Frivolous Post-Vacay Update

I’m back, y’all. And when I say “y’all,” I mean “y’all,” ’cause where I’m back from is Arkansas. Thanks a gazillion to Thorn for her amazing series of guest posts; more on that in the non-frivolous update to follow.

So, yeah, I have crossed “vacation in Arkansas” off my life’s To-Do List. Even though it was never actually on there. Went with Laurie and our dear friend Arkansas Meg, the latter of whom hadn’t been back to Little Rock since moving to Chicago in 2005. She was a most excellent tour guide, and she has a bunch of insanely adorable friends who made Laurie and me feel right at home. They could almost convince a girl to move to Arkansas, what with their southern hospitality and stunning good looks and ABSURDLY LOW REAL ESTATE PRICES. Also? Little Rock is full of azaleas and lilacs and trees about three times as tall as any in Illinois.

And homemade bacon.

In any case, we saw everything from the Designing Women house

to Central High (which Meg’s dad attended in 1957 and maintains a site about)

to the Clinton Presidential Center, featuring such important historical artifacts as presidential easter eggs

to the Governor’s Mansion (a.k.a. Suzanne’s house on Designing Women, I’ve just learned), where we were mostly  interested in the bust of Clinton (and where Laurie and Meg were extremely grateful that Mike Huckabee is no longer governor, so I didn’t have to set fire to the lawn)

(that skirt is currently on sale, btw, and I love it).

I also need to show you why I love that Sweet Pea dress so damned much

and most importantly, I need to show you the ring I got at this awesome, awesome store:

Y’all, that’s made out of an actual Tab can. Could you die? (Also, I think the fact that my finger is slightly too fat for it is what makes it perfect.)

11 thoughts on “Frivolous Post-Vacay Update

  1. I knew you’d be a beauty. :)
    All visual perception beside :p: I’m glad you had fun. You saw some great places, didn’t you? ^_^

  2. You know how sometimes you are just tootling around on the internet, and you click something and then you click something else and then suddenly you find yourself on someone’s blog with whom you apparently have things in common?

    Hi. My name is Salma. I’m 34, live in Chicago, and am a wacko dog lady. I write “this is what I ate for breakfast” blog posts and enjoy saying fuck quite a bit. I have bookmarked your blog :) Please tell your friend Meg Rains that a random internet person from Little Rock, Arkansas who went to Central and used to work around the corner from the Villa Mare says howdy .

    P.S. My mother also wants to set fire to Huckabee’s lawn. Any lawn. It doesn’t seem to matter much to her that he is no longer the Governor.

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