10 thoughts on “Meet Me!

  1. Kate, what time zone does the air time pertain to? It says “9 AM,” but doesn’t specify the time zone (Eastern, Central, etc.).

  2. Ah, Meowser, you just answered a question I had! Evidently, the site adjusts to your time zone. It’s 12 p.m. EST, so 9 a.m. for you — and the site says 11 here in Chicago, which panicked me for a minute, ’cause I wasn’t sure if that was 11 EST, and I’d have to get up an hour earlier. :)

  3. AWESOME!! I would have to have said something as well, but I know I’m too late. Hell, I just got off of myspace pro size blogging as of yesterday. :p I’m so late…
    That doesn’t mean I can’t congratulate you on this, however.

    I’ll tune in. ^_^

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