R.I.P. Puddin’ Cat

I guess I did have cat blogging to do today. Just got word that my last remaining childhood pet, my sister M.’s cat Delaney (more commonly known as Puddin’ and, after she was hit by a car and lost an eye, Winky) died this afternoon.

Apparently, she was really sick for the last little while, and M. decided today was the day to put her down — after, naturally, much denial, agonizing, and guilt. So the vet comes in to the office, where M. is sitting with Puddin’ virtually motionless in her arms, and says the first thing she’ll do is sedate the cat “to relax her.” M., never too upset to be a wiseass, says, “I’m pretty sure she can’t get more relaxed.”

And indeed, ’twas true, since by the time M. put her on the table to get started, the kitty had already gone to the great beyond. How perfect is that?

I don’t have any digital pics of the Puddin’ Cat, so you’ll have to settle for lolcats that kinda look like her. Only with extra eyes.

And really, I think those make up an entirely fitting tribute.

R.I.P., Puddin’.

ETA: actual pics of Delaney.

That’s her in back, and her brother Franklin (who has both eyes but happens to be blinking) in front.

She was always an adventure cat:

Except when she wasn’t:

29 thoughts on “R.I.P. Puddin’ Cat

  1. I have lots of sympathy for you and your sister!

    I had to make a similar decision for a similar cat some years ago- she had both eyes, but her tail was never the same after her accident.

    There’s just something special about childhood pets, and saying goodbye is really hard.

    Gosh, I’m tearing up right now!

  2. “M. decided today was the day to put her down — after, naturally, much denial, agonizing, and guilt.”

    That absolutely nails it. In the last few years I’ve had to take FOUR cats to get “the needle that will send them to heaven,” as my vet/friend puts it.

    By the time I got to the fourth one, however, I was able not to make her suffer for a week before making the decision. But it was hard, hard, hard.

    Two of mine were black and that bottom photo looks like it could have been taken at my house.

    But enough about me. You and M have my total sympathies. I simply told that story to let you know that oh how sharply I know how that feels.

    ((Big fat hug))

  3. Thanks, everybody. I’m fine — it’s a big bummer, but she was old, and it’s been a long time since I lived with her — but I’m sure M. can use the sympathy.

  4. I feel you… We had to put our cat down a few months ago her name was ‘the fluffer’ andshe was everyones favorite cat! Some sick ‘inert evil swear word here’ poisoned her and her kidneys andliver failed. I cried my heart out for three days! xxx

  5. Big hugs to you and your sister, Kate. I dread the day I have to do the same with either of my furbabies. Between us, my family have had about 40 cats over the last 5 decades – and not one of the buggers has gone peacefully in its sleep.

  6. Col, every time I’ve seen a picture/video of Aretha, I’ve always thought of Puddin’!

    Jade, I am so sorry — that’s horrible!

    and not one of the buggers has gone peacefully in its sleep

    Buffpuff, this is the first Harding family pet I know of that has. We are big fans of euthanasia, generally speaking — but no matter how sure you are that it’s the right decision, or even that it would be barbaric not to do it, there’s inevitably that twinge of guilt and doubt. M. said that when they first got to the vet, Delaney picked her head up to look at M. for the first time in 2 days — of course it was like, “Oh, shit, she picks NOW to rally?” So it was quite a relief that the kitty removed all doubt about whether it was her time.

    Gemellen, thanks. This was, in fact, my kitty for a time — we got her when I was in high school, and though she was a birthday present to M., she kept living at the parental homestead for years before M. took her back. She was a sweetie, even if she did make me itchy.

  7. She was a cat’s cat. In 17 years, I don’t think I actually “saw” her more than a dozen times. You forgot to mention her natural skinnyness. So unHardinglike.

  8. J., yeah, she had her moments — she used to enjoy wrapping herself around my neck when I was working on the computer in high school, but that might have just been for the thrill of annoying me. You’re right about the “cat’s cat” thing, though. She was definitely happiest when she was outside hunting, not snuggling with us pathetic humans. Though M. might tell a different story, since she was an indoor cat for the last few years…

    And yeah, she shot a big hole in the “Fat people have fat pets” theory.

  9. Aww She’s so sweet, she looks just like my Ninja before Ninja got fat.

    She was a lucky cat to have a loving home for so long. I’m sorry for your loss.

  10. A few years ago I lost my 18 year old cat, Blackie, who looked a lot like the pics you have here. It’s tough, even when we know it’s their time. My sympathies.

  11. I’m so very sorry for the loss of Puddin’ Cat :( She looks exactly like my beloved Scarlett who passed away in ’93.


  12. I’m another who’s lost two old cats in the last few years – deciding when to go to the vet is always excruciating.

    I just love the photo of her up in that tree.

  13. A good friend of mine lost her cat on Friday as well. I’m truly sorry for you loss. I have never truly stopped missing my Chico, who died in 1993. He was quite the man; quite the companion.

  14. She looks (and sounds) like a truly wonderful cat – my sympathies to you and your sister. Even when you know it’s time (and when it’s shown to you without any doubt!) it’s never easy.

    My childhood cat died last summer, and even though I’d known it was coming (each visit home involved the ‘just in case’ long goodbye), knowing that it was time only softened the sadness a little.

  15. Thanks to all for the thoughts and sympathies.
    Delaney lived a good life. In fact, I think she made the most of all nine of her lives.
    I’m missing her, but we (brother, Franklin, dog sister, Rooster and myself) are adjusting. Franklin, being young and adaptable, has transferred his attention/affection to the dog…jumping on her head and batting at her nose in bed. I’m sure Delaney is not missing that! :)

  16. Aww, sweet kitty. My last childhood pet was also a lovely black cat who died recently. Condolences, and many dreams of a kitty heaven where cars can be batted around like balls of yarn, and eyes spontaneously regenerate :)

  17. My heartfelt sympathy. I’ve said goodbye to too many of my furry family; my sister recently lost her beloved 20-year-old companion. I’ll know I’m in heaven when I get pounced on.

    And I’ll know where I am if I’m cleaning cat boxes, instead.

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