Quick Outrage #2: Queen Latifah Pimps Jenny Craig

The Queen’s new “Trav’lin’ Light Tour” (I guess the ‘e’ and ‘g’ would weigh her down too much) is sponsored by Jenny Fucking Craig, and she claims it’s all about “educating” her fans about diabetes, which, wait for it… “we now know is preventable through the very thing Jenny Craig provides.”

Direct quote from the Queen. Jenny Craig prevents diabetes, y’all. It’s that simple.

I don’t even know what else to say about that, except FUCK.

That, and I hope she invests the Jenny Craig money wisely, since she just lost herself a shitload of fans.

(H/T Kell.)

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  1. I just want to cry. I love the Queen. I have loved her since U.N.I.T.-fucking-Y (I mean, “Latifah’s had it up to here!” Brilliant.). I loved her in “Living Single,” and I even paid full theater ticket price to see that cheese-filled waste of film, “Beauty Shop,” fer chrissakes. I don’t want to hate her.

    But, come on, “Love and embrace those beautiful curves girl, just make sure you’re healthy and happy, too!”

    Fuck is right.

  2. Nooooooo! I totally love Queen Latifah and this just… just… twists my knobs.

    @#$%! (having a fit)

  3. Hold up, hold up. Why would we think for a moment that Queen Latifah was any LESS inundated with false information than any of us are? In fact she has thousands more people selling, pushing, proselytizing – lying to her. She is worth millions to the Jenny Craig empire.

    Under those circumstances I am sure that I for one would probably get on the JC bandwagon.

  4. I’m really disappointed. That whole message is such bullshit – “enjoy your curves but make sure you’re healthy!” So it’s more like “unless you’re healthy, don’t enjoy those curves! They’re bad for you!”

    And she talks like Jenny Craig is the ONLY one providing weight loss services. Yeah, sure. Jenny’s the one single-handedly preventing diabetes for you all.

    I think she should take the Queen away from her name.

  5. How about “TAFKAQ* Latifah”?

    *the artist formerly known as…

    Wonder if the American Diabetes Association’s gonna get in on this? They’ve got their own “issues,” but they’re usually not too keen on sweeping generalizations & myth promoting.

  6. katecontinued, I think it makes me even angrier to know that, because unlike regular women, Latifah is being paid for this. She deemed money more important than the self esteem of the women she’s been inspiring, and thus probably never cared about said women in the first place. It also gives a false idea of fat acceptance, because the ad seems to imply that losing “only 5 to 7 pounds” isn’t really hateful to fat, or isn’t really DIETING, and you can still be proud of those “curves”. As long as you’re healthy.

    Kell, she really should use TAFKAQ. It sounds just clunky enough for someone who sold out.

  7. Oh hell no. Queen Latifah?! Why?!

    She does get paid for this so she should definitely know what she’s selling and if so then she better stop wearing Lane Bryant! We’ve been backing her for years.

  8. FUCK. Is there anyone who will still resist? Mo’Nique, I’m looking atcha (even though I disagree with her “skinny bitch” stuff)… :(

  9. I wash my hands of you Queen Latifah.

    I realize the pressure is great in “the business” but Queen Latifah? ffs she was always proud of who she was, guess that party is over.

  10. I guess she’s spelling “unity” as $.$.$.$.$. now. Not that I’m surprised that much, since she’s been shilling for the cosmetics industry and the retail slave labor market Wal-Mart for years. Guess us fat, ugly, poor chicks had better learn to suck it up, get thin, get pretty, and locate our boot straps before we get back to U.N.I.T.Y. with her.

  11. OMG i agree with the shock and horror everyone here is expressing.

    Also, how silly is “enjoy your curves but make sure you’re healthy”. Why does there need to be a “but” there? I hate tricky phrases like that. That implies that there is an inverse relationship between those two things. why not “enjoy your curves AND make sure you’re healthy”? whatev. and you just KNOW nobody’s touting “enjoy your slim body but make sure you’re healthy”, not that i’m advocating that message either (because it raises the same issues – one of which being that nobody knows how to make people’s weight different, in the long term, than their natural weights nor does anybody know if this would improve their health… etc etc)

    Somebody better get queen a copy of The Obesity Myth, pronto. i’m so sad.

    Diabetes my ass. I’d ask latifah: Do jenny’s before and after photos show pictures of people’s fasting blood sugar levels??!!!!!!

  12. Noooooo!!!!

    Dammit. Queen Latifa has been my hero for ages. I’m so disappointed. But at the same time, even knowing that money talks. I just can’t imagine her having a bad intention by doing this…as crappy as it seems.

  13. You know what I think is funny? Here’s a quote from underneath her pic on the website ” Queen Latifah is not a Jenny Craig client or spokesperson” . Isn’t she kind of a spokesperson since she’s on their website telling people to use their diet?

  14. Never never never believe a celebrity who seems “fat and proud.” Every one of them will sell out eventually. They are in the business for money and attention, not to heal the world, no matter how stylish or earnest they might seem about it. I will bet a year’s supply of homebaked beer bread that Beth Ditto will publicly lose lots of weight as soon as movie producers come sniffing around her and tell everyone it was “for my health.” THEY ALL FUCKING DO IT SOONER OR LATER. Just remember that, and you won’t be shocked when it happens.

    But even so, “preventing diabetes”? They must have come up with a most excellent cure for QL’s back taxes over at the Jenny, because every bit of research I’ve seen correlates dieting — and especially commercial fad dieting — with increased diabetes. But you know, they might just have sown the seeds for their own immolation here. All it’s gonna take is someone slapping a lawsuit on them after their kid comes down with The Diabeeeetus after using their shit-ass product, and boom.

  15. Oh, and speaking of The Diabeeetus, there’s an article in today’s New York Times (byline: Amanda Schaeffer), which is refreshingly free of “let’s put the piggy little fatties on diets” talk. Turns out the key to diabetes might actually be located in the skeleton. Glory be. Linky

  16. All it’s gonna take is someone slapping a lawsuit on them after their kid comes down with The Diabeeeetus after using their shit-ass product, and boom.

    As a lifetime member of Jenny Craig (for reals) with a strong family history of diabetes, I will gladly be that kid if I ever come down with it. :)

  17. Aaaaaand I spelled Amanda’s last name wrong, it’s Schaffer.

    KH, I sure hope you don’t “come down with it,” but if you ever do, go get ’em, tigress.

  18. KH, I sure hope you don’t “come down with it,” but if you ever do, go get ‘em, tigress.

    I sure hope I don’t either, but it would be kind of delicious to sue Jenny Craig and/or Weight Watchers for it.

  19. About four or five years ago I saw her on The View. She was talking about all of her success at that moment. A new movie out, music video, blah, blah, blah. But anyway she looked right in the camera and said, “Yes, I am so blessed.” I thought, no, you aren’t “blessed,” you are lucky. I was going through a rough patch at the time and it just pissed me off. I mean she was acting like she was so special, like God had chosen her for all of these riches and fame. It was a real turnoff and I haven’t liked her since.

  20. I mourn for the fall of the one person I could rely on as a positive plus role model who had truly succeeded.

    It’s all on Joy Nash now…

  21. I think that’s an interesting research question:
    “Does Jenny Craig prevent diabetes?”
    Phrasing it that way makes it sound like there’s one superhero out there with the chutzpah and skill to drill down to the DNA, whip those mitochondria into shape, and prevent diabetes, one fat person at a time.
    As it so happens, I am in the field of public health, where we say all the time the type 2 diabetes can be prevented. But I wonder about it all of the time. Physical activity certainly does play a role, as does what is being consumed (and in what quantities), but there are many people out there with type 2 who aren’t fat, who do exercise, etc. I think Mr. Gold of gym fame has a much better shot at preventing diabetes than Ms. Craig does.

  22. Oh no!!!! And I just got finished telling somebody tonight about how I thought she was so beautiful and inspiring and all that rot!

    Gahhhh… Isn’t there even one person who can be our Mr. Smith? (lol as in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington)

    I’d love to see a fat celebrity get big in Hollywood, appear to turn all hypocritical about being “fat and proud” and act like they’re going to lose all of this weight, and then BAM! They outmaneuver all of the companies and people who want them to get thin, and make them all look ridiculous, while explaining that this whole fat-hatred is completely illogical, and that they have stood by their principles the whole time… You know, or something like that….

    Joy Nash, I’m counting on you to make my dreams come true!

    I do seriously predict that Joy becomes the next Latifah (like, from back when she was big and proud, instead of big and a sellout).

  23. See, this is why I’m always loathe to jump on the bandwagon of posts about “Fat-positive celebrities we love” whether it’s here or BFB or wherever. Because I always know that at any time, one of them could give into the pressure to diet and disappoint me.

    I don’t think anyone is immune, so I just tend not to do that “This is my favorite fat-positive celeb” thing! I suppose Julia Childs is safe since she’s dead, though…

  24. The only fat celebrities I reckon I could trust not to get on the weight loss bandwagon are Dawn French and Magda Szubanski.

    And…wow, so Jenny Craig dinners have Speshul Magical Properties that can alter your genetics! Diabetes researchers can put down their test tubes and fancypants science frippery and go home, because Jenny’s got the secret!

  25. “Queen Latifah is not a Jenny Craig client or spokesperson”

    Doesn’t matter, Queen. You’re taking their money, you’re part of their cabal. By taking their money, you’re endorsing the horseshit they shovel out. The fine print doesn’t fix the fact you’re a hypocrite. Jenny Craig isn’t about health–it’s about wringing as much cash as possible out of desperate people.

  26. This news just turned my day sour.

    I thought she was so amazing…and now I just think she’s a sellout.

  27. I think Mr. Gold of gym fame has a much better shot at preventing diabetes than Ms. Craig does.

    And strangely enough, the Jenny Craig ad carefully omits the fact that the Knowler study they reference combined 150 minutes of exercise a week along with the weight loss diet. (Which also may well have had lots of nutritional benefits completely aside from being calorie-deficient.) And that the subjects selected for the trial were not a random “overweight” group, they had diagnosed impaired glucose tolerance and a mean BMI of 34. Followup time was only 2.8 years on average.

    So their statement “if you’re overweight – losing just 5 to 7 percent of your body weight can lower the risk of developing type II diabetes by 58 percent?** It’s true!” is basically an outright lie. All the study purports to show is that a certain proportion of a certain population of “obese” people who are already showing signs of impaired glucose tolerance might delay the onset of frank diabetes for a short period by eating a certain way, exercising a lot, and attending an intensive, flexible, individualised one-to-one education and support program.

    Weight loss? Irrelevant. Measured weight loss doesn’t even feature in the abstract, and even the authors make it clear that the diet and exercise effects were not teased out. Deep in the paper is buried the info that 38% had achieved their goal of 7% weight loss at the most recent visit, compared to 50% 24 weeks into the protocol, so the bounceback was clear. The intervention group also reported more musculoskeletal symptoms (so much for diet and exercise being the cure-all for orthopaedic and rheumatic complaints.)

    For all we know, the effect they measured could have been a hand-holding effect; there was no control group receiving intensive one-on-one counselling unrelated to weight loss/diet/exercise. The control groups received medication or placebo and “standard” lifestyle advice.

  28. Lauredhel, you RULE. That was exactly the kind of thing I wanted to write in this post, but I didn’t have the energy, hence it being a “quick” outrage.

  29. Sorta side note on diabetes: I read over the NYTimes article, and did some digging. If anybody claims the Roux-en-Y gastro mutilation procedure (aka. “weight loss surgery”) results in improvements in incretin effects (aka. is the “newest therapy” for diabetes), remind them that the study included only EIGHT subjects, and that “improvements” were measured only ONE MONTH after surgery. That’s gotta be the shortest follow-up time in history. (http://care.diabetesjournals.org/cgi/content/full/30/7/1709)

    I’m going to go light candles and invoke blessings on my endocrine system. I think it will do me more good than waiting for something useful from these folks. (It’s not like it’s a matter of life and death, or anything…)

    We now return you to your primary outrage.

  30. As a black woman, I’m all for health at every size. I’m shocked and saddened that Queen Latifah would hawk a diet company that is clearly shown not to work for most people. If she just promoted exercising and eating right, I’d be okay.

    It probably was being on the Hairspray set that did it. It probably was being around John Travolta in his fat suit, who in an interview on YouTube was making fun of fat women. The movie also stars the Queen of Hypocrites, Michelle Pfeiffer, who says not to have plastic surgery even though she’s had some.

    I’m not surprised this happened though because of the fat hysteria going on in this country. She did it for money and y’all are surprised? I like Camryn Manheim who, even though she has lost a lot of weight, is still a big girl. I’d put her at a size 18 now. For some celebrities, they probably don’t have a choice. If you are on a television show and your dream is to be an actress, and the tv executives tell you to lose weight or else, what can you do? I don’t like it but that’s the way it is.

    Also, John Travolta is friends with Kirstie Alley and Oprah, two diet queens. Queen went on Oprah and all of the pressure finally got to her. I’m really disappointed that Queen would hawk a diet product. She finally sold out.

  31. If she just promoted exercising and eating right, I’d be okay.

    Yeah, that’s exactly what’s so galling. She, like so many people before her, seems to want to have it both ways — “I’m only promoting good health! But sign up for Jenny Craig on my website!”


  32. Oh come on…cut her some slack. Someone’s gotta foot the bill. Besides, I seriously doubt she’ll be losing any weight.

    I don’t give a rat’s ass if she loses weight. What I’m upset about is that she’s encouraging her fans to give money to the weight loss industry, and prettying it up with “concerns about diabetes.”

    That’s just wrong on so many fucking levels, I don’t know where to begin.

  33. I think JC is saying she’s not a “client or spokesperson” because she is still fat. And that is even more shameful than Dana taking the money without doing her homework.

    I’ve been off the “Queen Latifah” bandwagon for years. Soon as she comes out of the closet, I may get back on.

  34. Did you guys even take the time to read the press release?!? Did you take a minute to look at her website?

    She did NOT say that Jenny Craig prevents diabetes. She mentioned that losing a small percentage of your body fat can greatly decrease your changes of becoming diabetic. She goes on to say that some people use Jenny Craig as a means of losing weight, but there are simple things that everyone can do to live a healthier lifestyle and prevent the onset of diabetes. There are no signs of JC anywhere on her website; only JC is mentioning the sponsorship – so you can’t join JC from her website.

    Seriously, take the two minutes it took me to actually read the press release and check things out.

    I don’t know – if a major company offered sponsorship of a tour, but I could still say whatever I wanted and take the money, I’d be tempted…

  35. So, Latifah’s people did not give permission to use her image on Jenny Craig’s page (http://www.jennycraig.com/queenlatifah/)? And, this statement (obviously written by ad monkeys) has a forged signature (EMPHASIS mine)? And, “Trav’lin’ Light” (in addition to being racist as hell IMHO), is not a reference to weight loss?

    “Hey Everyone…My new album, Trav’lin’ Light, was released September 24, on Verve records. To get it out there, I have embarked on a tour of intimate theatre venues in American cities, continuing through the end of the fall. My sponsors for this tour include Jenny Craig and I’m happy to have them on board.

    “We felt my Trav’lin’ Light Tour would be a great opportunity to educate my fans about something that’s important to me. Diabetes plagues so many people today, especially in the African- American community. In fact, I lost my great-grandmother to this disease THAT WE NOW KNOW IS PREVENTABLE THROUGH THE VERY THING JENNY CRAIG PROVIDES. [a) diabetes is not “preventable” through lifestyle: different people do the very same things and wind up with entirely different health outcomes. All this is is blaiming the victim as part of marketing hype. b) Jenny Craig does not provide “weight loss” in any form. Their failure rate is as high as any other “weight loss” program. Ultimately, for over 90% of people, they provide yoyo weight changes including weight gain — yoyoing makes diabetes worse, not better. c) The modest weight changes (i.e. about a five pound weight loss, or gain) that result when someone increases their exercise frequency have nothing to do with improvements in insulin sensitivity — the improvements come from the activity, and perhaps from nutritional changes (although that’s iffy).]

    Ella, any interest in buying a bridge?

  36. Did *you* read the statement on the Jenny Craig website?

    “In fact, I lost my great-grandmother to this disease that we now know is preventable through the very thing Jenny Craig provides…” What other service does Jenny Craig provide besides weight loss and activities/counseling directly related to the act of losing weight?

    “Did you know that – if you’re overweight – losing just 5 to 7 percent of your body weight can lower the risk of developing type II diabetes by 58 percent?** It’s true!”

    The message is obvious: pay money to diet with Jenny Craig. If you lose weight with Jenny Craig, you can lower the risk of DMII. The message is written as if it came from Queen Latifah’s mouth. Hence, she is endorsing what Jenny Craig specializes in – diets.

  37. “Did you guys even take the time to read the press release?!? Did you take a minute to look at her website?”

    Ella, look up. (And down, to Kell and Jane’s responses). I’ve read the full NEJM paper referenced in the claim, and taken a few moments to pull out the more obvious issues with the Jenny Craig/Queen Latifah claim. The paper’s freely available and linked from my post – go read it yourself.

    And be sure to have a good look at the cumulative incidence graphs, which make it pretty abundantly clear that diabetes isn’t “prevented” by the _combination_ of interventions (that in most cases did not include sustained weight loss, and in all cases included other changes); it merely delayed the onset, probably quite briefly in most cases.

  38. Fat Gal, I think Camryn Manheim lost weight for health reasons but didn’t lose ALL of it, and she didn’t advertise any particular diet, WLS, or diet drug on the market after she did it. Also, she was the single mother of a little boy and in that situation you want to take precautions to stay healthy. So in the face of a “never diet” ideal, it was a cop-out, but I personally wouldn’t view it as one.

    It’s not the weight loss that bugs, it’s the diet advertising. Weight loss isn’t necessarily a political act, but advertising a diet company is. Queen Latifah is just saying a big fuck you to all fat women, whether she’s meaning to or not.

  39. Also, she was the single mother of a little boy and in that situation you want to take precautions to stay healthy.

    Just for the record, part of the point of this site is to remind people that deliberate weight loss doesn’t have anything to do with being healthy.

    I’m not disputing Camryn Mannheim’s right to do whatever she likes with her own body, but dieting for “health reasons” is no more likely to have long-term positive effects than dieting for vanity.

  40. Kate, I agree. It wasn’t my intention to say she’s necessarily healthier for it, just that she thought she would be, and I think it’s somehow more understandable to succumb to that pressure when you have a small child to care for and your doctor might be telling you it’s diet or die (like we know many doctors do). I don’t endorse her decision, but I understand it. What I meant to say is that she didn’t do it for money like Queen Latifah.

    In a way, I don’t think CM was ever into the “dieting isn’t a permanent cure” thinking, and therefore didn’t cop out by dieting. If, however, she started out saying “I don’t believe in dieting” and then went on a diet, I’d consider her a copper-outer.

  41. Y’all did know that “Trav’lin’ Light” was written in the 1940s, first recorded by Billie Holiday, and the punctuation in the title was Johnny Mercer’s idea, yes?

    This is an album I would have enjoyed very much, and now I can’t. I wish she’d found other sponsorship.

  42. /decloak

    Had a rant elsewhere, here’s the jist…ever the explainer-type, I found myself having to spell out exactly what was so wrong about Queen laying down with JC:

    Okay, so Queen Latifah is talking about weight loss, but not once does she say the word ‘diet’. Now, you might think that that’s okay; it’s nothing more than a careful choice of words. However, it’s more than that – it’s spinning a word and concept into something we are supposed to NEED to do. It used to be that diet companies would tell us we were all fat slobs and dieting was something we should WANT do to feel better about ourselves and make people love us. Now they would have us believe that we are being wilfully ignorant and neglectful of our health if we don’t lose 5-7% of our body weight. Diabetes kills! so we’d all better get to it and lose weight! Once you are in a Jenny Craig centre though, you can bet you’ll be treated like you are there to DIET, not to prevent diabetes.

    …Yeah, she’s entitled to make a living however she wants, yeah, she can do it for people she wouldn’t endorse actively by using the product. And if her album was called ‘The Real Thing’ then she’d probably be telling us that Coke is still better than Pepsi. But that doesn’t mean that you should just think of it as her making bank. You have to look at how JC are twisting words around. They are manipulating women to think that losing weight is going to make them diabetes-proof, they are using language that sets up false expectation, and they are paying someone who admits to a family history of diabetes yet she is not openly endorsing the product herself. What is the point of the whole message she is trying to promote if she’s not buying into it? She can’t very well say, “I need to lose weight but I decided not to use the help of my major tour sponsor,” but that’s what it amounts to.

    Or perhaps this will make more sense to you in a comparative sense: Kirsty Alley completely flunked out at making women believe that Jenny Craig could help them lose weight because she was so obviously hopeless at it while publicly promoting their program. So the brillant minds at JC have figured out a way to use someone who uses her size acceptance positively in the media, and who isn’t going to lose weight so they can’t be held to scrutiny for failing at it like Kirsty, to tell you that inspite of all of what she isn’t going to do, YOU, however DO NEED to lose weight – not to be skinny and more lovable now – but so you don’t die from diabetes. Presto! Everyone still makes money without having to use the word ‘diet’. I’m not even going to get into the implication from the “healthy curves are beautiful” tag that anyone not dieting is ugly.

    I bet Weight Watchers is pissed they didn’t think of this subtle “diet or die like my grannie” angle first. Ka-ching!

  43. Y’all did know that “Trav’lin’ Light” was written in the 1940s, first recorded by Billie Holiday, and the punctuation in the title was Johnny Mercer’s idea, yes?

    I didn’t, actually, iiii, though I probably should have. I still object to the punctuation, though, because I am just that kind of asshole, and I object more than ever to the obvious play on “Light.”

  44. Why would Queen Latifah lose fans by being sponsored by Jenny Craig??I have been a huge fan of hers for YEARS and this certainly won’t change that, so speak for yourself.

    People, especially celebrities were not put on this earth for the comfort of others. I am so tired of people of the FA/SA/HAES communities whining every time a famous woman (or anyone for that matter) decides to drop a few pounds. Has the Queen said anything negative about herself as a larger woman? Has she said anything negative about people of size in general? If she did, then yeah, y’all can get mad (yeah, that’s right; I wrote “y’all” instead of “you all”. Say something about it). However, she comes across as such a positive amazing woman I don’t think she can be quoted on such things. You guys, there are other things to be mad about. If QL wants to lose weight in the name of health, than so be it. Every single body functions differently so who are we to say that one way of being (fat, thin or average) works for everybody? That’s just as ridiculous as a shirt with a tag claiming “one size fits all”.

  45. Yes, Ella Fitzgerald recorded the song, too, which in itself has nothing to do with weight or weight loss. However, when you call your album that and have a Jenny Craig sponsorship, who’s gonna know? (I’m just glad Ella herself didn’t hold forth with such nonsense, even though she actually was diabetic.)

  46. I noticed that my previous post didn’t fully address what many had issue with, which is her being backed by JC. As a full figured black woman myslef, I’d like to share my thoughts on that.

    So what? Who cares? Big friggin’ deal! Get over it !Now on to my favorite: Whatever!

  47. Ooooh, we have another concerntroll who has problems with reading comp and obviously didn’t bother to read ANY of the comments in their entirety, and simply parsed the words “Queen Latifah,” “Jenny Craig,” and “sellout,” then pushed the “rant” button. What’s the teacher gonna do now?

  48. Meowser,

    I’m not a troll, but someone who believes that people are individuals and have the right to their own decisions, that’s all. I’m a big woman myself, so how am I a troll? I did a full read on the comments before I even posted. In fact, I read some comments on a previous blog (Big Fat Blog to be exact) about QL/JC. I disagree with what they had to say as well. I am all for SA, FA, and HAES but the critism of other people’s personal choices is grating. Like I said, one lifestyle does not fit everyone. By the way, having JC as a sponsor doesn’t say, “fuck you” to me at all. Whatever.

  49. yeah, that’s right; I wrote “y’all” instead of “you all”. Say something about it

    Whoa whoa whoa, where did this come from? We are “y’all” fans here on SP. Why are you on instant defense mode?

    Tara, as many people above have noted, it’s not what QL does with her own body that people are objecting to–she is an adult; she is autonomous; she can do whatever she wants and more power to her. The problem is that she is a) promoting the diet industry, which preys on the very fatphobia QL claims to be against, and b) claims that Jenny Craig has anything to do with diabetes, thus preying on another fear that fat people are subject to. Do you see a pattern?

    I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt, but seriously, your automatic defensiveness and your apparent ignoring of other comments does point to troll territory.

  50. Tara, it’s not that QL is dieting that’s pissing people here off. (I’m not sure she even is dieting, the website said she wasn’t a client of JC). It’s the fact that she’s made piles of fans by telling fat women: “It’s okay to be fat” and now she’s telling them: “You need to go on a diet.” That’s a huge slap in the face to her fans.

    Every single body functions differently so who are we to say that one way of being (fat, thin or average) works for everybody?

    What the folks at Shapely Prose say is that what works for everybody is being their own natural body size. Be that fat, thin, or average. Dieting to try to artificially force that down doesn’t work for anybody. (Nor would constantly stuffing yourself full of food to artificially force it up, but that’s not really something people aspire to in this culture).

  51. I was lightheartedly referring to the post heading when I made the “ya’ll” comment:
    “The Queen’s new “Trav’lin’ Light Tour” (I guess the ‘e’ and ‘g’ would weigh her down too much) ”

    As for the troll thing,

    I wasn’t ignoring the other comments at all. I’ve read them, and I responded. On one hand it’s being that she can do what she wants with her body, but another commenter said, “part of the point of this site is to remind people that deliberate weight loss doesn’t have anything to do with being healthy. ” (direct quote by the way) I’m just disagreeing because that isn’t true for everyone. I was pre-diabetic, and losing weight actually helped. That’s MY story, but I’m sure that’s not necessarily so for many others. I’m not on the defense (sorry if I came off that way) but just have a different opinion. If you want to give me the “troll” label for that (BTW I thought trolls were really mean folks who went on fatbashing sprees on FA/SA/HAES blogs), then I’m fine with it. I too disagree with the weight loss industry but if I got mad every time a celebrity plugged for them I’d have a serious headache. There are bigger things to worry about.

  52. Tara, this is a fat acceptance blog. It is a space where we worry about these things, which are actually very important and have wide-reaching implications. If you would like to discuss other issues, you are welcome to find or start a blog with a different focus. But you can’t expect a good reception when you come to a fat acceptance blog and start talking about how the diet industry is not a big deal.

  53. another commenter said, “part of the point of this site is to remind people that deliberate weight loss doesn’t have anything to do with being healthy. ” (direct quote by the way)

    Yeah, Tara, that was me, the owner of the blog. So what I say about the point of this site really isn’t up for argument.

    I’m very glad to hear you reversed your pre-diabetes, but you didn’t just magically lose weight, did you? You must have changed your eating and exercise habits to do so, which means you don’t know that the weight loss had anything to do with the improvement in health. As we say over and over around here — which you’d know if you actually read the blog, just like you’d know we say “y’all” constantly — exercise and eating a balanced diet are a great idea for everyone’s health. But they do not cause permanent weight loss in the vast majority of people. Weight loss shouldn’t get the credit for health improvements caused by behavioral changes that can be permanent, when weight loss usually cannot.

    And no one should be suggesting that the Jenny Craig program is a good diabetes prevention/management tool, which is exactly what QL did and exactly why we’re pissed.

  54. Okay,

    You’re right; I don’t normally read your blog. My “ya’ll” comment was meant to be a joke (wasn’t funny I know). I’m not saying diet and excercise are permanent solutions to health. I’m not even an advocate for weight loss or the diet industry. I’m just disagreeing and am doing so in a respectful manner.
    As for my personal story about weight loss, yes I did change my lifestyle. I’ll never deny that. Look, I was sharing what worked for ME. I changed what I ate, exercised, and now my blood sugar is normal. My post didn’t say that it’s true for everyone. That’s all I was saying. Although I’m a big supporter of FA, HAES, and SA, I don’t always agree with everything said on the websites. I’m a huge QL fan with a “live and let live” outlook on life. The things I get mad about are the constant brainwashing that doctors pull with their “this is your height, this should be your weight” charts, the fact that companies hire based on weight, that health insurance establishments reject people based on their weight, loving parents are denied access to adoption just because they’re fat, the fashion industry refusing to recognise that women of size buy clothes, etc., etc. I may not have read your blog, Kate, but I read FA blogs all the time, so I am well aware of the views about weight loss and health.

    The weight loss industry is based on supply and demand. As long as people continue their quest for thinness (with the assumption that weight loss is the answer to all of their problems), the diet industry and it’s familiars will continue to make a huge mint. Unfortunately that is the reality, in spite of the obvious fact that the results (if any) are only temporary.

  55. I’m just disagreeing and am doing so in a respectful manner.

    Well, Tara, I disagree that you were being respectful when you started in this thread. Saying we’re “whining” and our criticism of QL is “grating,” not to mention telling us this isn’t worth worrying about, when we quite obviously think it is, is not being respectful.

  56. Have you read my posts entirely?

    I said,

    “People, especially celebrities were not put on this earth for the comfort of others. I am so tired of people of the FA/SA/HAES communities whining every time a famous person (or anyone for that matter) decides to drop a few pounds.”

    I meant the FA people in general. The comment wasn’t site specific or personal.

    “the critism of other people’s personal choices is grating.”

    Again, said statement wasn’t personal. I meant the FA community as a whole. But yes, I still stand by my feeling that it’s wrong to pile on someone for their personal choices. My story and I’m stickin’ to it.

  57. Well, as a card-carrying member of the FA community as a whole, I’m sticking by my assertion that you weren’t being especially respectful.

    I’m also done with this conversation now. Please read the comments policy.

  58. I’m just going to quote Becky here, since you don’t seem to have read her comment the first time:

    “Tara, it’s not that QL is dieting that’s pissing people here off. (I’m not sure she even is dieting, the website said she wasn’t a client of JC). It’s the fact that she’s made piles of fans by telling fat women: ‘It’s okay to be fat’ and now she’s telling them: ‘You need to go on a diet.’ That’s a huge slap in the face to her fans.”

  59. Meowser is right. Note to self: They all do it eventually. They all do it eventually. There, now it stings a little less.

    Actual fat celebrities are few and far between but in terms of “fake fat” “real woman” or “curvy” “role models”… Janeane Garofalo has given in. Kate Winslet has given in. Those are just the ones that are in the forefront of my mind. They all do it eventually. At least the honest ones admit they’re doing it to get roles. The odious ones (which is most of them, and QL, I’m looking at you) pretend it’s some kind of sainted crusade for health.

  60. Aw geez, what did Kate Winslet do? I must have missed it.
    Man the Queen Latifah thing has me bummed, ’cause I’m going to be the one who breaks it to my wife….

  61. Kate Winslet used to be a bit chubby – at least compared to other actresses in Hollywood, though I’d say she was mostly slim throughout her career. She’s been quite skinny for some recent movies though, especially The Life of David Gale.

    I don’t know. I still love her as an actress, but it’s a disappointment that she lost weight to get roles. She’s not into any diet craze though, and hasn’t been a spokesperson for any particular diet company as far as I know.

  62. Ah, I hadn’t seen any of her recent work. I thought the same of her co-star from “Heavenly Creatures” Melanie Lynskey who looked so adorable and non-anorexic on the first season of “Two and a Half Men”, but in later seasons looks like she has been told to lose the weight…

  63. Ah, that IS disappointing. It’s even more so with Kate Winslet, though, because she openly talked about her anti-diet stance. She did make a statement saying she’s not getting roles and will adapt, which puts her above the health crusaders, but still. I guess to celebrities, career matters more than political views like this. Women in Hollywood can grow armpit hair, as if that’s a real revolution, but not gain weight. It’s weird.

  64. Tara, I don’t agree with you but I feel where you’re coming from. I love the Queen, STILL love the Queen regardless.

    But the Jenny Craig people are pushers in the the seedy world of weight loss and so I think this has rightfully made some fans of hers angry. Especially those fans who loved her because of her size acceptance.

    But the fans of her old school jams (UNITY!) and her fierce lyrics will remain.

    And in defense of her Jenny Craig thing, I think she probably believes what she’s saying. She probably doesn’t read Junkfoodscience or BFB and maybe only associates size acceptance with the more radical movement which can throw people off. So instead of ranting about how she’s sold out, it could be taken as a sign that the SA movement still has a lot of work to be done even to just educate people that its possible to be healthy and large. It’s taken for granted that people know this in this online circle, but in the real world, people believe what their doctors tell them about their weight.

    /2 cents.

  65. And in defense of her Jenny Craig thing, I think she probably believes what she’s saying

    LollyDee, that’s totally a fair point. I guess I just wish people would take the time to educate themselves before they take money to promote a product like JC.

  66. This makes me sad…Queen is one of my plus-size role models. I’ve loved her since I was dancing to U.N.I.T.Y. in my elementary school days. I’m running out of people with a similar body type to look up to.

  67. Wow….this makes me sad, too. I always thought Latifah was comfortable with her weight . I wouldn’t be surprised if Tif is doing Jenny Craig herself, as this seems to be the pattern that most well-known fat female artists end up doing. (Kelly Price, Miss Elliot, et. al.). Boyyyy, if I ever see Jill Scott ever pushing Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Slim Fast or some other crap, talking bout I went from a size 16 to a size 4, I think I’ll have to jump off a bridge! LOL

  68. A little late to the conversation. One of the things I notice is that it’s difficult, even for FA/HAES folks, to completely get our heads around the concept of weight as an entity totally separate from our health. I know I struggle with it as a medical student–are we SURE that there’s no effect?–no matter how hard I want to believe that there’s enough evidence from JFS and Gina Kolata and whatnot. It is the predominant, albeit questionably so, health paradigm today. That is hard to completely ignore, even for us. So I wonder if a more compassionate stance can be taken for the Queen. IF she truly believes that Fat = Diabeetus and IF she knows that she has a large (no pun intended) following of people that might, according to current medical wisdom or lack thereof, benefit from her lead, then maybe all it takes is pointing out the fallacy of the assumptions. I mean, actually, if she really really truly believes that all of her fans of size might be in danger because of a philosophy she espoused (“it’s okay to be fat”) then wouldn’t we have cause to suspect her of apathy and greed if she DIDN’T agree to work with JC? So, yeah, obviously we can all be pissed off about yet another star falling off the fatwagon, and I’m right there with you as much as I can be since I’m not much of a pop culture maven, but it seems like it’d be a good idea to run intervention. She probably just. Doesn’t. Know.

    Anyone have her number? :)

  69. Screw the “celebrity as role model” and screw Jenny Craig. I’m going to be my own damn role model.

  70. V, I hate to be the one to burst your bubble but Jill Scott has lost weight and in Tyler Perry’s newest diatribe of a movie, she dons a fat suit!

  71. I know that in an ideal world, celebrities would love to be accepted for who they are but the REALITY is that if they don’t adapt, the record companies, the studios and Hollywood would push them out. That’s who everyone needs to get mad at.

    Strange as this may sound, I’m beginning to think that Jesse Jackson may have been onto something with his threats to boycott Hollywood if they didn’t diversity.

  72. Thanks Phledge! If I see anymore diet commercials/ads featuring celebrities that previously proclaimed they were fat ‘n happy I may just have to cancel my cable service, never read another magazine, screw it all and let’s just boycott the whole sorry mess altogether. We, the “fatties”, do not need these phonies and sell-outs on our side. FUGGIT!

  73. You guys are not helping her. You guys do not fucking know her. She has been dealing with weight gain thing since Living Single. Leave her alone. May-be she does need help. I bet guys anything she is reading this stuff. STOP THE FUCKING RUMORS


    Seriously, someone call Chris Crocker.

  75. Good afternoon Ladies (and Gentlemen),
    I found this blog by accident after doing a search on Latifah while trying to find info on the clothing line she has created.

    It’s sad that so many people are upset about this – and it’s sad that companies like JC and the rest are couching their non-size-acceptance in issues of health. I have far fewer health problems than my much-smaller co-workers, and I’m bountifully built at 5’11 and a size 20 or 22 (depending on the clothes, you know).

    I love Latifah, and the fact that she’s repping JC doesn’t change that – I disagree with her on the company she has chosen to associate with, and that’s that. I don’t think it should erase the good she’s done, nor will it make me join JC in an effort to be skinnier.

    I am a diabetic, and handling it pretty well – though for me, I choose to work out rather than starve. As long as I am strong, flexible and fit, I’ll keep on doin’ what I’m doin’ and will encourage my full-figured sisters (and brothers) to find an activity they love and that makes them feel good.

    Because of a family history of stroke, diabetes and heart disease, I will ALWAYS be active – death is going to have to chase me down and tackle me – and if losing a few pounds the healthy way will help me to keep my lead, I’ll do everything I can.

    Just because Latifah has chosen to associate with JC doesn’t make her a demon in my eyes – it’s a business decision I would not agree with – but that’s it. We should be far more focused on helping our fellow residents of the planet to make good decisions based on what is right for them, not what the celebrities do.

    Just my .02 cents worth – I’ll go back into ‘lurking’ mode now… :-)

  76. All I can say is….I LOVE you people! I was so upset by Queen L. for doing this Jenny Craig B.S. I always liked her for liking her curves…but turns out..she is full of it! It’s bad enough that they made me dislike people I used to like…Kirstie Ally and Valerie B….they are SO annoying now! But NOT the Queen…is nothing sacred anymore? BTW..I have Diabetes 2 and I am sick of everyone associating that with being Fat! I am average weight and have it and I know some folks that are Thin and have it! And hey Queen…Fat people can and are Beautiful too and OMG…maybe even healthy!

  77. one more thing…sorry…LOL
    I recall when Valerie B. and also Marie Osmond said that they were happy with themselves at the weight they use to be…. and then Jenny C. and Maire’s ”dancing with the stars” came along and showed their true colors….are NO women happy with themselves anymore! I mean REALLY happy! I hope Monique and Emme are and some others! And NO I have NOT called Jenny and I’m every going to! LOL

  78. I meant No I have NOT called Jenny yet and I’m NOT EVER going to! LOL So stop asking celebrity pains in the butts!
    Also…being too skinny can be bad for your health also…

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