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Reading Recommendations

1. BWAH! Study: Obesity Linked to Headlessness. (Via Elastic Waist.)

2. It’s not as good as Harriet’s I Love My Body Pledge, but Seventeen is pushing a “Body Peace Treaty” that’s at least getting a wider audience. Too bad about the rest of the goddamned magazine. (Via reader Natalie.)

3. Holy crap, it’s an article in a British publication that talks some sense about the fat panic and only includes one obnoxious, wrongheaded line! You mean, the UK is NOT actually about to sink into the Atlantic under the weight of all those intransigent tubbos? Get outta town!

4. Well Rounded Type 2’s Mission Statement Match-up Game. Can you guess which mission statements are from fat-positive orgs, and which are from anti-obesity crusaders? The line’s awfully blurry.

And finally… drumroll… the moment most of you didn’t know you’ve all been waiting for…


Lesley, a.k.a. mod extraordinaire “theoryofgravity” over at the LJ community, has been working her fat butt off to get the site ready for public consumption. It currently features a group blog (to which Fillyjonk, Heidi, Marianne “The Rotund” Kirby, and I will all be contributing, among other fabulous fatshionistas) and online plus store reviews (to which I’ve been furiously contributing for the last couple days — turns out I do a LOT of shopping). More fun shit will be added as Lesley’s schedule permits.

The About page over there says it all, so I’m just gonna quote liberally from it:

In December of 2004, Fatshionista was founded by Amanda Piasecki as a community on LiveJournal , with this mandate: “Welcome, fatshionistas! Here we will discuss the ins and outs of fat fashions, seriously and stupidly — but above all — standing tall, and with panache. We fatshionistas are self-accepting despite The Man’s Saipan-made boot at our chubby, elegant throats. We are silly, and serious, and want shit to fit.”

Functioning as a broadly inclusive (and occasionally contentious) space for discussing the intersections of fat politics and fat fashions, Fatshionista’s LiveJournal community has since grown to include over 2500 members. is intended as an extension of that community, meant to recapture the best of the LiveJournal content by presenting smart writing on fat and by engaging a broader web-based community of Fatshionistas to educate themselves, deconstruct cultural assumptions, and demand respect for their choices and their bodies, as well as fabulous clothing that is well-made, well-fitted, and widely accessible. Fatshionistas are fat, and loud, and not sorry.

So get your chubby, elegant throats on over there and say something in the comments, or add a review of your favorite online fat store. As the commentariat here demonstrates every day, a site is only as awesome as its readers. Go help make as cool as this place.

41 thoughts on “Reading Recommendations”

  1. Thanks for the awesome props, madam! They are much appreciated.

    And I am happy to report that my fat butt is quite intact, voluminous website work notwithstanding.

  2. I love the brits for Tony Blair (minus the whole Iraq thing), Hugh Grant, and now I love them for this article. And fuck it, I’m glad the Spice Girls are back.

  3. I like the pic next to the post! nice addition

    Thanks! We’re hoping that using pics/icons will help minimize confusion about who wrote what. The bylines are just too small.

  4. 1) BWAHAHAHA! Headlessness… That must be what’s causing the stupidity, right?

    2) At least pop culture is doing something even an inch closer to “decent” than is normal for them. And actually, that appears to be more like a mile closer to decent.

    The unfortunate thing is that every woman who signed it at the bottom has definitely had themselves “made over”, whether that be through dieting, airbrushing, money, or whatever, to look better than they really are.

    If I thought I was cut out for modeling or business or whatever, I think I might create my own agency that insists upon no airbrushing, touch-ups, excessive make-up, etc. etc. It’d be interesting to see, I think.

    3) It was fun playing “Find the one wrong thing with this picture!”… But it was even more fun once I had verified it wasn’t a hoax article! (Not that you would falsely raise my hopes like that)

    4) Quite interesting.

    And now, I’m going to go shopping, cuz I’ve got money burning holes in my pockets, just BEGGING to be turned into some new clothes!

  5. Yay, and the pics come through when I read the feed in LJ (which the bylines don’t) so all the better.

    The headless fatties was brilliant, and I’m *very* impressed to see a piece like that in the Indie.

  6. oooiiii that article may have an illustration to go with it in a week. I was looking for this! (Im doing an illustration degree, and editorial appears to be the way im going)

    Im going to use the wonderful costume ideas from the previous post as a springboard. Thankyou, shapely prose, I owe you one awesome big fat one.

  7. That Spiked article rocked–apparently there’s an entire issue devoted to obesity. I’m planning to read it later today.

  8. that is the british article.. cos im british like that.

    That just reminded me that when my friend Paige and I went through a pretentious anglophile phase around age 13 (based primarily on loving Morrissey, plus a school trip to France that had involved a 2-day stop in London), we started writing “cos” instead of “’cause” in all our notes to each other. (Actual paper notes! No texting or e-mail in those days!) Because that made us all cosmopolitan and edgy, yo. And because we were totes going to move to England after college and be cosmopolitan and edgy and pretentious and British for THE REST OF OUR LIVES, so we needed the practice.

    Just had to share, ‘CAUSE I figured the UK contingent would get a kick out of it. I can already hear BuffPuff laughing all the way across the ocean.

    And lord yes, apricotmuffins, please send us a copy of that illustration when it’s done!

  9. Oh no, I write “cos.” Does that make me pretentious? I didn’t even realize!

    It’s pretty far down on the list of things that make you pretentious, so I wouldn’t worry about it. :)

  10. dont worry, she’ll be scanned ;)

    offtopic but hilarious: the BBC news website is officially trying to be the onion.

    i love it! and it makes me want to cry all at the same time.

    my favourite part is how we’re all going to be big strong athletic men with bricks for jaws, and lithe, elvin youthful women with bright sparking large eyes.

  11. Not even. They’re trying to be H.G. Wells!

    Also, please replace their illustrator as soon as you are done with your degree, if not sooner. Yikes.

  12. It’s pretty far down on the list of things that make you pretentious, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

    Hee! I also cross my sevens, Zs, and sometimes zeros (though only if I’m writing something where they may be confused for Os).

    Crossing my Zs is a new affectation; I think it has to do with the fact that a) Z is going to be one of my initials soon enough and b) my handwriting stinks. They look a bit nicer crossed, or at least less like twos. (I do not pronounce them “zed.”)

  13. illustration? the bbc website doesnt use illustration, it uses bad photos or bad art. illustration is a whole other kettle of fish.


  14. Oh, my bad… I thought bad art that was generated to illustrate a story counted as illustration. Well, too bad you won’t be in the same industry as whoever made that graphic — they’d be a cinch to compete with.

  15. Hee! I also cross my sevens, Zs, and sometimes zeros (though only if I’m writing something where they may be confused for Os).

    I cross my sevens and Zs, too! But not zeros. That’s what makes YOU the pretentious one.

    (I do not pronounce them “zed.”)

    As a bona fide semi-Canadian, I have been known to do this sometimes. Shit, does that mean I’M the pretentious one now? Bloody hell! ;)

  16. But not zeros. That’s what makes YOU the pretentious one.

    And YOU the one whose license number, insurance number, etc. are always entered wrong when you write them out on forms. BOO-YAH!

    But you probably have better handwriting than me.

  17. You win this time, Fillyjonk! *shakes fist at sky*

    But you probably have better handwriting than me.

    Probably not — and you can add that to your list of ADD symptoms, btw.

  18. fillyjonk – i am competing with them, sort of.

    most of the stuff used on news websites is just taken from an image bank, not an individual. in this case, someone went ‘ohshitweneedsomethingmorespecific’ and probably knocked something up in 10 minutes because they were the only one in the office that knew how to work photoshop AT ALL.

    anyway, back to work for me!

    and kate, I’d LOVE to see you pull the article to pieces. get yer claws in!

  19. and kate, I’d LOVE to see you pull the article to pieces

    Seconded — I can’t wait to see the post about how we’re all going to turn into Morlocks.

  20. and kate, I’d LOVE to see you pull the article to pieces

    On it! But I probably need an hour or so. I write slowly.

    and probably knocked something up in 10 minutes

    And that? Is why I could never live in England. I’d spend too much time giggling inappropriately.

  21. I could never live in England because they stopped making mint Wispas and I’m mad at England now.

    Also, the government seems to be ragingly fatphobic.

    But I could probably forgive them, for the accents and the weather and how old everything is and also I generally really dig England. Also Monsoon.

  22. ah, monswoooon…. i have gotten many of my most fantastic clothes from there at bargain prices during their sales…. mmmmmmmm.

    also, I’d like to tell you where the article in point 2) appears in the independent. The front page is littered with ‘ DRASTIC PRESCRIPTION FOR OUR HEALTH CRISIS’ and inside it talks about the obesity epidemic and drinkingsmokingtakingdrugseatingfriedfoodsOHGOD and how we need to take drastic action. in a little caption at the bottom, they point you towards the article on page somethingorother as ‘so and so doesnt believe the obesity epidemic is real!’

    I can feel the mocking oozing from their pores.

    but hey, at least its in there!

  23. I highly recommend EAT FAT by Richard Klein. He’s a cultural studies theorist along the lines of Roland Barthes (also fat). He’s brilliant and the book is a great and hilarious historical and contemporary cultural study of fat. As far as I remember–um, I think I read it like 9 years ago. Still pretty sure it’s great though.

  24. Wait, my handwriting is definitely worse than Fillyjonk’s, and I don’t have ADD. Does that make me British?

  25. my handwriting is definitely worse than Fillyjonk’s

    Yeah, you should start crossing your Zs so people don’t mistake your Ls for them!

  26. Wait, my handwriting is definitely worse than Fillyjonk’s, and I don’t have ADD. Does that make me British?

    My god, I think it does!

    (Messy handwriting is just one of those details that, on top of a whole bunch of other ADD symptoms, helps to confirm the diagnosis, insofar as it can be confirmed.)

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