Sorry About My Big Fat Mouth, Ashley and Jon B.

Whew! The interview is over! Joh, thanks so much for having me on.

Ashley, sorry I never shut up! Jon B., sorry I cut you off — I didn’t realize we were that close to the end of the show!

I probably should have mentioned beforehand that I’m just as much of a longwinded loudmouth in person as I am on the blog. Oops.

Oh, and while I’m here, sorry to The Rotund, Fat Fu, Paul, Sheana, and everyone behind Fatshionista, all of whom I fully intended to mention. (I had notes and everything!) I also made a note to plug Big Fat Index, after Joh and Joy talked about Kelly Bliss’s site and other fat resources, then didn’t get a chance. And I had copies of The Obesity Myth and Rethinking Thin at the ready to quote from, but didn’t get to use them — I trust I don’t actually need to plug them yet again around here, but I will anyway. I also wanted to mention Gard and Wright’s The Obesity Epidemic when Ashley was talking about gym class — their background is in phys ed, and the book is great. (For the record, I think mandatory phys ed is a great idea in theory. In practice, it makes too many kids hate both the concept of physical activity and their own bodies. I’m all for exercise, but the way it’s traditionally been taught relies way too much on shame.)

Okay, that’s it. I’m not apologizing to anyone else.

12 thoughts on “Sorry About My Big Fat Mouth, Ashley and Jon B.

  1. ZOMG I’M SO MAD!! I’m not reading your blog ever again! RAVEL! RAVEL!
    Kidding! :P
    You had good things to say: Don’t worry about it.
    I had fun saying my diddy, but it was all you, Joy, and Ashley.
    You all brought good points, and extensive talking is perfectly fine.

    I always knew you were the eloquent one. This blog displays your ability in that area well. ^_^

    You seem “Battle Ready” with that kind of speaking ability. You think this is a problem? :p
    Besides: It wasn’t like you were saying filler or anything (Even if you did, I don’t think I would mind anyway).
    I do, however, appreciate how understanding you are in the case that I would have been offended. I’ll just have to wait until next time to get a little limelight. ^_^
    Thanks for getting the message across.

    Jon B.
    19 year-old thin Size/Fat Activist. ^_^

  2. XD No worries :P I was so nervous I had no idea what to say… You covered for me well ;)

    Also: Yay, we all did well :D I can tell you’ve had more experience with discussing this with others, though. I just need practice :3

  3. Hey, both of you, like I said, when I was your age, I thought I was a hideous beast, and the concept of fat acceptance was totally laughable to me. You both rock.

  4. I thought everybody was fabulous! The more we get heard, the better and hopefully well adjusted we will be. A big THANK YOU to all of you who participated. I’m glad I could listen in.

  5. That’s so true about gym class putting kids off exercise. I loathed PE at school – especially that way of picking teams where the fat and/or nerdy kids were left until last.

    I’m sure many other children were put off science or reading by the same “you’re meant to be good at it, not enjoy it” attitude.

  6. I’ve lived in Illinois my whole life, so I was surprised to learn that other states don’t have mandatory PE. I hated it so much in middle school because of the weigh-ins, BMI checks, etc. But in high school, it was actually kind of fun and I don’t think I would’ve gotten much exercise otherwise.

    A lot of it depends on the teacher. We had teachers who had been around for a long time and were pretty laid back and super nice. They’d be so proud of me when I ran instead of walked, made up fun little routines for aerobics, let us choose sports, and stuff like that. They encouraged us when they could tell we liked something but didn’t get on our backs if it was something we hated.

    I think that if PE is going to be mandatory, PE teachers need special training for working with a variety of kids. Some people are just not athletic but I know there’s some form of physical activity that each kid will like. It has to be fun and non-judgmental or it’ll put kids off any form of exercise.

    The worst part is the standardized testing in Illinois, even for PE. Oh, and the once a week mile run when it was warm out. Hated that. I was fortunate enough to have teachers who passed me based on effort and didn’t fail me because I couldn’t run a 12 minute mile.

    If it’s done right, it doesn’t have to be traumatizing for kids and can get them moving for 45 minutes a day. If it’s done wrong, the kids who need it the most will be the ones who find a way to get out of gym class.

  7. If it’s done right, it doesn’t have to be traumatizing for kids and can get them moving for 45 minutes a day. If it’s done wrong, the kids who need it the most will be the ones who find a way to get out of gym class.

    HELL yes.

    The girl on the bleachers with a twisted ankle/allergies/stomachache/headache/bronchitis coming on…

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