4 thoughts on “Slideshow!”

  1. this is really eye-opening stuff, kate.

    btw, i am “overweight” (bmi = 25.7), but my (kidney transplanted) brother who is 5’10” & weighs 135 lbs is “normal.”

    p.s. — lane bryant tried to run me out of the store when i went inquiring about their “right fit” jeans — (oh honey, go across the way to new york & company) — but the red 1 has been the only jean to fit me properly. ever.

    ok bye.

  2. Wow! That was incredible. Thank you and thanks to all the men and women who sent in photos. What’s amazing is how different people with the same BMI look. More importantly, though, was just all the images of people out and having fun regardless of size.

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