body has simply refused. Only very recently has it occurred to me that perhaps I should listen to it instead of whoever else it is whose advice I’ve been heeding. Hmm. The BMI (oh, the things I could make up for BMI to stand for, but never mind that) chart claims I’m walking the line between overweight and obese, but I’m buying into that a little less every day… anyway, thanks. :)

  8. Kate – I’m a little dim today and can’t remember/find your email address so I’m leaving you a comment that I hope won’t get buried… Anyway! I got my bag here – http://poise.cc/. It’s the “Hip Professor” messenger bag, although being a professor is not a condition of purchase.


  9. PHAT! Sorry, couldn’t resist the obvious. Other than that, I’m not very good at describing things in one word. This blog is sane, supportive, and smart (oops, lapsed into alliteration – must be the coffee high).

  10. In a word, I think this site is fierce. Or maybe inspiring. Inspirational sounds a bit too fluffy to me, though the site undoubtedly is.

    I also stole the meme and my post can be found here: http://courtneyliana.livejournal.com/8680.html.

    I was a little disappointed that I didn’t have sasquatch as a former love, but it does kind of look like my first job may have been as a junkie, so that’s clearly a plus!

  11. It’s already been used, but I really like the word “necessary” to describe this blog.

    “Empowering” and “subversive” were runners-up.

  12. How about ‘obstreperous’ for the first meme? I take the meaning as “attended by, or making, a loud and tumultuous noise; boisterous…noisily and stubbornly defiant. (wikidiki)

    And Kate, maybe Al would like ‘noisome’?

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