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My Response to Kell

Update: Kell’s blog seems to be down now, but I’m leaving this up at least until her post falls out of the Fatosphere feed.

So, Kell wrote a new post about Heidi. Since she’s moderating comments (as is her right, of course), I don’t know if mine will ever show up there. So I’m posting what I wrote to her here. Over the last few months, I have both agreed with Kell numerous times and argued constructively with her when we’ve disagreed, but that post crosses a line I am incredibly not okay with.

I’m closing comments entirely on this post, because I don’t want to have another argument about WLS/dieting (which, as ever, I do not support), nor do I want this to be an open thread for slamming Kell. But I want my readers to know where I stand on what she’s saying. (If you want to discuss it, you can head over to The F Word.)

Without further ado…

Go away. You are not in charge. You do not speak with or for us. You do not belong here.

You are not in the Fat Acceptance movement.

Well, Kell, I’ve said several times in this ongoing discussion that I think the Fat Acceptance movement is going to need numerous branches to accommodate all the differing viewpoints on divisive issues like this one. And I don’t think there is or ever has been such a thing as an existing monolithic movement that you (or I, or Deniselle) have a right to speak for officially.

And I’ll tell you what, even though I agree with you in principle about WLS, the branch of fat acceptance I want to be a part of doesn’t include bullying, hateful blog posts that wish harm on real, fat human beings with real feelings, who happen to make decisions I don’t agree with.

So I’m a lot more interested in being part of a branch with people like Heidi and Deniselle in it than the one you speak for here, not because I remotely approve of WLS or dieting, but because to me, reason and compassion are the principles on which fat acceptance stands. With this post, you have stretched the former awfully thin and completely abandoned the latter.

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