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And we have another redesign! This one is on accounta only certain templates allow you to see who wrote a post, and now that there’s more than one writer, I figured we should have one of those. The first thing you’ll see after any given headline is “Posted by…” So you should look there to find out who to yell at in comments.

This template also allowed me to split the blogroll up into categories. Note to those on the blogroll: I’ve only put each link into one category, so if you write about, say, fat and feminism, I’ve stuck you in one or the other. And FYI, the “Friends” category exists as a catch-all for people who are on the blogroll only because they were my friends before this ever started — i.e., not people who write about fat, feminism, or random shit of interest to progressive types. Well, not necessarily. There are many people in other categories whom I consider friends, is what I’m sayin’.

That is all.

16 thoughts on “Blog Note

  1. Welcome new bloggers! I can’t wait to hear your insight on these issues.

    On a random note:
    This design if fucking COOLl! ^_^
    From: Skinny Fuck Size Acceptance blogger. :p

  2. Aw, you put us on the masthead! And we sound kind of like a cartoon duo. Which we pretty much are.

    I’m going to make a funny post next so everybody doesn’t get so blinking mad at me. I knew history/philosophy of science was a stupid major!

  3. Heh. Somebody REALLY needs to draw that.

    I’ve been drawing it at various times for thirteen years! I think the best one was where we were grammar-related superheroes.

  4. looks very cool, kate! and bienvenu to the new a cartoon duo … personally, i think it sounds like an indie band. i can see it now: “fillyjonk & sweet machine opening for Whaleshark” (i cannot take credit for Whaleshark, tho.)

  5. i think it sounds like an indie band.

    Okay, now I’m thinking Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose sounds like an indie band too! We should all go on tour together.

  6. FYI, lisiepeasie and I’s template doesn’t let you see who wrote the post, but we got around that with “Joie” and “lisiepeasie” tags. I figure I’d mention it in case there were other templates you liked better.

  7. Hi Kate, i do like the new design, I DO. (but) the type, when at a tint, against white, is a bit hard to read. It’s great in the comments section against blue, but against white, it bit hard. I’m an old lady though.
    so maybe it’s just me.

    anyway, i do like the new design. you can tell me to go to hell. that’s cool too.

  8. Madge, I’m really sorry the type is hard to read! The problem is, I’m limited by WordPress’s standard templates, and further limited by which templates have all the elements I’m looking for. (Joie, we did create Fillyjonk and Sweet Machine tags, but in the old template, the tags didn’t even show up on the front page.) Basically, there are about 4 I could use, and the other ones either have even smaller type than this or something else wrong with them.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to spend on custom CSS or the time to learn it, so this is the best I can do right now. It really does suck that it’s hard for some people to read, and I wish I had a way to fix it.

    Would it be easier if you read the posts through a feed? Then you could come here for the comments in blue!

  9. Kate, I know some CSS; when I get a chance I’ll see what I can do with upping the contrast or font size.

  10. Holy crap this type is small!

    (Good thing I read through a feed–I have IE set so my text is displayed smaller than the honkin’ huge “normal” type on the many site I visit, but somethin’ kinda weird happens here.)

    Still, it’s an attractive design, when I set the text back to the default.

    By the way–I’ve been hanging around for a while, and love this blog. :-D

  11. Congrats on the new look. I miss the banner that was on the top of the other one tho…but we’re all about what’s on the inside, not the outside, right? And what’s “in” this blog is fabulous. :-)

  12. Thanks Kate, sorry to be a pain. Maybe this is the impetus i need as a forceful reminder to wear my glasses.

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