19 thoughts on “She’s Done It Again!”

  1. I was going to video reply, but youtube SUCKS! GRRRRRRRRR!!! :P
    Thanks for the heads up. This one is going to be pretty big too I think.

  2. So if the first one wasn’t enough to make her my all-time hero, this totally did the trick. I loved every frickin’ second.

    Thanks again Joy.

  3. That totally rocks! Thanks for the link!
    I especially love that Joy plays all the characters. First, because she is *awesome*ly talented, and second, because the fact that all the characters, whatever their compulsion, have the same body is perfect for the message. Eating, like breathing and pooping etc., does not become a crippling problem just because you are fat!

    I hope Joy makes many more Fat Rants. I wish these would be shown as PSAs on TV all over the country. Yay Joy!

  4. I adored it! And am I the only one to think that she particularly rocked the Chelsea look? She could adopt it as a real-life look, it’s really amazing on her.

    And her message is so valuable… I just dream of the day where she could go on Oprah (imagine Joy showing Oprah how much energy she’s lost battling against her body…).

    And I love how she shows how ridiculous the assumption that we fat people are automatically compulsive overeaters if we’re fat.

  5. I love the latest comment on the youtube page.

    “The reality is if you eat less and exercise more you and every other living being can and will lose weight. That is, if you want. ”

    I have superpowers to keep everybody thin now? nice.

  6. “The reality is if you eat less and exercise more you and every other living being can and will lose weight. That is, if you want. ”

    Oh, right! I forgot to WANT IT!

  7. Brilliant, in oh-so-many ways. (Including technical. D’ya notice how the “woman in blue” walked in front of Chelsea at the end? Love it… I’m guessing post production splicing, but there’s at least one body double in there, too.) Somewhere Gilda’s saying, “Go, girl!”

  8. YAY!!!!! I’ve been dying to see this ever since she blogged about making it. It’s weird to so totally love someone you’ve never met.

  9. So I’m totally going to go around telling everyone I have an unhealthy oxygen addiction now.

    That was a great video.

    You know, the more I think about it, the more the concept of “eat less exercise more, and lose weight” makes little sense. I’m inactive because I’m somehow ill (and still thin, odd that), but once I start feeling better and exercising again? You think I’m gonna drop pounds? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, but “I don’t need to lose weight”….

    So how is it that a sedentary/junk eating thin person who becomes not sedentary/healthy food eating won’t lose weight because “they don’t need to” yet a fat person in the same boat will? Is there some magical thing that makes a fat person’s body suddenly desire to get rid of the weight upon implementing healthy stuff? Riiiiiiiight.

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