I’m Famous, Part Whatever!

Did you ever wish you could hear my voice?

Specifically, did you ever wish you could hear me sounding really froggy and insufficiently caffeinated, maybe over a not-so-hot cell phone connection? And better still, not saying anything remotely funny?

Well, now’s your chance! My Daily Special debut is up at Elastic Waist! Woohooooo!

Thanks to everyone over there who made it happen. It really was a lot of fun to get to go behind the scenes at The Daily Special, even if only via speakerphone!

(Note to Shannon, Mean Asian Girl, and Suzi: your children are famous, too!)

8 thoughts on “I’m Famous, Part Whatever!”

  1. Kate, you’re built for comfort, not for speed. Another 30 seconds and you woulda had ’em eating out of your hand! It was cool, though. You guys were, like, starstruck over each other!

  2. On a different note, that tiny smiley face on the right of my screen made me think that some one had actually drawn a smily face on my computer screen, and I was soo relieved to see that it stayed in place when I scrolled down!

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