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Good Luck, Heidi!

Our beloved guest blogger Heidi is having her surgery today. Deniselle at Fatly Yours has pretty much summed up my thoughts, so I’ll point you over there instead of rambling about it.

Whatever your feelings about WLS or Heidi’s decision, please join me in wishing her all the best and sending good thoughts her way today.

46 thoughts on “Good Luck, Heidi!”

  1. I’m a little nervous for Heidi, as evidenced by the fact that the title of Deniselle’s post (“A moment of silence for Heidi”) nearly gave me a heart attack. I mean, I’m sure we’re all a little nervous — especially Heidi herself, of course. I’ll be crossing all my extremities that everything goes off without a hitch.

    Here’s to a flawless surgery and a speedy recovery, and to Heidi coming back to the blog soon to tell us her thoughts on all this.

  2. Aww, thanks for linking to my post! I feel so honoured.

    I’m also really sorry about the title, I didn’t realize it gives that impression. We’ll see if the blog feed changes the title or not. I assure everyone Heidi is NOT dead and it was never my intention to say she is.

    I’m also really nervous for her and hope she can let us know soon how it all went.

  3. Deniselle, I think now that it’s next to “Good Luck, Heidi” in the feed, it won’t freak people out so much. :)

  4. fillyjonk, let’s hope so. Maybe the feed will react to the title change later, it usually takes a while to catch on (I think my posts appeared 3-4 hours after I published them).

    I actually think I got the idea from a Simpsons episode where they have a moment of silence for Homer when he has a heart attack. Except Barney lasted something like 15 seconds, and Moe thought they don’t have to start all over again just for that. Maybe it’s not the best source for things like this. :D

  5. Deniselle, using the Simpsons as a source is never wrong.

    I was mildly concerned when I saw the title, but I’ve also been thinking about her for the last few days, ’cause I knew the surgery was this week. (I haven’t caught up on her blog for a couple weeks, so I didn’t realize it got switched from tomorrow to today.) So I did have a good idea of what you were getting at, though I confess I clicked on it really damn fast to make sure. :)

  6. My sister and I were just wondering (yesterday) when this would be happening. Our thoughts are with you for the best possible outcomes on all levels.

  7. Good luck, Heidi! You’re so brave and you have many people sending postive vibes to you for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

  8. Good luck, Heidi! You are brave and much stronger than you realize. Best wishes for the speediest recovery!!!

  9. Having had a close friend go through this about 6 years ago, I know how tough the post-surgery will be for her. I hope her surgery goes well and she finds the love and support she needs to feel better.

  10. Heidi,
    I’m a day late to get my pre-surgery wishes in, but I wish you a speedy and whole recovery!
    Be very, very gentle with yourself over the coming days, weeks, months, (or years, for that matter).
    Sending very healing thoughts through cyberspace to a brave and thoughtful person, kind enough to share her journey with others.

  11. I don’t have a problem with people who decide to to have WLS for health reasons. It’s what happens afterward that I have a problem with.

    Some (and I’m paraphrasing) real-known quotes from people AFTER they’ve had WLS:

    Al Roker: “There’s a whole lot of fat people out there that are unhappy.”

    Patti Austin: “I no longer have to shop at Lane Giants” (talking about Lane Bryant)

    Star Jones: “I was killing myself”

    See, how quickly SOME people are to turn on fat people as soon as they lose a few pounds. You would think that as former fat people of all people would be understanding but they are usually the WORST. THAT’S WHAT I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH. PLEASE HEIDI, DON’T “TURN” ON US THAT ARE STILL FAT ONCE YOU LOSE WEIGHT.

    Good luck and may you have a safe recovery!

  12. Has anyone heard an update from Heidi? I would have liked to see something posted on her livejournal by her friend by now, just to pop in and say she’s OK or whatever (though of course I understand and am sure they have many, many more important things to worry about at the moment than posting stuff for outsiders’ benefit… such as making sure she is healthy, comfortable, and getting the right care).

    I really hope she’s OK, though. I’m getting a little scared. Heidi, if and when you get time to read this, we’re still thinking of you and I hope you are doing and feeling as well as you possibly can.

  13. Yeah, spacedcowgirl, I’m getting antsy for an update, too, but since there are a million good reasons for there not to be one yet, I’m trying not to be nervous.

  14. I’m also nervous to hear news, but I don’t really expect anything until Wednesday or Thursday – she did say she has to stay in 2+ days, and her friend would post if something didn’t go right.

    Mari, here’s a post I think shows she’s not going to be one of those people:
    “I want to remember this body. And I want to be grateful for it.”
    That’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen women say about their bodies.

  15. Deniselle, that is a good point. She did indicate that her friend would be posting specifically if something didn’t go to plan. Thanks for pointing that out because in that respect “no news” would be expected at this point.

    I’ll keep her in my thoughts.

  16. Thanks for pointing that out because in that respect “no news” would be expected at this point.

    And desirable. I hope we DON’T hear any news until Heidi herself feels well enough to tell us!

  17. Mari, if you read Heidi’s posts, you’ll see that she’s not having this surgery to turn hereself into a thin person. She’s hoping to end up in the 300 pound range as a result of this surgery – she’s still going to be fat, just a more manageable level of fat. And she’s okay with that. So I don’t think you have to worry about her turning on us =)

  18. Yay, Heidi’s friend updated on Heidi’s livejournal. Sounds like she is doing OK at this point!

  19. Oh, I take it back… there is news, channeled through a friend, and it’s good news. Heidi seems to be doing fine, kayn ahora.

  20. I was very moved by Heidi’s honesty about her decision, and I am really pleased to hear that she came through the operation well. :)

    I wish her a speedy recovery!

  21. Thanks for that info, Deniselle. I had been looking out for the post and wondering if she was OK.

  22. I would so much like to hear about how Heidi is doing NOW!!!! I am going to have the WLS in 6 weeks and would love to hear about it first hand….good, bad and ugly.
    julie miller

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