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Update: I’m hearing that trying to comment while using IE6 crashes the browser. My best suggestion is to try a different browser,  but if you really can’t do that and are dying to comment you can e-mail comments to me (katesblog at gmail), and I’ll post them. 

I’m still working on a final header design, but how are we all finding the rest of this layout? Readable? Good enough?

I’ve been dying to have a 3-column layout for ages, and this is the first one they’ve put out with a customizable header that I mostly like. If anybody’s having trouble with it, though, let me know.

36 thoughts on “New Layout”

  1. The little fat lady may or may not be coming back. :) I love her, too, but changing her colors is kind of a bitch, so I went with the way played out fat-woman-as-fruit angle for now.

  2. What a surprise! I don’t know what you did, but this is the first time in AGES that I’ve been able to open your blog on my Mac. Thanks!

    You’re probably limited to your blog host, but in case this is of help: readers have to resize their browser window to view it all, as it doesn’t automatically resize for visible screen view. No big deal, though. :)

    Who is Fillyjonk?

  3. Sandy, I think it must be a browser thing. I’m on a Mac using Firefox, and I’ve never had a problem…

    Fillyjonk and Sweet Machine are the pseudonyms of friends and fellow writers who are now contributing to the blog on a regular basis. Bios here. (I had to abbreviate their names so all the page links would show up at the top on this layout.)

  4. Hey, Love the header/tag line. Not so sure about the blue headings/links–they kinda remind me of what happens if a page doesn’t load properly (you know, when all you see is blue links or whatever). But hey, it is your blog! And I do indeed love the three column layout.

  5. Verra nifty indeed! Finding a 3-column theme that Doesn’t Suck is SUCH a pain in the arse.

    And yeah, i’m glad the fat lady’s back. She’s neat.

  6. Laura, blue headings are beyond my control. This is all WordPress standard template, except for the header. I could pay to do custom CSS, but then I’d have to learn CSS. :) So what you see is pretty much what you get.

    Fat lady/cartoon Venus of Willendorf is courtesy of

  7. Oh, and Laurie, it’s the Digg template. If you want me to put my clipart/Gimp skills to work on a header for you, we can negotiate a reasonable fee. It will involve martoonis and kitten snuggles.

  8. Long time reader; first time writer :) I love the new look. The centralised text makes for much easier reading than the left justified. And to echo everyone else – the tagline is great.

  9. It’s a gorgeous new look…and I LOVE the subtitle! Made me howl with laughter. And I’m not even a morning person. Definitely want the t-shirt.

  10. The colours dont do it for me, im afraid. not the title (the title is great) but the body of the blog feels a bit too… plain. Like someone said, it feels a little like its when the page doesnt work and a ‘search’ thingy comes up instead with stupid links to places. maybe some slight colour in the outer columns would help?

    Same content, so everything still good.

  11. Apricotmuffins, I hear you. These would not be my first choices, colorwise. (In fact, I had a hell of a time figuring out how to color the header.) But again, everything other than the header and the order of the sidebar widgets is completely beyond my control, unless I A) pay WordPress money and B) learn CSS. is my host (which is awesomely convenient in many ways, annoying in a few others), so I can only use their standard templates.

    And since I’ve been waiting forever for them to offer a 3-column layout with reasonably sized type, a customizable header, and no quirks that actively piss me off, I can live with the plainness. :)

  12. I keep meaning to look at the layout, since I learned a little CSS when I was building my old blog. What colors WOULD be your first choices for the body?

  13. Very nice. I might have to update FF101 to this theme, because it’s very clean and easy to read! At least we’ll have a different header.

  14. I like the design, but trying to open the comments often crashes my browser (IE 6.0). Which didn’t happen with the old layout.

  15. Kate — I’m running into the same issue as Becky when I look at the blog from work, where I’m forced to use IE, also version 6.0. No problem when I use Safari on my dear Mac at home.

  16. Shit! I’ve heard that from one other person, also IE6. This layout must not be compatible with that.

    I’ll contact WordPress about it; there’s really nothing I can change, except the layout. But then Sandy might not be able to read the blog again!

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