So, if you missed it in the comments thread from yesterday, I did indeed have that wisdom tooth yanked. It was neither horrible nor a cakewalk. I didn’t even get to choose between nitrous and the big K.O., ’cause he just went with novocaine — it was, apparently, “an easy one,” although it sure didn’t feel like that when he was wresting my tooth from my head, while I was completely awake and not even slightly stoned. The whole procedure took less than a minute, and I stopped him and asked for more anesthetic in the middle. Did I mention I’m a big baby?

Aaanyway. It seems to be healing well already, and I’ve even traded Vicodin for Advil today, so I’m reasonably lucid. Still cranky and owie, though, so I may not post anything of interest.

Which is fine, because A) I see a draft by one of my co-bloggers sitting in the dashboard here, and B) I think you all should go read Natalie’s post at Not a Pretty Girl in response to The Rotund’s and my rants yesterday. She was taking us to task, which is never fun, but she made a lot of great points — especially about where fatter fatties fit into fat acceptance.

9 thoughts on “Yanked”

  1. Better get my Nomex jumpsuit out. My 4XL one, that is. ;)

    Glad to hear that the extraction was an easy one; I’m lucky in that I didn’t come equipped with wisdom teeth (insert punch line here).

  2. Glad the extraction went ok. I had all 4 done (in 2 sittings, a week apart) with just novocaine, even though they were impacted and crooked. Put a bag of peas on your cheek to reduce swelling and pop those Advil every 4 hours. You’ll be in fighting form in no time! :)

  3. It may feel silly, but putting an ice-pack in a pair or tights or pantyhose and tying them around your head can be helpful — better than holding the ice up there by hand.

    Congratulations on being brave. Seriously.

  4. The manticore feels your pain. lol.

    If you’re not up for external sources of cold (even though Kerry and penuinlady had some great ideas on the matter), now is a great time to celebrate the all-wonderful milkshake. When i had all my extra teeth pulled, my grandma made me milkshakes to help with the pain.

  5. I spent much of my late 20s getting root canal after root canal. My dentist used to be very impressed by how calmly I took pain, but really, it was just my fear that if I flinched, groaned, or moved too much she’d drill out all of my teeth! She mistook it for bravery – ha!

    I hope you feel better soon!

  6. Oh, God, Rose, that is my nightmare.

    Well, actually, Lindsay’s manticore story is my nightmare, but since I’m sure I don’t have 14 extra teeth, I’m safe.

    Thanks, everybody! The recovery’s going MUCH better than imagined.

  7. I had hideous headaches for ages that, no, couldn’t be from my four impacted wisdom teeth, they weren’t that badly impacted, no ma’am. Then my dentist took ’em out (one sitting, novocaine) and gave me a prescription for pain meds.

    I never used them. The soreness in the back of my mouth was nothing compared to the relief of finally being headache-free.

    So I’m really glad it’s going well for you. Wet teabags on the extraction site helps if it’s still oozing. (But it does sting like the dickens.)

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