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Friday Fatshion: Igigi Yoke Wrap Dress

Devoted readers might remember that back in July, I ordered my first Igigi wrap dress. If you don’t remember — or if you’re a brand new concern troll who doesn’t understand that when a blogger links to something, you’re supposed to go read it — please allow me to quote myself:

Ever since I started hanging out at Fatshionista, I’ve been hearing about the miraculous Igigi wrap dresses. I mean, everybody’s been making wrap dresses over the last couple of years (hallelujah to that), and there are some great ones out there for much cheaper — I’ve got a couple from Target, and every Fatshionista except me apparently got one from Old Navy last year. But for fat girls, Igigi is the gold standard. Owning an Igigi wrap dress is, so I hear, cause to bust out the champagne and weep softly in disbelief at your good fortune. Diane von Furstenburg may not be interested in catering to us, but Igigi comes through with fantastic quality and cut for a third of the cost.

This is what I have heard. Fingers crossed that it will turn out to be true.

Tragically, it did not turn out to be true. There wasn’t anything wrong with the dress, mind you — except that I never got it. I expected it to arrive right before I went out of town, but instead, it arrived the day I left and the UPS guy tried to deliver it 3 times while I was gone, then sent it back to Igigi. At that point, I decided my bank account was better off without it anyway, so I let them keep it.

But a couple weeks ago, someone from Igigi e-mailed to ask if I’d be interested in doing a garment review. HELL YES, I said, and she shipped me out the same thing I’d ordered back in July — the yoke wrap dress in nautical blue — that day.*

Everything they say about Igigi wrap dresses? It’s true, y’all.

(Please forgive the quality of the photos. I can’t find my digital camera, so I had to resort to the phone and the web cam. I figured it was more important to show the dress in action on a non-model — wait’ll you get to the gut roll pic — than to worry about the artistry.)

For starters, this is the first wrap dress I have ever owned — and I’ve owned many — that does not require a cami under it. Not only is it actually cut to accommodate a Rack of Doom, but the edges on the parts that wrap over the boobs (man, if I’m going to write about fashion, I need to expand my vocabulary) is elasticized! Not in a puckery, noticeable way, but just enough that the neckline stays exactly where you want it, instead of gapping whenever you move half an inch, giving the whole world a clear view of your bra and the contents thereof. That is GENIUS! Such genius, in fact, I actually can’t believe I’ve never seen this feature on another wrap dress (or top).

The dress is made of Tencel, which isn’t as buttery as Modal, but I’m sitting on my couch blogging in it right now, and I might as well be wearing a nightgown; it’s plenty soft. The finishing is top-notch, the wrap itself is substantial — so the skirt truly has two full layers of fabric in front — and it’s got a much nicer drape than cheaper variations on the same theme. It’s pretty damn good about clinging to the right curves and skimming the somewhat less right ones, but I would recommend wearing at least a half slip underneath. (Of course, I’d recommend wearing at least a half slip under any skirt or dress; yes, that’s a relic of my very ‘fifties-oriented mother’s influence, but you cannot argue with clean lines, people.)

Having said that, this is pretty lightweight stuff, so when you sit down, all bets are off in the clinginess department. Behold the gut roll!

The good news is, since there’s loads of fabric to shift around in that area, you can eliminate most of the clinginess even when seated, but it definitely requires manual adjustment.

My only complaint is that this is really not a dress designed for the petite fatty. I mean, I knew that going in, so it’s a minor complaint, but if they made a petite version? This would be a 110% rave review. As it is, both the sleeves and the dress itself are a bit too long on me — and if it weren’t a wrap, the 14/16 would be just slightly too big everywhere, even though I should be on the high end of 14/16, size chart-wise.

So unfortunately, I can’t recommend Igigi to in-betweenies — having been one for many years, that bums me out a bit — and I’d say anyone who’s short and/or small-boned will need to choose wisely. Many of their dresses and tops look much bigger than this one in the shoulders and sleeves, so I suspect those wouldn’t even work on me with alterations. (I’ll probably have the sleeves and hem on this one shortened, but I could wear it out as-is without feeling frumpy.) Of course, the length and generous fit are great news for people who aren’t short or small-boned, which is obviously plenty of fatties (you mean it’s NOT ALL ABOUT ME?), and it’s pretty awesome that their entire line goes up to size 30/32.

So, overall — in case you weren’t tipped off by the fact that I’m sitting here blogging in the dress because I can’t bring myself to put my jeans back on yet — I am giving the yoke wrap dress two thumbs way the hell up.

There are only three things that could make my Igigi experience better:

  1. If they made a petite line;
  2. If they pronounced their name “eye-gee-gee,” like normal people, instead of “ee-zhee-zhee,” like very drunk people;
  3. If they would take 50% off this dress and then invite me to a party where I could wear it.

(Cross-posted to Fatshionista.)

*I should note that I had a choice between returning the dress to them after reviewing it or buying it at a 30% discount. I bought it, duh.

68 thoughts on “Friday Fatshion: Igigi Yoke Wrap Dress”

  1. Crappo, I never thought of myself as pronouncing “Igigi” like a drunk person.

    Crappo #2, that reminds me that there was a WHOLE BOTTLE of wine at work that we didn’t finish yesterday, probably a bottle and a half, and I forgot to have ANY. And now I am home, sans wine. Blast.

    Anyway, that dress is smashing on you. It looks better on you than on their model! Igigi Wrap Dress 1.0 didn’t work on me, despite everyone else’s raves… it was just overall too big, and my waist needs real coaxing to look bombshell-y, which it totes wasn’t getting. (I’ve just looked at the size chart and it’s no longer a mystery — I’m like a 22/24 in bust and hips, 14/16 in waist. And I am NOT that hourglassy. So Igigi is cutting for women who are shaped differently than me.) Anyway, but I like the colors better on this one anyway. (Though the sleeves are better on the classic wrap, which is currently only in purple… argh!)

    What’s your sense of the sturdiness? Like, is it going to last for enough time that if you amortize the cost over the number of wearings, you come up with something that is less than a cup of cappuccino?

  2. Crappo, I never thought of myself as pronouncing “Igigi” like a drunk person.

    I didn’t either until I A) started saying it out loud and B) called their customer service and heard someone who works there say it out loud. Now, all I can think of is Dana Carvey’s routine (tragically not available on YouTube, or I’d link) about how it’s impossible to say “judicial system” without sounding like you’re drunk. Same thing.

    What’s your sense of the sturdiness?

    Without having worn it more than once or cleaned it, I’m impressed. Like I said, it’s pretty lightweight, but the construction is good and I don’t think it’s the kind of fabric that’s going to get pilly or wear out any time soon.

  3. I have three Igigi dresses, all obtained for $25 each. They are beautiful, but since I’m also a shortarse, they’re tea length and a bit more formal-looking than intended – and very boobtacular. The great thing about the company is that they’ll recommend designs for your specific shape, and the recommendations seem right on.

  4. Oh wow. That dress looks absolutely gorgeous on you! I absolutely ADORE the color, too (although I have to admit that blue is my favorite color anyway, but STILL…).

    I never bothered looking at the Igigi site before because I figured it would be pointless, considering I live in the UK. But I took a look today anyway. And guess what? They ship internationally! Woohoo!

    And when you take the currency conversion into account, I’d pay half of what the price tag says.

    I just wish they had some of the sale items in my size (20). I’d go and order some gorgeous clothes NOW! :D

  5. NF, one thing I forgot to mention is that in person, the color looks a little deeper than it does on the site, or in these photos, even. It’s definitely one of my fave things about the dress, though.

    And thanks for the compliments, everybody!

  6. I have three Igigi dresses, all obtained for $25 each.


    By checking the website every day for, um, weeks, actually. If you search by body type and size you get a good start. I bought one dress in both olive and black, and was considering a wine-colored one when it was snapped up before my eyes. Two weeks later it was back, still on sale for $24.50, and I didn’t hesitate.

  7. Thanks, Sniper. I do check the site pretty compulsively, but usually, by the time stuff I want goes on sale, they’re out of my size. I’m debating buying that red lace dress for full price, just ’cause I don’t want that to happen, but $175… yikers.

  8. That is absolutely stunning on you. I however, have an unfortunate PCOS figure with the big belly/tiny breasts combo and would look ridick.

  9. You look fabulous in that dress! I am also petite, so the wrap dress I ordered from them is too big in the shoulders as well as way too long. I hemmed it, so it’s wearable, but I probably won’t buy anymore clothes from them because of the shoulder thing. Although I am also tempted by that red lace dress!

  10. Yellowhammer, I wouldn’t be so sure. Wrap dresses are pretty great on everyone, and the big belly/small breasts shape seems to be what Igigi is cut for — check the sizing chart.

  11. Oh, but as far as inbetweenies, they have a size 12 now. There’s almost nothing in it, but they may add more.

  12. No need to apologize for the pics, they’re fantastic!

    Now I want one. But I’d rarely have a chance to wear it, since I now telecommute, don’t own a car, and rainy season is about to start. Maybe if I really beg, they’ll make one in Gore-Tex.

  13. the elasticatey bits around the bust are a DREAM COME TRUE! i got excited then, a dress that wont gape! squee!!!

    oh, but im also an inbetweeny. dammit. DAMMIT!

    hmm… if i convert the dollar prices into britsh pound sterling (yes, i have pride in my currency, i probably shouldnt but its so cute) these dresses arent THAT expensive. not really. especially in the sale. the wrap dress is about £50, which is still high but TOTALLY worth it. other dresses/ tops are even cheaper..

    ooohh.. if i put on some weight i’d totally buy things.

  14. Man, oh, man. It’s times like this I wish I had more of a paycheck. I love Igigi stuff but can’t afford it–but I’m gonna grow up one day! I just know it!

    Oh, and Kate how FABULOUS do you look in that dress?! Absolutely stunning. Blue is so your color.

  15. Kate, that dress looks fantastic on you! If I were you I’d have to resist the urge to wear it every day.

  16. I do check the site pretty compulsively, but usually, by the time stuff I want goes on sale, they’re out of my size.

    Ooh. Then I guess I’d better not mention that my dresses are 14/16.

  17. Sniper, clearly you’ve earned your moniker.

    Hey, how often does a short, fat chick get to brag about a fashion score?

  18. I really wish more plus size designers would get it through their heads that not everyone who wears a double-digit size is some Amazon Giantess.

    That said, the dress looks great on you. Seriously.

  19. I really wish more plus size designers would get it through their heads that not everyone who wears a double-digit size is some Amazon Giantess.

    No doubt! Petite people can be fat too!

  20. I own the Igigi wrap tunic in Nautical Blue and I love it. I too am a short (petite is not exactly the right word to describe me since I have wide shoulders) — I’m very hour-glass-y.
    Here it is.
    I love it. I have worn it when I need to look fab for work. It’s comfortable and I get tons of comments.
    When I have some money (or maybe for my birthday) I would love to get an Igigi dress.
    Also, Yuliya Zeltser is a mench.
    And it’s pronounced like that because Yuliya is Ukrainian — and the fact that she’s mastered the bitch of the language that English is (a whole different set of alphabet characters, for goodness sake), the least that I can do as someone who is grateful for her clothes is to try to say I-ghzee-ghzee.

  21. Hey, how often does a short, fat chick get to brag about a fashion score?

    Brag away, my friend; you are clearly a ninja.

  22. A coworker asked me where I got the top and I told her and got to say, “but I’m not sure they have it in your size.”

  23. I love the Navy Trench Dress, but I am afraid I’ll look like a flasher if I wear it. Has anyone worn it?

  24. Oh hell yeah. I got my first Igigi dress a few months back and was AMAZED. The prices have always thrown me off but sale + coupon code = Igigi dress for about $18.45 shipping included. It may have been a time they were offering free shipping, but I can’t remember. But when I got the dress, I could not believe the quality. It is honestly the best quality dress I have EVER owned. I savor it. I am short, though, and the length is really the only drawback.

    The last time I checked, the 15% off Igigi coupon code (IGIGI) worked.

  25. I’ve been lurking around here for a couple weeks now, but I am compelled to de-lurk just to reiterate how absolutely smashing that dress is, in general and on you in particular. That color screams confidence, which I think only adds to its appeal.

  26. Wow, you look gorgeous.

    I think there should definitely be an exchange programme for Monsoon – so many Statesiders seem to want it (hello, people at Monsoon – think you might be missing something here?). For my part, I’d do it for a shot at Anthropologie and/or Zappos.

  27. Thanks for the link to the review (I don’t fashion all that much), Kate.
    The wrap dress does not only accentuate your amazing figure but it also bring out your gorgeous eyes and compliments your locks — it would be great for any upcoming television appearances you may have.
    I wish there were more dresses in women’s petite sizes. Women’s petite size dresses fit me so perfectly it makes me cry. (pants are, alas, usually still too long)

  28. I’m a teeny little shortie – I top out at 5’1″ – and the Igigi blouse I bought for gigs (black lace, faux wrap) was the first plus-sized garment that actually had a shoulder seam at my shoulder, and the waist at the waist.

    I’m wondering if their dresses are made differently? Or maybe I just fit the designs better, for some reason?

    Hmmmm. But I want that dress now.

  29. Thanks again, everybody! And Joy, I was actually thinking this dress could be some consolation for those who missed out on your amazing blue Macy’s dress (though this one, too, is currently sold out in several sizes).

    As for wearing it on TV, someone would need to invite me to be on TV first. But okay.

  30. Wrap dresses. Harumph. I am an apple and I look ridiculous in wrap dresses. Especially clingy-fabric-type wrap dresses. Won’t some one please, please make a dress for me???

    But you look fabulous.

  31. I have that dress too and lament that I don’t have many occasions to wear it. I also bought the brown Catalina dress at the same time and wear it to work once a week. I bought two wrap tops at the same time, and while I wear them regularly, I don’t like them as much. They have this gathered seam from shoulder to cuff (at the elbow) which won’t stay put, I have to adjust and pull it up on top of my arms all the time.

  32. i’ve never seen a colour look so absolutely stunningly surely-it-was-conceived-just-for-you as that glorious blue on you! WOW :) :)

  33. 1. I like the lipstick in this photo.
    2. I love, love, love the color of the dress.
    3. Dude, we are having a celebration at some point. So keep this dress ready for that party, yo.

  34. Won’t some one please, please make a dress for me???

    Hmmm. Igigi has that shapefinder feature and there’s a long list of possibilities that come up for “Oval” as they would have it. What we need is for a group of differently-shaped Shapelers to test-run Igigi’s line and report back.

    Of course, funding is an issue. Is anyone good at writing grant applications?

  35. we might need to arrange some kind of swap where US Shapelies buy Igigi stuff and send it to UK shapelies in exchange for Monsoon stuff.

    That’s a really good idea. And may I say you are rocking the hell ouit of that dress. The colour absolutely sings with the red lippy – and it did make me think of Joy’s Macy’s dress as soon as I saw it.

  36. That’s a very flattering dress. I’m particularly liking how it doesn’t look like it’s coming apart and is very sexy. I’d take it up an inch or two, though. It looks slightly long on you. The color choice? Fantastic!

  37. Wow, that looks great!

    I’ve got a wrap dress and it looks great on me, but yeah, it’s got the neckline problem. Elastic could help, huh?

    Of course, problem #2 is having not place to WEAR the thing ;)

  38. This thread has reminded me I also have an IGIGI wrap top. Which is way, way too big, but the fabric (Tencel) and the colour (purple) were so gorgeous I couldn’t bear to part with it. So I wore it out last night as a kind of slouchy mini-dress with tights, and got lots of compliments. I think when I get a sewing machine though, I’ll alter it so I can actually wear it as a top.

  39. I have the dress too, and the only beef I have (other than the length/shorty problem) is that on me the neckline is kind of low for work, making me wonder if I have to go the camisole route, or the discreetly-placed scarf.

    Maybe those old bias ties from the 1970’s that I kept from my first job in retail will come in handy after all.

    I highly recommend keeping an eye on Igigi’s clearance pages. They SLASH prices down to almost nothing. I think I paid like $22 for my dress.

  40. Sizing question… the sizing chart seems to be different for dresses and pants. Like the size 14/16, the bust-waist-hip sizes in the dresses are right on. But the waist-hip ratio in the pants for 14/16 seem a lot bigger and I’d need a 12 or maybe smaller. What gives?

    Kate, I really want that red and black dress, too! Whoooo.

  41. Kate, you look amazing in that dress, and in that color. I’m so glad it worked out that you got the dress! Thanks for the honest, detailed review. I’m salivating over the idea of the elastisized neckline – I hate that wrap dresses inevitably show too much, and that sounds like such a smart solution! (My black tank top has gotten way too much of a workout attempting to be a cami.)

    Becky, thanks for the info that Igigi is starting to carry some size 12s. I love their stuff, but I waver between a size 12 and 14 (with some 16s thrown in – gotta love size inconsistencies) and I’ve never ordered from them because I’m fairly sure that the 14/16 wouldn’t fit.

  42. Chiming in late regarding prices…

    One thing I feel protected from as a fat/tweenie whateverthefuck I am, is the high end world of fashion. Me, I’m a Marshall’s shopper. I was raised that way, by a mom who could afford the best but didn’t see the value in overpaying when you could find great stuff at Loehmann’s.

    My point? To some people, (and I have never been one of them), $200 for a fabulous dress is reasonable, and the upscale stuff goes waaaay upscale from there.

    So while I’m still tra-la-la-ing over my new purple $40 dress I just found at H&M (I suppose I should have someone take pictures to post), I admit that I was relieved when pointed to this designer to the fat stars, the clothes are, while certainly pricey, not like, insane. Not $500. Not $1200. $175 for that dress is… approachable.

    And holy crap you do look stunning. Thanks also for all the guidelines.

  43. Hello all,

    This is Ozlem from IGIGI who asked Kate for the review. Kate, I have to say, you DO look absolutely FANTASTIC in the dress. Thank you all for your valuable feedback. They are much appreciated. I have to make a few comments.

    1. We are slowly introducing garments in size 12 now and soon we will have the entire collection available in size 12 as well. This is in response to requests we got from customers who were neither a straight 12 nor a plus 14 and could not find clothing that fit them well. So stay tuned for some fabulous dresses in 12 as well as a new work wear collection.

    2. I almost dropped dead laughing at the Patsy and Edina comment. Abfab is absolutely the best show!

    3. Being a straight 8 and on the other side of the coin, I totally feel for the co-worker who complimented the wrap top since I often want to shop on and can’t because we don’t have in my size. Ironic, ha?

    Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions, feedback, comments. Cheers. Ozlem

  44. Hi Kate,
    (sorry to be so late to the conversation – I’m fairly new to reading Shapely Prose and I’ve been reading through all of the archives in the past couple weeks)
    I just wanted to thank you for this review, and, well for the whole blog. After reading this, I went to Igigi’s website, and ended up ordering this dress, among other items, and they’re amazing. Discovering this blog, and the positive community that is flourishing here has been so amazing. I can’t tell you how exciting it was to find this many articulate, insightful, and funny like-minded people.
    So, well, thanks! (And y’all are awesome!)

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