20 thoughts on “Hey, Chicagoans!”

  1. ooh this sounds so cool! Too bad I didn’t know about it sooner and could arrange transportation :( Godspeed with the brainstorming-ness!

  2. Zomg, I would come but (as usual) I have no free time at all this weekend. Like, even less than usual because I have to do a presentation on a book I haven’t read. But you’ll have to fill me in!

  3. Yeah, I thought I would. I’m one of those social justice activist types so this is right up my alley, plus I really want to meet you people. I’ll be the awed woman in the corner too starstruck to do anything besides gush, “Oh my God I love your blog!” over and over again.

  4. Next year, when the election is over, I’ll be there like swimwear on a bear. (Although getting time off would still be easier if it weren’t right before Thanksgiving… still, a year before the election it’s hard enough getting time off for the guaranteed holidays.) I’m way jealous of everyone who’s going and I hope it’s extremely productive.

  5. I wish I could be there.
    Will you all come up with a fat power symbol? Fat power handshake? Fat power password?
    (if you do, I’ll probably learn them in about 3 years, long after they’ve stopped being cool).
    If it’s a small group there in person, know your fat minions are waiting to do your bidding. (Not like sheep, but like actually people who have been thinking about this on their own, and really do agree.)

    Thank you for inspiring me to blog, to speak out, to bravely just be a funny, smart, sexy fat woman out in the world!

  6. When I was a young, less-well-rounded pre-type 2 person, I visited Chicago a few times while I was in college, and it seemed like the most fat-accepting place I had ever been. (I lived most of my life to that point in the San Fernando Valley, one of the most fat-hating places ever.) I thought, wow, I want to live in a place with all of these well-dressed fat people strutting around happily. So of course, Chicago. Where else?
    I will be 2,105 miles west.

  7. Hey Kate and everyone else,

    I wish I could be there with you this weekend. I love Chicago and I would totally jump on a plane for this conference. I can’t come this time but I promise I will the next time…Chicago rocks!

    I can’t wait to hear what you come up with and I am really looking forward to joining you at future events.

  8. I live in New Jersey, which is a ways away from Chicago so I can’t make it. But I’d love to hear about it, so I hope you do a write up.

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