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All right, I’m having another one of those days where I have zero interest in reading articles about The! Obesity! Crisis! and getting all enraged, so I’m just gonna talk about clothes. But if you’ve found new articles you’re enraged about and wish to discuss, please feel free to use this as an open thread.

So. Al and I are going on a proper vacation soon, our second one ever. (I almost said first, but we went to Vegas over Christmas, which definitely counted.) I have never traveled more in my life than I have in the last year with him, but about 90% of it has been to either Minneapolis or Indianapolis — places we only go to hang out with friends and do work, i.e., the same stuff we do in Chicago. This trip’s actually about getting away and seeing new things.

Because this trip (which was originally going to be to Yellowstone but will now be to northern New Mexico) is going to involve heat, lots of walking, some light hiking (i.e., walking over slightly rougher terrain than sidewalks, not anything that requires, like, gear), and a full week away, I needed an entire new wardrobe, naturally.

I have learned from our umpteen weekend trips that I am the world’s worst packer — I always bring way too many things I never get around to wearing (especially shoes), way too few things I actually want to wear, and at least three items that go with nothing else I brought, because I had a potential outfit in my head but only remembered to pack half of it. So I started strategizing about what to take on this trip before we’d even figured out where we were going. I knew I wanted the following:

  • No more than one suitcase
  • No more than three pairs of shoes (Okay, I originally wanted no more than 2 pairs of shoes, but come on.)
  • No more than one purse
  • No more than one color scheme (which in this case equals black + lots of different bright colors), so I wouldn’t end up with the stray garments that don’t match anything else
  • Nothing uncomfortable
  • Nothing that only sort of fits
  • Lots of stuff that can be washed in a sink and dried overnight, so if I fall in love with a particular outfit — as I frequently do on vacation — I can wear it every damn day if I feel like it

I started out looking at sites like Travelsmith and Orvis, but since I’m not 140 years old, those weren’t much help. Sites like R.E.I. weren’t either, since they’re not really in the business of catering to fat girls.

Then it dawned on me : athletic clothing. Plenty of that is made from quick-drying, sweat-friendly, blissfully stretchy unnatural materials, and it’s increasingly available in plus sizes. I’ve always thought the sporty look would be ridiculous on me, given how categorically unsporty I am, but hey, desperate times…

So I’ve been accumulating sporty clothes for a couple months now, and it’s almost enough to make me want to take up a sport. This shit is comfy. And reasonably good-looking, all things considered. Who knew?

Without further ado, here’s my packing list for the New Mexico trip. All items are highly recommended:

  • The Balance Spa Pant from Lucy in black, size XL (which, unfortunately, is their limit — though it’s an XL that will accomodate up to an 18, at least). I LOVE THESE PANTS. They’re definitely not the most flattering pants I’ve ever owned, but given how lightweight they are, they’re surprisingly not unflattering. They look fine, which is more than I expected, frankly. I hate the cargo pockets, and I’d like a slightly longer rise, but other than that, pure love. They move with me in every possible direction, they’re so light I can wear them in 90-degree weather and not even be bothered by the fact that they’re black, they come in different lengths, the drawstring waist accommodates vacation eating, and basically, they’re about as close as you can get to wearing sweatpants in public without actually wearing sweatpants in public (which would cause Al to break up with me instantly). They are hands-down my new favorite pants to wear on planes and buses. And for sitting around the house, walking the dogs, etc. Love.
  • My trusty old American Apparel Interlock High-Waisted Skirt, in black, size XL, and once again not available any bigger. (Booooo.) I have been crazy about these skirts since I discovered them last summer. Casual, great for hot weather, just heavy enough to create a nice, non-lumpy line, and much cuter on me than shorts.
  • Having said that, I also just bought my first pair of shorts in years, Junonia’s Microfiber Walking Shorts. They are not fashionable, youthful, or particularly attractive; no getting around that. But they don’t ride up, they’re super-roomy, long enough not to make me nervous (in fact, they’re a tiny bit too long), lightweight, quick-drying, and on clearance. I like all of those things very much.
  • While I was poking around the Junonia clearance section, I also snagged myself a yogatard, something I’ve been flirting with the idea of for ages. This one’s not actually going with me on the trip (’cause I can do yoga in the balance spa pants!), but it is wicked comfortable for its intended purpose, and I just had to share here that Al finds it to be easily the most repugnant article of clothing I own. (And that’s saying something.) He cannot stop shaking his head every time he looks at me in it.

Me: So it’s pretty sexy, huh?
Al: Yeah, totally. In an aggressive-back-up-singer-for-Grace-Jones-circa-1985 kinda way.
Me: For Christ’s sake, IT’S JUST FOR YOGA.
Al: You couldn’t have gotten one with sequins? ‘Cause that would be hot.

  • The Shape Tank from Athleta, in sky blue and island red, to go along with the black one I already had. LOVE THESE TOPS, for both yoga and casual summer wear. I am all about the high-neck tanks, so I don’t have to worry about what my boobs are doing, and the princess seams on this one are an awesome touch. Unfortunately, here’s yet another item that only goes up to XL, but Athleta does have a new and growing plus-size line, including this tank, which I think is nearly as cool.
  • And now, the piece de resistance (you’ll have to imagine the appropriate accents there)… While looking at all of these athletic clothing sites, I discovered that the skort has evolved from a pair of shorts with a stupid flap on the front to an actually cute wrap skirt with built-in bike shorts underneath. No chub rub, no worries about the wind kicking up the the skirt, and no looking stupid when you stand sideways! I HAD TO HAVE ONE. Unfortunately, most of the ones available, even in plus sizes, are a maximum 16-inch outseam with 3-5-inch inseams on the bike shorts. Not happening. A) I do not wear skirts higher than knee-length, and B) I know from sad experience that even 5-inch-inseam bike shorts hit at the fattest point of my thigh and thus roll up, destroying their value as chub rub protection. But then I read Fat Girl on a Bike’s sporty clothing recommendations and discovered Terry. They make skorts in plus sizes with 9-inch inseams on the bike shorts and 19.5 and 21-inch outseams on the skirts. EEEEEEE! My traveler skort arrived yesterday, and it looks like this:

That’s with the sky blue shape tank. And yeah, the lighting could be much better, and standing right in front of the dark couch was a dumb idea, but you get the concept. The 1X is a tiny bit big on me, but I think the XL would have been too small, and OMFG, THIS IS COMFY. And it looks like just a skirt! But it’s got the shorts underneath! It’s like being a kid and putting shorts on under a skirt for gym class, except they’re not bulky! I AM NEVER TAKING OFF MY SKORT. (Which is good, since it was bloody expensive.)

  • This pic shows the skirt a little better and my number one pair of vacay shoes, Mephisto Helens.

I agonized about whether to get a new pair of Helens (I bought some in brown several years ago, which I totally wore into the ground), because again, bloody expensive. But I have simply never ever found another pair of sandals with this kind of arch support. Not Birks, Clarks, Borns, Merrells, nuthin’. These shoes are the shit for walking, and I intend to have them on for about 90% of the trip.

  • I’ll also be bringing my Privo Perros for any walking that requires ankle support. I wish I’d bitten the bullet and bought these Keens instead, for the toe coverage — since frankly, it’s not like the Privos are any less fug. But the Privos were half off at the time, which clinched it. Someday, I might take my father’s oft-repeated wisdom — “It’s not a bargain if it’s not what you want or need!” — to heart. But probably not any day soon.
  • The third pair of shoes will be some old Indigo by Clarks wedge sandals, which have been discontinued but look a bit like these. Those are for dressing up, insofar as I intend to, which is not much.


Add a couple more tank tops, a black cardigan, a light jacket, a bunch of different colored camis, a black purse, underwear, and I’m all set. Better yet, I think I’m all in one bag. (I will not need my hot rollers. I will not need my hot rollers. I will not need my hot rollers.)

What do you think, lovely readers? Am I forgetting anything? Do I need to burn the Junonia shorts if I want to keep my Fatshionista card? Is my mad, passionate love for that skort the saddest thing you’ve ever heard in your life? Do you have other recommendations for plus size athletic/travel clothing? Please do share your thoughts.

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  1. I always insist on bringing at least one pair of heels with me on vacation and then I never use them! My husband makes fun of me for this.

    All the clothes look fab on you. Have you ever checked out Butter by Nadia? Her stuff is goregous, and they’re really made for curvy women. Her designs are made with a strechy cotton jersey and fit 2 – 16, but I actually think they probably go over a 16 and if you’re a 2 it will be too big for you, from my personal experience. She’s on the expensive side (apx. 200 – 250 for a dress) but the compliments I get when I wear her stuff is well worth it! Also, many versitle looks that you can do with just one item! Here’s a link, check it out, and have a great time on vacation!

  2. Rose, I HATE YOU. :) I’ve lusted after the Monif C. version of that wrap dress for ages, but I never shelled out for fear it would be too short. Now I’ve got no excuse!

    Nicole, I hear you. I’m bummed, too, but it’s a long story. Yellowstone will probably be next year.

  3. I am actually really good at packing for short vacations – I am the master of the weekend trip in one carry-on bag.

    Longer trips tend to stymie me – I wind up forgetting important stuff and then have to spend a week with only two pairs of underpants.

  4. I wore out a pair of Junonia bike shorts; I love the way they cut their stuff so yay you for finding what you needed there.

    When I’m trying to travel light my thing is to stick with black bottoms, white tops, and inject color in an outer layer like a jacket or big blouse for layering. If I have any tanks that work with the jacket/blouse layers, I use those as extras or instead of the white tanks I live in. I mostly buy “cool” colors and silver jewelry as it is, and when I travel I try to stick to one pair of earrings and maybe a necklace or bracelet to interchange. I HATE trying to carry whole jewelry “looks”. Also I minimize makeup colors to one eye shadow palette and one lipstick that works with it. Being fussy on the road doesn’t work for me. One cologne, too. It’s VERY tough to take less than 3 pairs of shoes, especially if weather is any kind of issue or if you will want to look dressy. I think the wedges are a great answer. The only thing that ever really hangs me up is if there is some really dressy event to attend where my normal purse is not going to cut it. So far I’ve always coped by using DH’s or my pocket, but one day I’ll have to spring for a tiny evening bag-let. Ugh.

    Can you just get a set of 6 travel curlers? They don’t take up a whole lot of space and 6 really is enough to put some oomph into long hair. With my hair, it’s better to consider staying home than to travel without them. A travel set is only $12 at Wal-Mart.

    I hope you have a great time!

  5. Terry is an extraordinary company. I’ve spent so many years/miles (i.e. over 10,000) in intimate contact with one or another or their bike seats over the years it’s a wonder I don’t have to pay them palimony.

    Anyway, New Mexico’s incredible (so is Yellowstone, but it’ll probably still be there next year, give or take a few eruptions). I’d say skip the air rollers, since the air’s so dry. Probably just be frizz city.

    Have fun!

  6. I think you did good. I’m the ultimate travel-light kind of person, and that sounds similar to what I’d pack, although I envy the shit out of your clothing and shoe budget. In the summer, I like a long shorts and long sarong combo, too. Sarongs lie flat and thus don’t take up a lot of suitcase room. Have funzies!

  7. I envy the shit out of your clothing and shoe budget.

    Totally understandable — I’m really lucky — but for the record, I also gained weight this past year, so there was no getting around new summer clothes in any case. The travel just gave me more focus.

    Okay, there’s still no real excuse for the shoes.

  8. Shoes need no excuses….and speaking of shoes, you totally need a pair of Chaco flips. I am not even kidding. Arch support for days. Don’t pay attention to the fact that you’re paying $50 for flip-flops. The flip-flops seem to run true to size, the strap-on type sandals run bigger and a little narrower.

    I too love the skort. And I am also a fan of Danskin’s sportswear (their bike shorts are a good length and don’t move.) They come in a full range of plus and non-plus, also.

    For summer walking about, I’m a fan of the long hippie skirt with some bike shorts under, in addition to the skort.

    Have fun!

  9. I’ve spent so many years/miles (i.e. over 10,000) in intimate contact with one or another or their bike seats over the years it’s a wonder I don’t have to pay them palimony.

    LOL, Kell!

  10. Kate, if you’re going anywhere Albuquerque, you MUST visit Sandia Peak! The view from the top is breathtaking, day or night.

    And be prepared to be asked, “red or green?” (Green is usually hotter, FYI.)

    Have fun! : )

  11. There is certainly an excuse for the shoes: Mephistos are supposed to be like the comfiest shoes ever. If you can afford them, then shit, have at it.

    I’ve been having a spate recently of getting to my destination and finding that I have to shop for stuff I neglected to bring, or that Dan does. I did find a great skirt that way but it’s not a cheap option. Looks like you’ll probably avoid it!

    I’m an obsessive small packer, incidentally, which is why I run into situations like that, and I still approve of your choices! When I was younger I could get through a long weekend with one backpack. I’m a little higher maintenance now.

  12. “Sites like R.E.I. weren’t either, since they’re not really in the business of catering to fat girls.”

    Not totally true, I get many of my clothes there, and I’m outdoorsy and fat (I’m also short though, so I get away with a size 12 or 14). My mom wears a size 18-20 and shops there all the time for travel clothes and outdoor gear. The difference may be shopping in the store (My family has been members since the 60’s when it was a hippie outfitter co op) vs. the website.

    But they do have a extended sizes page:'s+Extended+Sizes?cm_re=toc*toc*extended_sizes&vcat=REI_SSHP_WOMENS_CLOTHING_TOC

    My main complaint would be that why don’t they just include those sizes with the rest of the women’s clothing. Why does it need it’s own page?

  13. OK, as long as Yellowstone isn’t just totally dissed. ;) If you do decide to come next year, let me know. We’ll have a party for you.

  14. Fer Sure, thanks for the link. I just wasn’t all that impressed by the plus offerings there, and my butt’s definitely a 16/16W, regardless of my shortness. You might be right that in-store would be a better experience, though.

  15. “Is my mad, passionate love for that skort the saddest thing you’ve ever heard in your life?”

    Not IMO, because upon seeing it, I immediately followed the link and bought one for myself. I’ve been looking for something like that for a trip I’m taking next year. I can’t wait to get it!!

    Having once packed 10 pairs of shoes for a 7 day trip, I admire your extreme restraint in bringing just 3 pairs … or are you packing 3 and wearing a fourth?

    Have fun. New Mexico is totally awesome!

  16. Damn you, Kate! There is NO room in my budget for new clothes for months, but now I want all the Athleta tops ever, and the organic shape tank is even on sale! Ack!

    Also I wanted to strongly agree with all the good things ever said about Terry. Yay for them, and also for the Title 9 catalog even if their stuff is almost as femme-y as Athleta and even less likely to come in my size; all is forgiven because I <3 their bra selection forever.

  17. Sorry, Tracy. :) My black one is actually the organic shape tank, and it’s great, too — pure cotton (or maybe a little spandex), whereas the regular shape tank is some tech fabric.

    JMars, it is so worth the money! Wearing it right now! I also just discovered it has secret little pockets on the short legs, so now I can wear it to walk the dogs and have somewhere for keys and poop bags!

    And I’m really truly only bringing 3 pairs of shoes, including the ones I wear on the plane.

    That’s not to say I won’t buy any others. (And Fillyjonk, yeah, the desire not to have to buy whatever I can find while away was a big part of the Grand Packing Strategy.)

  18. I go camping every summer, to events where there are parties where you want to dress up, near Lake Erie where the nights are cold. So I bring a LOT of clothes with a LOT of variety, and I’ve developed packing expertise.

    I plan outfits.

    I know, I’m sorry, that’s not fun, but it totally works. You don’t have to stick with them once you’re there, but you pack efficiently and the only unworn clothes you tote home are the ones you didn’t have the weather for.

    So it’s like this: Day 1: I will wear this with this and if it gets cold I’ll add this. If I do a dressy thing I’ll change into this.

    You can reuse pieces from previous days, and in fact, doing that makes you stick with a color scheme so that you pack less. The whole thing is more time-consuming than just throwing shit in bags, but also less stressful, and very satisfying when you’re on the other end and you have things to wear.

    NEVER pack so few shoes that you have to wear the same pair twice in a row if you’re doing a lot of walking. Your back and feet want you to make extra room in the suitcase. Trust me.

    Use this product (which I found out about on another fat blog but I forget where) whenever you’re wearing a skirt. Oh, the happy.

    Carlsbad Caverns is my favorite place I’ve ever been ever.

  19. Believe it or not, I’ve found a lot of cute sporty/athletic wear on – specifically their 2 and 3 piece sets from Sport Savvy. I wear a 3X, and I was having no luck finding cute, affordable workout clothes that I’d actually be seen wearing outside the gym. Well, Lane Bryant has some nice stuff but everything is sold per piece, so a jacket/pants tracksuit combination ends up costing like $90! Sorry, that’s just way out of my budget for something I just want for sweating and running errands. The Sport Savvy sets are in the $35 – $45 range, well made, flattering, and extremely comfortable.

    PS: You’re going to think I’m crazy, hopelessly unfashionable, or at least 70 when you first start looking. But weed through the matronly stuff and cutesy embroidered crap and you’ll find a few gems.

  20. I just bought a few plus-size items from Including compression shorts! Like many women with a belly, some activities make one bounce not just in the boobage area. They had international ordering direct from the site, which is always a bonus.

    Just the other day my order from arrived, and the clothes are beautiful. (MMS has all the Sport Hill range.) High quality wicking fabrics and well thought-out design. The pants have room for a belly, so unlike most other pants I don’t wind up looking like a ill-dressed pear on a stick, or Homer Simpson. And they didn’t charge me the earth for shipping.

    I’m going hiking!

  21. You’re going to think I’m crazy, hopelessly unfashionable, or at least 70 when you first start looking. But weed through the matronly stuff and cutesy embroidered crap and you’ll find a few gems.

    Christine, I’ve heard other people recommend some QVC items before, so I don’t think you’re crazy. :) I just always forget about them.

    And I’m a big fan of Coldwater Creek, which involves a similar weeding-out process.

  22. Ooh, I do so love me some Coldwater Creek. Several years back, I decided to spend my entire tax refund (about $1,500) on a new spring wardrobe from Coldwater Creek. Well, my PC crapped out at the last minute and the funds had to go toward replacing it – that’s back when there were no cheap computers, they were all hella expensive. But THE DREAM NEVER DIED. Someday…

  23. i thought i was a yogatard (someone who can’t do yoga). now i know.

    grace jones reference? thanks al!

    have a blast, don’t forget sunblock. lots of sunblock.


  24. I love the skort. I’d been thinking about getting one for myself, but didn’t think it would be what I wanted. Now I definitely want!.

    Out of curiosity, how does it go on? Is it something you slip over your hips like shorts or do you have to pull the shorts on and then wrap the skirt around?

  25. Out of curiosity, how does it go on? Is it something you slip over your hips like shorts or do you have to pull the shorts on and then wrap the skirt around?

    It pretty much slips over the hips. The wrap part is attached in back, and then it connects in front with one of those snappy clip thingies… I don’t know what you call them, but it’s the same as a dog collar. :) That part’s adjustable, and as soon as you have it set where you want it, you can just leave it clipped and slide it on and off.

  26. PS — the best thing on the planet to prevent chub rub is a thing called body glide. I use it all over my body when racing because wet clothes and bare feet + strenuous exercise = chafe city.

  27. It pretty much slips over the hips. The wrap part is attached in back, and then it connects in front with one of those snappy clip thingies… I don’t know what you call them, but it’s the same as a dog collar. :) That part’s adjustable, and as soon as you have it set where you want it, you can just leave it clipped and slide it on and off.

    Do you think that piece will stick out or rub? I’m doing a race next week where they’re having a “best dressed athlete” division and I’d love to wear something other than the usual bike shorts and jersey.

  28. Do you think that piece will stick out or rub?

    Depends on how it fits you. I’m on the small end of this size, so I’ve got it as tight as possible, which means there’s a little tail on the nylon belty thing sticking out; I just covered it up with the shirt. That could conceivably get loose and rub against your body. The clip itself shouldn’t, though, because you’ve got the shorts waistband between that and your skin.

    The only thing I’d see being a possible problem is that I’m getting a TINY bit of rub from the bottoms of the shorts. They’ve got an extra band of elastic there, which is great for keeping them in place, and they’re not too tight or anything, but I can definitely feel the seams. So far, it’s nothing more than being aware that there are seams there, but I haven’t worn it for any serious exercise.

  29. I love your clothing reviews, I find them so refreshing. Even when the clothes aren’t things I’m looking for I just like the way you evaluate them, it is empowering just to read about. I hope you start getting sent freebies from these companies in appreciation.

  30. Oh, and I can teach you how to do the accents over letters if you like.


    Okay, there are two tricks. First, in your Windows Accessories folder, find Character Map (that’s START > ALL PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > SYSTEM TOOLS > CHARACTER MAP).

    Once you’ve started character map, you’ll notice that each font has TONS more characters than your keyboard. Look, for example, at Arial. Where’d all those letters come from? Find the one you’re looking for, click on it, click Select, then click Copy, then use Paste in your blog post and voíla!

    But wait! You’ll notice that most of the commonly-used “special characters” show a Keystroke in the lower right corner of the Character Map window. That’s the second trick.

    The keystroke always says ALT+ a number. The trick here is that you hold down the Alt key while typing the number on the keypad. It won’t work if you use the line of numbers above the letters. Also, when it gives you a leading zero, type the leading zero: 0233 is NOT the same as 233.

    Once you get used to doing this, you quickly memorize the ones you use often:

    Alt+0233 is é
    Alt+0234 is í
    Alt+0150 is – (en dash)
    Alt+0151 is — (em dash)
    Alt+ 0153 is ™
    Alt+ 0174 is ®

  31. I LOVE that skort. See, posts like this are great because I was aware of the existence of Terry but I had no idea they had such a great selection of skorts that are actually long enough to be useful. SO few manufacturers of running skorts seem to get that if you make them that short, they will ride up (not that I am thin, but no matter how thin you are I can’t imagine they would stay put… they practically creep up while you’re standing still) and become useless. Duh. I mean, I second the Body Glide recommendation because for the first time in my life I can walk/run for an hour plus with my thighs rubbing together the whole time and experience NO irritation, pain or chafing of any kind–it’s a miracle–but I would much rather just have a skort with longer, more secure shorts and eliminate the whole issue.

    Too bad I just blew my “skort budget” (not that there really is such a thing) on running skirts from Target and Lands’ End. I now own 3 and the shorts on every one of them have like a 3-inch inseam and ride up… though they’re cute so I keep wearing them anyway. The Terry one looks perfect and I will be buying one at the next possible excuse. And pockets too?? You have got to be kidding, that’s awesome. $90 may be at least 3 times what I’ve paid for any of my other running skorts, but I bet I would get easily 3 times the utility out of that one as I have out of the others.

    I don’t know if you wear your hair this way, but could you mitigate the hot roller/frizz issue and keep your hair out of your face–at least on casual occasions–by bringing some of those little triangular hair scarves with the ties? I think they are really cute, and they help keep the sun off your scalp too.

  32. Ah, thank you, Deborah, but I’m on a Mac! I’m sure there are equivalent key commands, but I’m too lazy to figure out what they are. :)


    $90 may be at least 3 times what I’ve paid for any of my other running skorts, but I bet I would get easily 3 times the utility out of that one as I have out of the others.

    That’s my logic, too. Over the past year, I’ve really been trying to look for clothes that are exactly what I want, even if they cost more — ’cause I’m still saving on all the clothes that aren’t exactly what I want. I’ve always had so much crap in my closets that I never wear, because it never quite fit right, or I couldn’t figure out what to put with it, or it had some other annoying feature … but it was ON SALE! Meanwhile, I would wear the hell out of the few things I really liked. So it dawned on me that if I only buy things I really like (or that, like the Junonia shorts, serve a very specific purpose), I can afford to spend more on those. What a concept!

  33. Love love love the Terry Skorts — but also have some from Sugoi that were about half the price — bought them when I was a bit thinner than now, so they languish in the drawer. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get the largest size they made, though it was the largest size they had in my local bike shop. They don’t have the loose edge and clip at the side that the Terry has, but I’ve never had any problem with the clip chafing or irritating me in any way and I’ve worn it for a couple of years, both cycling and running.

    I also love love love the Keens; haven’t tried the Chaco flip flops but will give them a look. I love the other Chacos I’ve had.

    And yeah, the Danskin exercise wear is wonderful — excellent quality, good fit, comfortable designs.

  34. I should say I also love Danskin stuff, though their selection of bottoms that translate to streetwear is kinda small. (They did have one pair of pants I thought about getting, but that purpose was served by the Lucy pants.) I have a million pairs of their yoga pants and a couple tops, though, and I definitely recommend those.

  35. I saw this article and thought you might find it interesting.,,2150652,00.html
    It challenges the idea that fat people are greedy, but it maintains the thinking that fat needs to be fixed. There might be something to it, though, because eating fruits and vegetables is important for people of all sizes, and it mentions that class is correlated with how much people eat those foods (in the UK at least, and I would bet also in the US).

  36. It challenges the idea that fat people are greedy, but it maintains the thinking that fat needs to be fixed.

    That’s exactly why I haven’t written about it. I think some of it’s great, some of it, not so much. And I’m not in a hair-splitting mood today. :)

  37. FWIW — I used to wear a pair of Danskin shorts and sports bra that were made of some kind of wicking material as a bathing suit. I loved that it kept my thighs thoroughly covered even if my belly did show. The shorts on most bathing suits with shorts are a bit shorter than I like.

    Is it OK if I throw a question out to the posters? I’m in need of a pair of waterPROOF pants for a trip next winter. There’s a pair of windpants on REI that are WP, but they only run to size 22-24 and I wear size 28. Other than Junonia or REI, does anyone have any ideas where I might find some? I prefer not to wear mens ski pants as they are too long and to find a pair that fits over my thighs, the waist is usually about 6″ too big. Thanks, and feel free to delete if it’s inappropriate!

  38. Kate, have you posted anything about how you wrangle your ta-tas during yoga? You definitely look well-supported in your photos, but when you stand on your head, boobs do surprising things.

    Also, YOU MADE ME SPEND MONEY. I just ordered this (it has pocketses!) and this (so I can once again wear skirts).

    Re: packing. I learned to never overpack after I dragged a hockey-equipment bag through the Paris Metro and didn’t even use or wear half the stuff in the bag by the end of the week. Now, I’ll stick to one color scheme and use pieces that can be dressed up or down as appropriate. Black jersey separates are genius for this kind of thing mixed in with cardigans, tees and tanks.

    And if I anticipate that I might buy stuff, I’ll pack a bag in my bag.

  39. Zuzu, my boob management strategy has three parts:

    1) A good bra. I don’t actually own a sports bra — just wear regular, full-coverage ones — but I’ve heard good things about Enell and Glamorise sports bras for the bodacious of tata.

    2) High-neck shirts if I’m practicing in front of anyone else.

    3) Not caring that much. Yeah, they fall out of the bra a bit when I go upside down, and I have quadriboob when I right myself. Since they don’t fall entirely out of the bra, I just shrug it off. And discreetly readjust where possible.

    And sorry about making you spend money! But man, I want some kickbacks from Junonia and Terry! According to this thread, I’ve made them a lot of money in the last 24 hours!

    Also, bag in the bag is a brill idea.

    Oh, and I want to hear how those no-chafe undies work out, though I’m also really curious about this body glide stuff.

  40. Just a quick note from a big girl who wears lots of skirts and likes to travel in tropical places- deodorant is the best defense against chubb rub! A quick swipe on each inner high and you’re good to go all day.

    Also (cause I like to brag) I can fit 2 weeks worth of clothes and toiletries . They make one with wheels too!

  41. Ooh, I’ll have to try the deodorant trick! What kind, though? I use a gel for my pits.

    I’ve really been wanting to wear more skirts, but the necessity of wearing some godawful underlayer that will heat up more than just wearing pants has prevented me from doing so. I have some Spanx, but they get really hot and they’re too long (I won’t wear the bike shorts kind because my thighs are too squishy and they roll/squeeze.

    I’m going to give the deodorant a try, because, goddamn, and without getting too graphic, could I do with a little more ventilation in the summer.

  42. I realize this might be too late, but I can’t wait to welcome you to NM. Since you mentioned Northern NM, I am assuming Taos, but the roadways are so good here, you could easily make a day trip to Albuquerque (my home), or at least Santa Fe. Both offer amazing attractions, and lots of “cultural” experiences. I also grew up near some incredible ruins in Aztec, and I recommend checking them out.

    I hope you are enchanted, and your clothing is perfect for the weather we have been having (oppressive heat). You don’t have to worry about dressing up too often either, as NM is casual all the time.

    And no I don’t work for the tourist board, I just love my state. Enjoy!

  43. Zuzu- I use dove not gel sensitive skin stuff. Every kind of deodorant I’ve tried has worked fine, though I haven’t tried gels.

    I can’t stand the bindy-ness of having to wear another layer under a skirt- it defeats the whole purpose. But if someone has a solution for keeping cute circle skirts from flying up in the wind ala- Marilyn Monroe- I will give them my kidney. Thank god I wear cute undies, but I am tired of flashing people accidentally.

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