IE Users — Having Problems?

Since I switched to this template, I’ve gotten a few complaints from IE users about the browser crashing when they click on comments. I had the WordPress folks check it out, but they didn’t have the same problem, and I didn’t hear from anyone else having one. Today, I heard from somebody else.

So I want to figure out how widespread a problem this is before I go back and ask them to investigate again. If you’re an IE user and you’ve had problems with Shapely Prose crashing your browser, please let me know either in comments here, or — if you can’t do that because of the crashing — at katesblog at gmail. Thanks.

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  1. Doesn’t happen to me every time — not this time — but often enough. I usually use Safari at home, but my new work machine has IE, and yeah, it does happen.

  2. It happens to me when I have several SP pages open at once, which I often do so I can read the comments. SP doesn’t crash every time I do that; maybe about 1/4 of the time.

  3. Clearly the solution is to download Firefox, you slackers!

    That’s pretty much what I said in response to the first round of complaints, but if this is happening to everybody using IE, WordPress should know about it and do something. I only started getting complaints when I switched to this template, so it’s got to be something template-specific, but I love this template and don’t want to change again!

  4. This happens to me at work all the time. When I’m at home it’s not a problem. I just got knocked out of another comments section, but to my surprise, I was able to get into this one.

  5. I have no problem with the newest version of IE which I’m running at home, but at work I crash sometimes. It hasn’t happened for awhile but yesterday I couldn’t read any of the Evolution comments, at all, ever, without all my IE windows winking out.

    I have no control over my work browser, so “download Firefox, you slackers” is not particularly productive in my situation, although “stop reading blogs at work, you slacker” might be what the Internet Gods are trying to tell me.

  6. I have no control over my work browser

    Argh, I have had jobs like that and it DRIVES ME CRAZY. Like, hi, are you SURE you want to forbid me to download functional, stable programs and spyware protection, just because you’re too paranoid to give me administrator privileges? Really? It’d be one thing if the administrators downloaded useful programs for you, of course, but they never do.

    Sometimes I am very glad I’m not working in a large organization anymore.

    Rose, so this is happening to you with other WP blogs? Are they using the same template as this one? Maybe it’s not a template thing after all.

  7. Rose, so this is happening to you with other WP blogs? Are they using the same template as this one? Maybe it’s not a template thing after all.

    Or it’s just not something that happens to everyone, every time (which could also be why the WP guy who checked it out had no prob). I know correlation is not causation and all that, but I never got a complaint with any previous template, and I got 3 the day I switched to this one. So I’m thinkin’ the smart detective would start with the template.

  8. Could also be that more than one WP template crashes IE.

    I wonder whether users who are having problems should contact WP directly. Did the guy take you seriously after he reported no problems? If they’re inundated with complaints they might be quicker to fix it.

  9. It’s happening to me probably 9 times out of 10 when I click on the browser. Crazy-making, and yet totally worth it for the funny.

  10. Another one having the issue here… sometimes if I hit “stop” immediately as the comments page loads, I can avoid it. Or if I just read the posts from the main page, it’s fine. But if I want to read comments and attempt to let the page load normally, it seems to crash more often than not.

  11. Question: Does the same thing happen if you:
    – Click “comments” underneath the post
    – Click the title of the post to get the full view, including comments
    – Click recent comments in the lefthand sidebar

  12. Could also be that more than one WP template crashes IE.

    True. I only realized that’s what you were getting at after I commented.

    I wonder whether users who are having problems should contact WP directly. Did the guy take you seriously after he reported no problems? If they’re inundated with complaints they might be quicker to fix it.

    He did take me seriously, was totally cool about it, and followed up with an e-mail later asking if it was still happening. I didn’t realize it WAS still happening, so I never responded to that.

    I was figuring I’d see how big this thread gets and then send him a link to it. Obviously, there’s a real problem here.

  13. fillyjonk, I’ve tried all three of those options to see if I could avoid the problem, but it seems to occur with equal frequency no matter how I did it.

    Oddly, right now I’m having a field day in the comments with no crashing; go figure.

  14. Oddly, right now I’m having a field day in the comments with no crashing; go figure.

    Yeah, unfortunately, that’s what happened with the WP guy, too! Stupid inconsistent bugs!

  15. “I have no control over my work browser, so “download Firefox, you slackers” is not particularly productive in my situation, although “stop reading blogs at work, you slacker” might be what the Internet Gods are trying to tell me.”

    Same here, and it’s thoroughly annoying.

    Could also be that more than one WP template crashes IE.

    I’ve never had the problem with multiple WP templates across several blogs, just multiple tabs of this blog being open at once.

  16. It’s happened three times to me since mid last week- never before that. Always at work, and always when I click “comments” underneath the post. If I then go back in and click the title of the post to read the entire post plus comments, it doesn’t happen. I have IE at work, and Firefox at home (where it doesn’t happen) Hope that helps!

  17. I had some problems yesterday afternoon with the “relationships make you fat” posting — could read the blog posting, but IE crashed when I tried to read the comments. Seems OK today, though. I also had some crashing issues when you first switched templates, but yesterday was the first time since then that I had a consistent problem. I generally use Safari at home and haven’t had a problem with that browser.

  18. Could it be the version of IE running? I have the same template on my blog, and I’m running the latest version of IE, and I have no problems. But who knows. Bugs are fickle.

  19. fashionablenerd, kathel also said that she(?) was running the latest IE at home and had no problems, but an older IE at work that was crashing. Maybe IE does the same thing I’ve noticed with Firefox, where the old version fucks up in progressively more annoying ways until you give in and download the new one.

  20. The version of IE/Windows might make a difference. All my attempts to open the previous post’s comments crashed my browser at home (IE 6.something in Windows 98) but I can open it fine with IE 7 and Windows XP.

  21. Hey, would all you IE users mind going back and trying the goblins thread now?

    I just went back and looked at the WP guy’s last e-mail, and he said he suspected the problem might be a bad character in some posts. Since a lot of people seemed to have problems with that thread in particular, that could be it. Though it sounds to me like this is a more widespread problem. But maybe I just keep somehow using the same bad character in lots of posts…

    (Oh, I also just e-mailed him again with a link to this thread.)

  22. Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier. Work is crazy and we got us a genuine bomb threat earlier (I work across the street from the big hole in the ground known as the World Trade Center, we take these things seriously).

    To answer your question, no, this shut down seems to only happen with this blog. I get a message that asks if I want ot Debug or Close. I choose close. Before you got the new template, this didn’t happen. But, as I mentioned earlier, this never happens at my home computer.

  23. The goblins post seems to be the only one causing the crashing for me today. Just checked it again and it’s still doing it (three times in a row, then I gave up).

  24. Kate, I sent over an email with a screenshot of what comes up when I click on a particular story (although, it doesn’t happen all the time ’cause I’m at work now and I can comment on this post). Maybe it will be helpful

  25. I hope all of this helps. I’m inserting the text of an error that my Skype install threw when I clicked on the Goblins thread from a computer running W2K/IE6.0.2800.1106. No application error in the Event Viewer on this machine.

    Skype IE Plugin Version:
    Windows version: 5.0.2195
    IE Version: 6.0.2800.1106
    BASE:63580000,001B:6372D570 mshtml.dll, 牃慥整呈䱍牐灯牥祴慐敧()+103130 byte(s)
    BASE:63580000,001B:6372D71F mshtml.dll, 牃慥整呈䱍牐灯牥祴慐敧()+103561 byte(s)
    BASE:63580000,001B:6372DC49 mshtml.dll, 牃慥整呈䱍牐灯牥祴慐敧()+104883 byte(s)
    BASE:63580000,001B:6373D373 mshtml.dll, 牃慥整呈䱍牐灯牥祴慐敧()+168157 byte(s)

    I could not replicate the error on the initial load of the goblins thread when I tried opening it again, but I did replicate it by posting a test comment in the goblins thread after I could load it without a failure. Same error returned; however, the comment did post.

    Tried from my laptop running XP Home/IE7, no issues.

    Tried from my tower running XP Pro/IE6, no crash on load, but crash on submit comment. Comment did post. Here are the crash details from the event viewer:

    Event Type: Error
    Event Source: Application Error
    Event Category: None
    Event ID: 1000
    Date: 10/26/2007
    Time: 11:51:28 AM
    User: N/A
    Computer: DAWNP
    Faulting application iexplore.exe, version 6.0.2900.2180, faulting module mshtml.dll, version 6.0.2900.3199, fault address 0x0021aa59.

    For more information, see Help and Support Center at
    0000: 41 70 70 6c 69 63 61 74 Applicat
    0008: 69 6f 6e 20 46 61 69 6c ion Fail
    0010: 75 72 65 20 20 69 65 78 ure iex
    0018: 70 6c 6f 72 65 2e 65 78 plore.ex
    0020: 65 20 36 2e 30 2e 32 39 e 6.0.29
    0028: 30 30 2e 32 31 38 30 20 00.2180
    0030: 69 6e 20 6d 73 68 74 6d in mshtm
    0038: 6c 2e 64 6c 6c 20 36 2e l.dll 6.
    0040: 30 2e 32 39 30 30 2e 33 0.2900.3
    0048: 31 39 39 20 61 74 20 6f 199 at o
    0050: 66 66 73 65 74 20 30 30 ffset 00
    0058: 32 31 61 61 35 39 0d 0a 21aa59..

  26. Thanks, KDP!

    Also, Rose just mentioned in e-mail that she seems to especially have trouble with posts containing pictures. Anyone else notice that pattern?

  27. I dunno about IE, but Opera on my Mac doesn’t let me scroll here anymore. I have to use Firefox (which I like, but it’s not my everyday browser o’ choice) to read more than 1 screen of content.

  28. Gah. Count me in, on a crappy work PC running not-the-latest IE, sometimes errors on entries with pictures, sometimes just the main page, definitely tricky with the comments. No hard and fast pattern that I can see, though…

  29. I had trouble yesterday when trying to check things out from a computer at my school. Haven’t had any trouble from my home computer, though.

  30. Hmm. I hadn’t previously tried systematically using different ways to get to the comments as fillyjonk suggested. Right now I can successfully load the goblin thread if I click on the title of the post. But if I click through from the recent comments or click “Comments” under the post, it crashes IE. I’m not sure if it has been like this before or not since I was usually just clicking “Comments” or using the sidebar links. Anyway, I have tried all 3 methods a couple times now and the pattern seems to be, clicking on post title works for me, other means do not. On the other hand I can click on this post’s comments any way I like and it seems to work.

    I have IE 6 as I mentioned. Not sure if this is at all helpful.

  31. I have version 6 at work and I’m still crashing out of the Evolution Goblins thread UNLESS I click on the post title, although yesterday I couldn’t get to it that way either.

  32. I’m not at work, so I can’t check, but I think it was the Halloween thread and the Goblin thread that kept crashing me on IE 6.

  33. I’ve had issues when clicking on a link I posted to your goblin thread (set to open in a new browser window). Other than that, have never had a problem.

  34. IE Version: 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr.070227-2254

    Haven’t crashed from clicking anything but do randomly crash while scrolling or hovering over a link.

  35. Now that I’m back at work, the Evolution post is crashing my browser no matter which way I try to get to it (IE 6.0). All the other posts currently on the front page are working for me.

  36. I use IE 6 and I’ve had some crashes. sorry, i don’t remember specifically which posts but it happened several times.

  37. Me too. Sigh. I didn’t realize it was SP til you mentioned it and I started taking note. I don’t know which IE I have but it’s whatever the newest one is I think.

    Anyway, I just clicked on a link in the most recent SP post and it crashed me again. For me, it’s always when I click on a link in one of the posts, not just from reading it. Hope that helps.

  38. I am having the usual IE problems with the Cancer post. Maybe a third of the time I can hit “stop” fast enough to get it not to crash, but the rest of the time it makes me close the browser. I said before that I could click on the name of the post and it would load OK but this time all three methods of viewing the comments are making it crash.

    I wonder if it depends on whether someone has used certain code in the comments, like the blockquote? That would be too bad because I love the blockquote.

  39. The funny thing is, it’s only the really popular, multi-commented posts that seem to be causing this IE problem. scg, can you access this post? It has block quotes in comments but not 100+ comments, so maybe we can use it as a control.

  40. That one works fine. I clicked back through to the Goblins thread, thinking maybe it was something about the posts being newer and still in the feed (or something) that made them crash, but the Goblins one still crashes IE so I guess that is wrong too.

    What I have learned from all this is that I am bad at hypothesizing :P

  41. Apparently I am too, since I’m at a loss to think of what else the goblins and cancer posts have in common besides 100+ comments. Anyone? WordPress guy?

  42. OK, the 11/2 “Friday Fluff” topic worked just fine for me up until now, but directly after I posted my most recent response, it started being one of The Posts that Crash IE for me. In another (I’m sure hilariously incorrect) hypothesis… maybe it has something to do with how many comments you, the particular IE user who is having the problem, have added to a certain post?

  43. SCG, the Friday Fluff post just crashed me too, and I don’t think I’ve commented in there at all. But this thread is working for me, and it has the same amount of responses as the Friday Fluff one.

  44. Aha! So maybe it really is just that it got up to a certain number of posts… but somehow not all threads with that number of posts are culprits…

    OK, my head hurts. I should probably just stop reading blogs at work but that’s not going to happen… :)

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