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Ahead, skinless typographer!

For your edification, some anagrams of “Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose.” I think there are some perfect options in here, both for fans and for detractors!

Happy, kind, greater assholes.

Poetry and shaglike phrases.

An asshole pig’s perky hatred.

Aged poser hates prankishly.

The spongy airhead sparkles. (This is totally my fave.)

Sphere-like and gross apathy.

Perky hotheads praise slang.

(Generated using Anagram Genius. If you like this sort of thing, buy this book immediately.)

20 thoughts on “Ahead, skinless typographer!”

  1. I do like that that one recognizes that we’re ALL assholes here. But you gotta love “spongy airhead.” It’s so lyrical.

  2. I actually like “Ahead, skinless typographer!” the best–it’s so full of vim and vigor, and yet is so specifically directed.

  3. I thought I liked “hot bayonet wound” best, but then I got to the last two, and they TOTALLY KILLED ME.

  4. LOOOL :-)

    I just tried my full name with the free online version – it results to “dinky anal diarrhea”… :o)

  5. Oh my god, buffpuff, you win the fucking championship.

    My name doesn’t anagram to anything good, but my boyfriend’s works out to Immense Lizard Man. Which I love, but it doesn’t hold a candle to yours.

  6. I understand the name “Axl Rose” is an anagram. Oh, guess what for without using the generator.

    I’ll have to wait until I get home to try this, I have no talent for anagrams.

  7. Meowser, ha, so it is! But it’s also an anagram for “so, relax.” I suppose it would make sense to put those together…

    Thanks to Dave Barry, I have never forgotten that “Spiro Agnew” is an anagram for “Grow a penis.” Even before I knew who Spiro Agnew was.

  8. More rock-trivia related anagram fun: The name Blue Oyster Cult is an anagram for Cully Stout Beer, which they were drinking when they were trying to figure out what they should call themselves instead of Soft White Underbelly.

    (I heart useless information.)

  9. My geeky unnatural love of anagrams is the main reason I started watching both Doctor Who and Torchwood (and have kept watching because they turned out to be really good shows).

    Best anagram I’ve found so far of my full name: “Dare I seek shelter in any muse’s lair?”
    Next best one: “Listen ye here – a naked ruler is amiss!”

    But my all-time favorite and most accurately descriptive anagram is my husband’s name, “Heavily Odd Smartass”.

  10. I keep meaning to tell The Rotund that my real last name? Actually literally means…The Rotund! In Italian! It is the best fat girl name ever.

    The anagram generator rearranges my first and last names into
    Radiant Aha Color, which sounds like some good fashion advice I should take, and Raincoat Had Oral, which sounds like either a rap sheet or a pretty excellent weekend.

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