(Bumping this up for those who don’t read blogs on weekends, because I’m not satisfied with the amount of Sandy love in comments yet.)

Junkfood Science has been named one of the world’s top health and medicine blogs by Healthcare 100!

Congrats to Sandy, who’s an invaluable resource for all of us trying to spread the word about how ridiculously overblown the fears about obesity and food are in this culture. She does yeoman work debunking quackery, questionable science, and fearmongering by the media, and it’s no exaggeration to say I couldn’t do a large portion of what I do on this blog without her. I’m delighted that her awesomeness has been recognized.

And since her blog doesn’t allow comments, I’d be equally delighted if y’all used this as a thread for telling her how much you love her, too.

14 thoughts on “Yippee!

  1. Sandy is one of my heroes. I’ve been reading her articles ever since her series on weight about 6 (?) years ago. Glad to see she’s getting the recognition she so richly deserves! Go Sandy!!!

  2. I’ve been reading Junkfood Science since Sandy started it, and it’s always been interesting, well researched, and an essential read.

    Congrats, Sandy, on being named one of the top blogs!

  3. Junkfood Science is an invaluable resource, and an eye-opening one at that. I’ve learned a lot since I started reading it. Congratulations, Sandy!

  4. Sandy’s posts should be syndicated, if not beamed directly into the minds of all English speakers (plus in translation where available).

  5. Sandy’s blog is amazing, and I enjoyed her articles on TechCentralStation back in the day, as well. She must have an incredible amount of energy to keep the articles coming so quickly and consistantly. She’s like a one woman newspaper. Go, Sandy!

  6. Sandy’s great research and posts are well thought out, well presented, and feel that they truly come from the heart. Thank you for sharing all of your hard work and efforts to enlighten and educate. It is greatly appreciated and respected by me. Congratulations, Sandy!

  7. Sandy is wonderful! I only wish that someone would step up and sponsor her work and/or give her a bigger stage. There may still be a few people who don’t know about her and/or Junkfood Science, and that needs to change!

  8. Hi. I’m Kate, and I’m a Junkfood Science-holic. Most days, I can’t get through without multiple fixes, but I am not ashamed.

  9. Sandy’s blog has changed my life. I feel so much more empowered to talk about HAES now and really feel like I know where to go when I need science to back it up.

    She makes science so readable, and does the thing I want most in terms of my research: responds critically in a knowledgable, detailed way. I will be using her blog in the future to demonstrate for my students how you “talk back to the literature.”

  10. Yay for her! When I need actual science to defend my heretical beliefs, she’s one of my first go-tos, so in addition to the congratulations, also go many thanks!

  11. Sandy’s searing and insightful analysis of the medical literature never fails to amaze me. The media need people like Sandy to bring some sense into medical and science reporting. I’m a Junkfood Junkie!

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