Expanding the Shapely Family

Very exciting news, you guys! As of today, Shapely Prose will be home to two new regular contributors: Fillyjonk and Sweet Machine!

If you’ve been around here for a while, you should already know them both for their brilliant, spot-on comments. If you haven’t, here’s a little more about them:

Sweet Machine is a twentysomething queer grad student in Chicagoland, where she studies too much and fails to dress appropriately for the weather. She has been a fat kid, a thin teen, a chubby teen, a fat adult, a thin adult, and an in-between adult. She is particularly interested in the grad school-y aspects of fat, such as its intersections with gender and disability. She takes her pseudonym from a Mark Doty poem, but you can also call her Laura.

Fillyjonk is a former Kid With Issues turned Adult With Chip on Shoulder. Every year or so she gets sick of her hair color, and every couple of years she gets ferocious wardrobe ennui, but she’s had the same best friend for over a decade. She has never been thin, or cool; one time she got popular, but at that point she was far too old to appreciate it. She really does go to the gym every day.

Please give them a warm welcome! I’m so fucking stoked to have them on board.

8 thoughts on “Expanding the Shapely Family

  1. Kate, I love your website, and now I have more reasons to read it every day!!! Welcome to the new writers, I look forward to reading their brilliance!!

  2. I wasn’t sure if I should mention how many of my Issues were Food Issues. I’m sure I’ll eventually do the Recovering Bulimic post and it’ll all become clear.

  3. Meowser–Amen.

    Kate, if you see an IP address that is accessing your site approximately 1238470239847 times per hour, that is me, and now with the new contributors I’m sure that number will increase to 3238470239847.

    Cool! I am excited to read the new entries and fillyjonk’s most recent one is already very thought-provoking. You all are clearly really smart and stuff so I hope I can keep up. :)

  4. Welcome, Laura and filly, to my baby sister’s shapely piece of the web. Can’t wait to read your stuff. Already read the Science post by fillyjonk and thoroughly enjoyed it. So sensible and all.

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