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Lane Bryant’s new Right Fit jeans? Are awesome.

(Top is, of course, Sweet Pea.)

Colleen’s already done a review that touches on most of the important points about them, but I have a few additions.

  • I cannot emphasize enough that Colleen is exactly right about trying them on before you buy. Going by the website, I thought I’d be a Blue 1. In the store, I discovered that I’m a Red 2. (How much would it have ruled if I was a Red 3?) Turns out what I consider my “natural waist” is about 2 inches higher than what LB does — the woman in the store measured me around what I would call my “low waist.” So the number I gave the site was lower than that measurement, resulting in a size recommendation that was too small. As for the color thing, I am so used to feeling like my waist-to-hip ratio is utterly freakish, judging by the waist-to-hip ratio of most pants, I just assumed I’d need the curviest fit. But Lane Bryant does not fuck around when it comes to curves. The Blues I tried on fit in the waist but were TOO BIG in the hips and thighs, which has NEVER EVER EVER happened to me before. Unbelievable. I mean, in an ideal world, I’d probably be more of a Purple than a Red, but the Red still fits incredibly well, relative to… any other jeans, ever.
  • These jeans have stretch, and plenty of it. They will get bigger once you’ve had them on for a couple hours. So unless you like your jeans baggy, you need to buy them in a size that’s right on the verge of being too damned tight. (See above. That’s right out of the bag.) As the woman in the store said to me, “If they’re not binding anywhere, they fit.”
  • The petites are, as always, too long.
  • The reds and blues only seem to come in flare (above) and boot cut at the moment. (Yellows also come in a “Classic” fit.) And, as with the old LB jeans, the boot cuts are cut straight through the thighs and knees, meaning they look like this:

(Oh, and that’s after a day of wearing, so you can see what I mean about the stretch.)

THAT is what they really look like, even though on the website, the boot cuts on the model look pretty much like the flares through the knee. And YMMV, but I would much rather show off my big thighs in all their glory than wear jeans that make it look as if my entire leg is as big as the top of my thighs — however, I would also rather have boot cuts than flares, so I’m not super happy about these being the only two choices. (I will probably solve that problem by having a tailor take in the flares a touch, so they’re more boot-cutty.)

Other than that, AWESOME.

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  1. Look at you, Miss Sassy Pants!

    When the sales associate measured you did she say “Ok, this is gonna be REALLY tight!” and then try to cut you in half with the measuring tape? That’s probably why I measured as a 4. She squished all my fat with that tape.

    The Blues are cut very, VERY curvy. They fit perfectly when I first put them on (if a little snug, as you mentioned) but then the butt does bag up a bit. My ass has no protrusion to speak of, though. I need the curvy cut more for my wide hips and thick thighs than for having any junk in the trunk. I’m just so happy to have jeans that cover my entire backside without being too baggy in the belly.

    I’ll try the flares next. I was so excited about the bootcuts fitting so nicely that I didn’t think to! I should have taken more time to try on all three colors just to compare but seriously, I was just too excited heh.

    The real downside for me is that I’m 5’4″ so the petites are almost too short, I can only wear them with flats. The average length would be too long and probably wouldn’t fit right in the knee area. I always have that problem, though.

  2. Maybe I’m weird but when I tried them on I couldn’t find a pair that wasn’t making me look terrible. The blues were all weird in the crotch and the reds made my ass look TREMENDOUS. Perhaps I’m a yellow…

  3. I’ll have to check them out. I wear Avenue Blues with the stretch and whatever (it has a specific name but I’m wearing a dress today and I forget). They fit wonderfully and they feel good but like a lot of Avenue stuff they’re poorly made. Zipper starts pulling out and falling down even though they do fit properly.

    In the past, Lane jeans had a tummy pooch in the front that made me feel like a post-partum kangaroo with empty nest syndrome. Just such total “fat jeans,” not ladylike or flattering. So I’m delighted they’ve entered the 21st century.

  4. Argh. Lane Bryant DOES NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY. The plus-size fashion situation in Australia is dire. The tiny selection of chain boutiques and even tinier selection in department stores is about 10-15 years behind the US in terms of actually having clothes that are not obviously poor imitations of last season’s ‘regular’ size clothes. And also in realising that not all larger women are 6′ tall Amazons. I could rant for days. I regularly send letters of complaint and suggestion, but the response is always rather dismissive. I feel very bad for size 16+ teens here, there’s absolutely nothing for them. (At least Torrid ships internationally, however.)

  5. If you’re going to the tailor, get the boot cut pair shortened, I think they’d look pretty good on you if they were the right length. (Are those the Petites? I always find Petites are too long in flat shoes but too short in heels… regular pants are too long in heels. So frustrating). The flares look great. I wish we had Lane Bryant here… they do ship to Canada but jeans are definately something I need to try on before buying.

  6. Kate, I haven’t worn a pair of jeans since maybe 1986, which is when Mr. Brilliant and I got married and the pounds started packing on because I was done with crash dieting for good. But I’m going to look into these. Usually I buy online and stick to leggings or skirts and plain tops — mostly because at 4’10” tall, there aren’t even many plus-size options. I do remember Avenue being an awesome place to shop aside from the fact that everything was too long, because they actually hired plus-size people.

  7. I’m a Yellow 7. I feel so good about me in these jeans. I bought average, not petite, because petite tend to be way too high-waisted (crotch-grabbers) and I’m 5’5″, but I can get them shortened.

    They look gorgeous. The slight vertical stripe in the light-color makes them even more flattering than the dark, which is sort of counter-intuitive. But they’re gorgeous. And they feel like jeans, that nice solid feeling, even though they stretch.

  8. Both pairs of jeans look nice, but the flares look fantastic on you. Thanks for posting about these. I’m going to try to get to Lane Bryant (which I haven’t been to in years) so I can try some on. $40 is a very good price, too considering what they’re charging for jeans these days.

  9. I just discovered these today. I’m actually really sad they got rid of the last iteration of jeans they had. The medium dark was was delightful, and they fit me perfectly. I’m a Red 5, bootcut. They make me look thinner. I don’t have major hips or saddlebags, which helps.

  10. Also, I hate the bagginess of stretchy jeans after a day of wear, so I never wear them for more than a day between washes or at least a refresher in the dryer.

  11. Amen, La di da.

    I’m actually about to head over to the US for a holiday, and given how much time I’ve already got set aside for shopping (I swear, I am dizzy at the very idea) I’m sure I could find space for an extra pair of jeans in my luggage, if you’re prepared to risk them not fitting.

    Email me at theotherkateatgmail if you’re interested.

  12. Theotherkate, that’s an awesome offer! La di Da, I was also going to suggest posting a plea for help on Fatshionista. I’d offer to get you some jeans myself, but frankly, I am TERRIBLE about getting to the post office, so you’d be old before you got them. There are lots of people there who will buy stuff and ship it (reliably) to others, though.

    Colleen, yes, she did almost cut me in half with the measuring tape! I guess that’s their m.o. Though mine actually came up with the correct size, so perhaps yours was a little overzealous! Oh, and that SUCKS about the petite length on you! Who the hell are petites made for, then if they’re too long for 5’2″ and too short for 5’4″? (Uh, 5’3″, I guess.)

    Deborah, I’m so glad you had good luck with them! And btw, I’ve heard a lot of people complain about Avenue’s zippers — and sadly, they usually assume the problem is their big guts, not shoddy workmanship.

    Jill and Janis, good luck! Everyone who said something nice, thank you! And Brian… not so much. But you can always hope I gain some weight. :)

  13. That’s awesome! And, seriously, the situation IS dire here in Aus. theotherkate, I’m jealous.

  14. Deborah, I’m so glad you had good luck with them! And btw, I’ve heard a lot of people complain about Avenue’s zippers — and sadly, they usually assume the problem is their big guts, not shoddy workmanship.

    Geez, I was just noticing that last night. Had a mini-rant in the car on the way home. (Btw, I didn’t RACE out to get jeans because of your post, although it kind of felt like that. I had to pick up my son at the mall and I walked right past the Lane Bryant and y’know, temptation.) I mean, here I am, blaming my big fat gut, and WHAT THE FUCK? It’s The Avenue! If their clothes aren’t cut to accomodate big fat guts then they’re making them wrong. I mean, that’s the whole point of The Avenue.

    And yet we shame ourselves so much that we let them get away with it. Which could be a whole post in and of itself.

  15. Since I’ve started reading your blog, I’ve spent about $600 on clothes. Before, I ONLY bought cheap stuff at Wal Mart designed to, as I think you said elsewhere, cover up my underwear. This is because every time I went in a store the clothes either didn’t fit or looked like someone’s great-grandmother should be wearing them. (What’s up with THAT?) That $600 was spent almost exclusively online, at IGIGI, Catherine’s, and Torrid. (Expecting the Catherine’s and Torrid shipments today or tomorrow.)

    Sorry to turn this into a Fatshionista post, but you’ve changed my life.

    Maybe when my money supply refreshes, I’ll go get me some jeans.

  16. It makes all the difference to a clothing review to see an actual live woman modelling her jeans and describing exactly what they were like to wear and fit into and how she felt about it. I really enjoyed this post, well done.

  17. Thanks, blue milk. And I do it because I totally agree with you. I shop online a lot, and Fatshionista has really helped me with guessing at the right sizes (size charts are NOT MY FRIEND), because when I see the clothes on non-model women, I can actually get a sense of how they might look on me.

    I’m sure models are great for people who are built like models (hi, Joy!), but for the rest of us, knowing what clothes look like on a tall, hour-glass shaped woman who’s not particularly jiggly anywhere isn’t all that useful. And for plenty of people, it’s not all that useful to see what *I* look like in a pair of jeans… but when I see someone else at Fatshionista who’s a short hourglass/pear shape/figure 8, I look especially close at their posts for ideas. And when I see someone who’s a tall apple shape, I weep softly, wishing I could look as awesome in the same outfit but knowing it’s not bloody likely.

    So, um, yeah. I LOVE seeing women of different shapes and sizes modeling and reviewing their own clothes, which makes it a lot easier for me to publish even the unflattering pictures as a public service. :)

  18. When I went to LB I was measured by an unbelievably pleasant, knowledgeable and walked out 15 minutes later with the best pair of jeans I’ve ever owned and a pencil skirt that was not meant for petites but looked great on me nonetheless. Unbelievable.

  19. I’m having the same issues with the petite length. I’m 5’3″ and the petites are too short unless I wear super flat shoes. But the Average ones appear to be too long. I think I’ll have to buy some and dry them on the extra hot setting. I always have this problem with Lane Bryant jeans. They should make a size in between the petite and average.

  20. Kate, when you posted this, I went to check out the Right Fit jeans on their website. Unfortunately for me, they don’t carry a size to fit me (they stop at a size 6 or 8, I think). However, I got a mailer today from Catherine’s and they carry the Right Fit jeans and have expanded it to slacks too. They also carry sizes all the way to 12, which is a 56″ waist. The pricing is comparable, $30-$33 a pair.
    I knew there was a reason I love Catherine’s and don’t shop at LB, and this confirms it for me.

  21. Vesta, it looks like the LB site has up to a 10, but I had heard the line went up to 12, so I wondered about that — good to know they landed at Catherine’s!

    Except… I just went to look at the Catherine’s site, and they only have “classic” fits, not bootcuts or flares.

    Charming Shoppes, Inc., might need to get some letters about making the full range of jeans available in all sizes.

  22. Hey don’t forget overweight guys too. After reading about these I went and go 2 pair.

    5 Yellow. They do fit quite well and don’t bag up and get droopy.


  23. Alas, I thought the right fit lines would be my salvation, but no glory.

    I went to LB today because I am to be a friend’s best man next month and need either a nice pair of black trousers or a jacket and trouser set of some sort …. anyway.

    I wear anything from a 14 to an 18 in pants, depending on their cut. I have a relatively slim waist and i guess pretty average thighs, but a large ass.

    They measured me with the ridiculous tape measure and said I might be a blue 1, but that since I’m on the small end they might just not fit me properly. Well, they fit through the waist and the largest part of my ass, and from there they sagged in the back rather absurdly. The then suggested I tried yellow 2 and yellow 3. Yellow 2 was too small through the ass; yellow 3 was ok but gappy at the small of my back.

    After some independent research (i.e. trying on dressier pants), I determined that I’m closest to being a red 2, but the pants are a little too form-fitting in thin material that allows bulges to shine through (and gods dammit, I *refuse* to wear “foundational undergarments”). Still, I think red 2 jeans would probably work OK, and I might try some next time.

    Sigh. If only I could figure out how to track down more pairs of the perfect jeans I found at Goodwill …

  24. Lane Bryant petites have become even LONGER this season. I wrote to their CEO and asked if he/she was willing to lose our market share. Please join me in writing to Lane Bryant regarding TRUE lengths. There is no reason for long petites..the taller folks can choose average and tall.

    For now, I am not bothering with their clothes because I don’t want to pay for alterations. I’ll shop Avenue, Talbots, and Jones New York Petite lengths.

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