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The rhinos are all right

It’s the night before Hallowe’en, so our weekly open mic included a zombie named Bob, a linguistics-reading T-Rex and a passable facsimile of Amy Winehouse. But nobody’s outfit was as poignant as my friend Sarah’s tee shirt:

I didn’t even see it until my boyfriend leaned over and said “I want to tell the rhino that he’s just fine how he is.”

I think it’s just possible that we’re supposed to be laughing at the poor fellow for his inability to be a unicorn, but I read it as incisive commentary on the fundamental heartbreak and futility of aspiring to an unattainable ideal. Note that the rhino is totally cute, in no way less cute than the unicorn. His only failing is in being a rhino instead. Augh! And my boyfriend wants to tell him that he’s fine how he is! Does it kill you or what? I just want to tear that poster down and coax him out to the open plains, where he can run freely, far from the oppressive eye of his impossible aspirational image. (With the speed of a rhino. They’re actually pretty great athletes! But you know, oh their poor joints etc. etc.)

Goddamn. I kind of want to commission the artist to draw a happy ending, after the rhino discovers what an awesome rhino he is, even though he’s barely a passable unicorn, and finds out how rewarding it is to just munch grass and barrel through the Serengeti. And then we can use it as a mascot or something.

It should be noted here that I have a documented problem with sad anthropomorphic animals and will probably be up all night over this. You should feel free to invent happy rhino scenarios to make me feel better.

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  1. The boyfriend, who is an expert at this, says “he’s training to run a marathon out on the plains, and the unicorn is just a band he likes.”

  2. Speaking of sad anthropomorphic animals, did you see the video with the kiwi stapling trees to the side of a mountain?

    For some reason, that picture makes me think of an adolesent boy running on a treadmill with a picture of a hot babe on his wall. Which I don’t think is the happy ending you are looking for.

    Also, you know what’s terrible? Youtube. I spend waaaay too much time there tonight watching things that make me feel bad about… pretty much everything.

  3. Oh my god fillyjonk, your boyfriend is in my brain and I demand he leave right now!

    I was going to say, the Rhino is clearly wrapping up his training for the NYC Marathon and the Unicorn is his favorite musician whose music inspires him to keep on trucking.

  4. Ohhhhh my god, THE KIWI VIDEO. That made me cry buckets.

    I love the rhino shirt, but it makes me cry a little too. But mainly I just think everybody should go buy loads of Threadless shirts because they are awesome.

  5. If you do the fat-person-wants-to-be-thin-analogy, I really like the picture (I consider it a very nice criticism on the whole extremely thin ideal thing). Because *everyone* knows a rhino just can’t become a thin unicorn, right? So why doesn’t *everyone* get that a fat person can’t just become a thin one – and shouldn’t even try? And yes, the rhino is gorgeous, and really fine the way he is. BTW, real rhinos are deadly dangerous, just like elephants by their sheer size and matching strength, which is something I sometimes aspire to be!

  6. Isn’t that a Tenacious D tshirt? It should be LOL Jack Black on a treadmill isn’t likely to happen anytime soon though!

    I think the unicorn is the rhino’s webhotty – they met online and he told her he was a unicorn too. Now he’s 3 days away from meeting her at the airport, trying so hard to look good in his rhino skin…and fast forward 3 days… when he arrives at the airport, he finds out she’s really a rhino too. Huzzah!

    I guess that’s a bit Shrekish, but I’ve seen a dozen Fionas tonight already (it’s Hallowe’en in Sydney as I speak)

  7. One day the rhino was out running on the savanna, having built up his strength by using the treadmill at home. He was a little nervous when he passed a group of unicorns wearing tight spandex shorts, so nervous that he dropped his water bottle when he motored on by. One of the unicorns picked it up and ran after him with it and they started talking and they like the same kind of music and it turns out they go to the same place for coffee a lot of the time and now they’re totally thinking about setting up an artists’ collective space–rhino is into industrial found-object installations and unicorn does performance video and unicorn’s cousin T. Rex is starting a zine and rhino’s old roommate is into murals. They all go running together every Tuesday afternoon and stop at that coffee place afterwards.

  8. ah, the rhino is adorable. I want to hug him and scratch around the base of his horn and tell him he doesnt want to be like that stuck up virgins-only unicorn, when he can have someone like me.

    is it me or did that sound vaguely….. innuendous?

    is that even a word? heee.

  9. FJ, I think I love your boyfriend, too.

    You know, in a I-wish-I-could-clone-his-brain-and-inject-it-into-the-brains-of-all-the-people-of-the-world sort of way.


  10. Oh I know how you feel. There’s a game called Stretch Panic for the PS2. There’s a boss where they possess these little chickies, and turn them into demons. I can’t play the game anymore, cause everytime I play that level I’m like, “:'( The poor chickies!”

    Your boyfriend sounds like a really nice guy. I hope there are more guys like him out there in the world, I need to find one.

  11. Here’s my version of a happy ending.

    The Rhino started out wanting to be the Unicorn. He put that poster up and he ran, ran on his little treadmill. The first time was awful. He was sweaty and his knees hurt, but he stuck with it.

    By the second week, he started noticing something. Every time he finished running, he felt fantastic! By the third week, he felt so good after his workout that he forgot to get on the scale in the locker room at the end of each workout.

    Instead, he walked outside and noticed the feel of the wind on his lovely grey skin. He started to really be inside his own body. He realized how wonderful it is to be outside and to move around. The rhino started running outside instead of on the treadmill. He realized the sheer glee of thundering across the plains.

    Now, though, winter is coming. It’s getting pretty cold for rhinos to be running outside, so he is back on his treadmill. Every once in a while, he looks at the unicorn and he chuckles to himself. The unicorn is pretty, but the rhino knows that he is beautiful, and unlike that unicorn, he really exists.


  12. Ericka, something about the phrase “the sheer glee of thundering across the plains” makes me so happy.

    I think that’s going to be my answer about why I run. I do it for the sheer glee of thundering across the plains. Hee.

  13. The unicorn IS the rhino!
    You see the rhino is a model and the image in the poster has been photoshopped past the point of being recognizable as a real rhino. The shirt captures the moment one morning when the rhino fully realized just how messed up it is that anyone thought that photoshopping a gorgeous, Real rhino into a make believe creature was anything other than a stupid idea.

  14. all this talk about thundering across the plains is making me want to go thundering across the plains.

  15. You guys are awesome. Chiara and Ericka get gold stars, and Adi, I just love your take on the situation.

  16. all this talk about thundering across the plains is making me want to go thundering across the plains.

    In a thread that’s cracked me up the whole way through, that made me DIE.

  17. Seriously I love this thread hardcore. The more I think about Pippa’s “unicorn webhottie” scenario, the more I love it.

  18. I too have a problem with sad anthropomorphic animals. It looks like I am far from alone.

    I love the explanations on this thread and agree that I, too, run for the sheer glee of thundering across the plains (tm Ericka). This is all so cute that I might cry. But in a much less sad way than the way I would have cried if nobody had offered non-heartbreaking ways to interpret the scene.

  19. Aw. The poor Rhino is not aspiring to be a Unicorn. He’s practicing HAES. He really likes being a rhino and running fast, he’s just getting in some practice.

    The Unicorn? That’s his BFF. They’ve got a bet going on over who will have a better time in the half mile dash they’re both entering next week. The picture is up there to inspire Rhino to keep practicing and to look forward to running with his BFF and having a beer afterward :)

  20. A sporty White Rhinoceros
    Was going for a run
    When someone shouted “You’re too fat!
    You ought to lose a ton!
    You’re eating too much leaves and bark!
    And what about your joints?”
    The Rhino answered forcefully
    With two well-argued points.

    If you see a Rhinoceros
    That thunders ‘cross the plain
    In perissodactlyic glee
    Perhaps you should refrain
    From commenting upon its weight;
    In light of this example –
    The heavier a Rhino is
    The harder it can trample.

  21. Oh my god. I am in awe. How do you write like that?

    You’re eating too much leaves and bark!


  22. How do you write like that?

    Seriously, MissPrism is one of the funniest bloggers — possibly one of the funniest humans — out there. I remember her from when I used to write a science blog and was so psyched to see her here.

  23. OK, I got one.

    The rhino is a graphic designer, and he drew the picture of the unicorn. The piece was so beautiful and so many people were smitten by his skill that he decided to put it on a t-shirt to sell. After many disappointing visits to overseas sweatshops, he decided that he would build his own factory with green power provided by the treadmill, while highly-paid and well-treated workers sew the t-shirts in the large, light rooms below. Now, he is a world-famous CEO, but he still provides his own green power by running on the treadmill, and he keeps the picture on the wall to remind him what it’s all for — his ability to inspire through his art.

  24. he decided that he would build his own factory with green power provided by the treadmill


  25. Sad anthropomorphic animals have their effect on me, too. I remember when I used to play the computer game Black & White (where you play a god ruling over some villagers), and at the point where you had to pick the monkey, tiger, or cow as your avatar, the animals you don’t pick look SO SAD.

    I think I need this rhino shirt…

  26. MissPrism, that is GENIUS. Seriously — can someone turn that into a song? Something very hooky but with an edgy undertow, like the B-52s?

  27. OMG Miss Prism is Teh Awesome!!!1!

    OK — really, you all are, because that picture was totally about to make me cry before I read this thread. The thundering, it is priceless…and OF COURSE everyone knows that leaves and bark make you fat. Bark is probably…carbs. [insert scary Halloween music w/ extra organ]


  28. Wow, awesome post and thread.
    I too have a problem with overidentification with overanthropomphism.
    I love that shirt, though, and must have one.
    Miss Primm’s poem is over-the-top excellent. I may have to post it in my cube, next to the illustration.
    Is there such a thing as an overweight rhino? In a zoo, probably, where HAES is desparately needed (and calorie restriction probably practiced). Yikes, there I go getting all Eeyore again. It’s the sad animal thing.
    I have been that Rhino.

  29. Once upon a time there was a rhino named Bruce. Bruce was a healthy young rhino though, like most of the other rhinos in his family, he needed glasses to see very well. Bruce lived with his parents in a nice little house in a pretty little shady area of the Serengeti.

    Bruce had a happy life. He went to Rhino High School and played on the soccer team. He took art classes after school because he loved watercolors. He and his friends enjoyed jogging and playing all sorts of different Rhino Games. Sometimes they would barrel across the open landscape and run into a tree, just to see if they could knock the tree over. It was such great fun!

    One morning, it was a Tuesday morning, Bruce was running late for school. His mother rushed him out the door with a kiss and the sack he took his lunch in every day. Even though Bruce ran all the way there, he was late.

    Being tardy to Rhino High School is no laughing matter. Principal Hornburg took such matters VERY seriously and Bruce, as good a student as he was, was often late. He tried to sneak into home room, but his teacher, Mrs. TseTse of the Sahara TseTses, sent him to see Principal Hornbug anyway.

    This was awful! Bruce hated being in trouble at school. His mother was going to ground him for sure and he and his friends had plans for the night!

    But when he got to the office, the clerk told him to take a seat. Principal Hornburg was already talking to a student. A NEW student!

    Bruce was curious – no one ever moved to the Serengeti! He sat down in the waiting area and watched the door. He didn’t have long to wait. After just a few minutes, the door opened and Bruce fell in love.

    The new student was like no one Bruce had ever seen before. She had the body of a zebra, but her coat was solid white. And she had a horn! It wasn’t growing out of the end of her nose, though. It grew smack in the middle of her forehead.

    It was her eyes that Bruce loved, though. They were large and shining.

    “Hi, I’m Liza. Who are you?”

    The new girl was standing in front of Bruce. She was speaking to him! Bruce could feel his face heating up. He hadn’t expected her to speak to him. What should he say?

    “Um, hi. I’m Bruce.” That seemed like a good start.

    “Bruce!” Principal Hornburg had exited his office behind the new girl, behind Liza, her name was Liza and it was magical just like she was magical. “Bruce, you’ve been late three times this month! You have detention! I’ll see you in the library on Saturday morning!” Principal Hornburg ran detention himself because none of the other teachers wanted to stay late. After all, they had things to do as well. “Now, this is Liza. She’ll be in your homeroom. Show her the way to class, please.” And he retreated back to his office.

    Bruce couldn’t believe his luck. He didn’t even mind the detention or that his mom was going to ground him for sure. He got to escort Liza to class.

    “Um, if you follow me, I’ll show you how to get to home room.”

    “Thanks, Bruce. It’s nice to meet you.” Liza tossed her head and her mane flew around her face.

    Bruce thought he smelled flowers.

    Bruce and Liza went to home room together, and then to all of their classes. They traded phone numbers and talked on the phone all night long about how scared Liza had been to move to the Serengeti and how much Bruce loved thundering across the open territory and how math was such a great class but home ec was just ridiculous.

    They met each other’s families, who were a little shocked at the match but could see how close the young rhino and the unicorn were growing.

    Because Liza was a unicorn. Her whole family had bodies like zebras with shining white coats and horns growing out of their foreheads. It took both families a little while to adjust to the difference of the other family, but Bruce and Liza seemed so happy that they all made an effort to get along. In fact, the families grew to love each other just as much as Bruce and Liza grew to love each other.

    Some of Bruce’s friends didn’t approve at all. They stopped inviting him to race across the Serengeti with them and they didn’t call him to play at knocking down trees. He was sad, but he made new friends, friends that loved Liza just as much as he did.

    And so the years passed and the two young lovers graduated high school. Bruce had always planned to go off to Rhino College but he didn’t want to leave Liza behind. Bruce decided he was going to get a job at the company where his father worked, but when he went to tell Liza, she got mad.

    “What do you mean, you aren’t going to college?” Liza paced around Bruce, tossing her mane and stamping her hooves. “You HAVE to go to Rhino College! You’ve been planning this since before I met you!”

    “But, Liza, love, I don’t want to leave you!” Bruce was miserable. He wanted to stay with Liza but he DID want to go to Rhino College. “I’m afraid I’ll lose you.” He hung his head and sniffled. By this point, Bruce was wearing contact lenses, which was good because his glasses would have been spotted with tears at this point.

    “You won’t lose me, silly Bruce.” Liza stopped pacing and gave Bruce a kiss on his ear. Then she tapped her unicorn horn against his rhino horn. It was their special gesture. “I will stay here and go to Serengeti Nursing College, just the way I planned. And you will go to Rhino College on your soccer scholarship and we will see each other almost every weekend.”

    Bruce loved that Liza was so sensible. He was starting to feel a little less miserable.

    Of course, Bruce’s years at Rhino College weren’t easy. He took classes in Barreling With Intent and Trampling With Purpose. He took Modern English Literature After 1680. He studied and studied and kept up his grade point average. He also played soccer for the Rhino College Leaping Gazelles. He put up Liza’s picture next to the treadmill he used for training.

    Liza went to Serengeti Nursing College and she didn’t have an easy time of it either. She studied how to treat wounds caused by goring and by falling out of trees and by tripping and falling on a piece of tall grass. She decided to go on to medical school and enrolled at Serengeti Medical University. Bruce was so proud that he cut classes for a day to help her move into her new dorm room.

    Bruce and Liza tried to see each other as much as possible. They couldn’t spend every weekend together, but Bruce’s roommates grew used to coming home to find the unicorn and the rhino curled up together on the couch watching movies and studying for their classes and dreaming about the future. Long holidays were the best.

    Everyone thought the couple would break up. If the stresses of dating long distance didn’t get to them, all the new and attractive faces on their respective campuses surely would. But everyone was wrong. Liza was there when Bruce graduated and was drafted to play professional soccer. Bruce was there when Liza graduated and got a job at the hospital where she had done her internship.

    They bought a little house, not too far from the shady area where Bruce’s parents still lived. And even though Bruce had to travel for soccer matches, he always took Liza’s picture with him and looked forward to going home and touching his rhino horn to her unicorn horn and telling her he loved her.

  30. The rhino is inspiring so much creativity! Now we just need a rhino painting, or a rhino tap dance.

    Or, in my case, a rhino debate coverage.

  31. Omigod, this whole thread turns me into a weepy sodden mess, by turns sad and relieved for the poor little rhino. I think the fact he’s blue really nails it for me, btw.

    Ericka and MissPrism are totally my favorite people today, though.

  32. There seemed to be a focus on the rhino and the unicorn being in opposition to one another

    Really? Pippa and Chiara both had them dating; ShannonCC had them as best friends; Jae and my BF made the unicorn a rock star and kathel made it an artistic masterpiece; Adi V had them be actually the same creature! Part of what I love about this thread is how nobody is turning it into unicorn-bashing .

  33. Yeah, but when I read the comments, those comments hadn’t been posted yet! I do love that other people have paired them up as allies instead of enemies and am enjoying all the scenarios.

  34. Part of what I love about this thread is how nobody is turning it into unicorn-bashing .

    Me too! I loved ShannonCC’s take, actually, since my BFF is thin. Though I really, really love the idea that he’s only running on the treadmill to power his T-shirt factory, ’cause he’s a down-to-earth rhino CEO.

    Also, I think wellroundedtype2 gets Quote of the Day for this:

    I have been that Rhino.

  35. but when I read the comments, those comments hadn’t been posted yet!

    I guess that’s the down side of posting full 1200-word stories as comments. :) By the time you’re done, there are a lot more comments!

  36. The heavier a Rhino is
    The harder it can trample.

    There just isn’t enough applause in the world, really.

  37. I love the poem! I think I’m going to print the picture with the poem right underneath of it, and go to Kinko’s and copy it a thousand times, and just hand it out to people I pass walking down the street.

  38. perissodactlyic

    Could someone tell me what syllables are emphasized in pronunciation this word? If you do, you might get me to crack open Garageband and musicalize that fabulous poem! (Might take me a couple of days, tho.)

  39. Meowser, “perissodactyl” is pronounced “PERissoDACtyl,” but I feel like in the adjectival version it’d be more like “PERissodacTYLic.” Since that’s how you emphasize “dactylic.”

    Probably whatever makes it scan, though.

  40. One Question: How do I get the Tee with MsPrism’s poem printed on the back in, like, a 3XL? Or should I come back form the land of the unicorns?. . . That would be two questions. . . .DUHOH!

  41. That poem is the best thing ever. All of these are the best things ever!

    I’m not sure, though, if the unicorn and the rhino in my version are dating. Probably they’re just friends. Rhino just got out of a pretty difficult relationship with a narwhal–lifestyle differences–although he has to admit, that unicorn is pretty sexy, in his spandex shorts. And he is a seriously amazing artist, and he does wear the coolest nerd glasses and hoodies. And he said the funniest thing the other day, God, you should have heard it…but whatever. Rhino isn’t getting into it at the moment. Rhino is just taking it easy, seeing where the whole thing goes. So definitely not dating. I mean, you know, not right now. It’s complicated, okay? He just…it’s not…oh, wait, it’s a text from Unicorn. Sorry, hang on a minute. He wants to meet up at the coffee place and then go to the new wave night over by the waterhole–you guys don’t mind if he cuts out early, do you?

  42. Chiara, you’re right, you never said they were dating… but they have a connection that’s so rare, you know, I just don’t think they should rule it out. I feel like it’s going somewhere with them, and maybe it’s just a lifelong friendship, and I know there’s the interspecies thing and the gay thing and maybe it’s a lot for the rhino to take in right now. I just want the rhino to know that we’ve seen the way the unicorn looks at him, and there might be something there, and that if their hooves happen to touch accidentally under the table while they plot layouts for T.Rex’s zine over chai… well, maybe they should see where it goes.

  43. Right! Because they clearly have so much regard for each other.

    Possibly this has a non-zero amount in common with how aforementioned boyfriend and I got together. :)

  44. Heh. Wel, if Rhino and Unicorn finally wake up to the fact that they were totally made for each other, maybe the rest of us could take a rest from those really emo emails Unicorn has been sending lately about how Rhino called him last night really really late, and they talked until dawn and it was like the most amazing thing ever to be listening to Rhino’s voice–you guys, he has the most amazing voice ever, it’s like someone poured caramel over velvet–in the dark under the stars, and then unicorn almost fell asleep while they were talking, and it was such a great conversation, and Rhino really gets him, man, you know, like no one ever gets him, and what do we think that means? Like, God, GET A ROOM ALREADY, RHINO AND UNICORN.

  45. This thread is the best thing on the internet, ever. It’s like if kittens and bunnies made little fluffy kit-bun babies.


    Okay, so I’m usually pretty stoic even when the comments are hilarious, because I share an office. But I am totally busting up right now.

  47. Aha! My work here is done then.

    (Rhino just texted me that he had a big talk with Giraffe, who is like a really good friend of Unicorn’s, and Giraffe was all like: Unicorn talks about you all the time, but Unicorn has been really hurt before, like really really hurt, and Unicorn is just so confused right now. Giraffe thinks that Unicorn is totally into him, and it’s probably up to Rhino to make the first move, which is awful because Rhino hates to make the first move! )

  48. You should tell Rhino that I recommend going with a direct approach where you can kind of play it off like a joke, like “oh, haha, Giraffe totally thinks you and I should get together,” and then use Unicorn’s response to gauge how he should proceed. It might lead to a heavy discussion about how they’ve both been burned in the past and don’t want to move too quickly, but they probably have to have that conversation eventually anyway, right?

    Hmm, maybe Rhino should write in to Ask the Blondes.

  49. Incidentally, here’s what I said to TR about this thread and its boggling levels of awesome:

    “Shapely Prose commenters sure are big smarty-pants! Or smarty big-pants.”

  50. The rhino wants to be a triathlete.

    The rhino’s trainer tells the her to lose 1500lbs before the she should even dare to think about running. Her poor, poor joints.

    So now the rhino must work out in shame at home, while staring at a thinspiration picture she got off Livejournal. Her poor, poor self esteem. And joints. And floor joints. And whatever.

    By the way, we all know how the story ends.

    ps — it’s happy!

  51. By the way, we all know how the story ends.

    An army of Shapelers swoops in wearing dashing scarves, tears down the poster, and starts a raucous dance party? (It’s so loud that you can’t hear people pontificating over whether the rhino is technically an “athlete.”)

    Then the rhino goes back to doing bricks and ends up finishing an Ironman!

  52. Damn fucking straight.

    You know, I’m still in awe over the power my ass has one teh internets. The rhino should bask in that power as well!

  53. Love it, love it, LOVE it.

    MissPrism, you are a genius.

    There’s a kids’ book here, definitely, if not an entire series.

  54. Shapely Prose commenters sure are big smarty-pants! Or smarty big-pants.”

    Oh, man, and we’re two months away from needing a non-holiday-themed tag line!


  55. The part that gets me most is that UNICORNS DON’T EVEN FUCKING EXIST!

    Rhino is being tormented by an ideal that doesn’t even manifest in the real world.

    (Okay, maybe rhinos on treadmills aren’t a dime a dozen either. Nevertheless.)

  56. I am late to the party- but am so in love with this thread! I think we need to make a poster with the picture and MissPrism’s sesquipedalian poem. I would then hang the poem up by my treadmill as inspiration :)

  57. “An army of Shapelers swoops in wearing dashing scarves, tears down the poster, and starts a raucous dance party?”

    That would be easy b/c Bruce ALREADY has his own label.

    Srsly. Rhino Records.

    It’s like Becks and Posh. Endorsements for everyone. :D

    “Miss Prism and the Thundering Plains – the Remix”

  58. Anybody else notice that Sandy Swarz (sp?) picked up on this, too?

    Although she committed the cardinal sin… she got confuzzled as to who wroted the post! ;)

  59. Oh goddamit, Kate gets enough well-deserved accolades without getting credited for my work (and my sensitive boyfriend)! I sent Sandy an email; I have no idea how often she reads the blog so she may just not even know there are multiple contributors. Thanks for the heads up, nuckingfutz! I’m glad our little rhino friend is getting so much attention.

  60. This thread is fantastic. I love everyone’s take on this. It makes me wish there was a whole site with just alternate explanations for images like this one. I could read this all day long!

    You guys rule.


  61. So, my wife showed me this thread, and I made the following comment, which she insists I post:

    “My gracious … all the comment-posters are such … well, frankly and unpolitically … girls. When told to give a happy ending, they make up some way that the unicorn can be not an unattainable ideal but a relationship, an inspiration, a reminder of the past, etc., etc. Take a look at that picture … now imagine the theme song to Rocky in your head. The unicorn is the reigning champion … but NOT FOR LONG.”

  62. Well, I have no idea whether our commenters are really all girls (biologically or identity-wise), but it’s a really great scenario!

  63. That rhino rocks!!

    I wish I would’ve found/worn that tee at the ‘Girls For A Change’ summit where Shaping Youth was leading a workshop on stereotypes, body image and such…1600 teens really needed to hear that message!!

    Here’s another site to pay it forward:

    A nonprofit that “helps people overcome body dissatisfaction and eating problems, freeing them to
    live authentic, healthy and fulfilling lives.”

    Shaping Youth is going to do a story on the founder soon. Stay tuned, and THANKS for this fabulous post. Got you in my Google reader now, woohoo!

  64. This reminds me of a painting my mother hung in the bathroom of the house I grew up in. It depicted a hippo in a bath towel standing on a scale. The readout on the scale said, “TOO FAT!” I was always so confused by that painting. It’s a HIPPO. It’s SUPPOSED to look like that!

    We were a classy family, as you can probably guess. Quite the connoisseurs of great art.

  65. I just saw the Kiwi video. I didn’t really see it as sad, I found it more inspiring. It seemed more about the idea of working hard to acheive your dreams.

    I can see where the idea is the Kiwi is trying to be a flying bird, and it’s trying to be something you can’t. However, the Kiwi uses it’s creativity to experience flight like a bird by flying down the mountain. I think it’s more about the power of being able to make your dreams come true, instead of feeling helpless.

    Of course, after seeing the film again, it does seem like the Kiwi is commiting suicide, which of course is really sad. So I dunno..I guess it was a positive idea..but it’s would’ve been better if he hit a trampoline at the bottom of the mountain or something.

    It’s like the Tom & Jerry cartoons where they have that cute duck, in a really sad situation. It’s like, but nobody wants to see something that cute in a sad situation!

  66. The comments on this are pretty much the best things that have ever happened to the interwebs.

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