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Hello, and Check out the “Ugly” Chick

Sorry for the lack of posting today. I was busy reviewing my new Sony Reader over at The Bibliophilistines, showing off Fatshionista Tricia’s wicked Suck It, Special K project at Shakesville, and then fucking around with Gimp all afternoon to make that goofy new header, which amuses the hell out of me but is still not going to be the final design. Getting closer, though.

Tomorrow will probably be light, too, as I’m off to Indy again. Yip. Pee.

Until I get back into posting obsessively, please enjoy Liss and Tigtog’s takes on the kind of ad agency that thinks that woman up there is anything but smokin’. For fuck’s sake.

14 thoughts on “Hello, and Check out the “Ugly” Chick”

  1. I really like a lot of this design. The text in the header could be more easily read, but I like the colors and overall layout.

  2. Thanks, Philip. I’ve been teaching myself Gimp from scratch, and I obviously don’t even know simple shit about design. That’s why I’ve still got a professional working on the real thing, but I couldn’t resist playing around.

  3. If you’ve already saved it as JPG, resaving it as a GIF won’t make it look better. You’d need to go back to the original file. I have to say, though, I’m not sure GIF is best for that title graphic anyway. I think there are probably too many colors being used to get the advantages of the GIF format.

  4. I’m trying to figure out why everyone is spending so much time arguing whether or not the woman above is attractive.

    I think what we should be worried about mostly is why she is held up for us to judge in the first place.

    I feel like woman are taught that their appearance is equal to how much they are worth as a human being. I believe many men- not all men–feel that is how a woman’s worth should be judged too, whether or not he’d go to bed with her.

    I don’t care how many men out there would go to bed with me. I just want to be seen as a human being, no matter what my size. I don’t think I deserve to be called a whale, a cow, or any other dehumanizing name, nor does anyone else.

    No one’s worth as a human should be measured by how many people would sleep with them.

  5. I am desperately trying to access the Suck It Special K project you referenced in the above post at Shakesville, but can get to neither the project nor Shakesville’s web site. I’ve been trying to find a way to share my disgust of the new “eat breakfast to lose weight” Special K commercial with friends. Do you know another way to get to it?

  6. I think women’s sexuality should be celebrated. We are beings of spirit AND flesh. I find this lady to be HOT!

  7. Some of us are built for comfort, not speed.

    Honestly, do I want to be attractive to all men? Nah … But it’s a funny thing, if you get to talking with men, they tend to think they are attractive to all women. It’s really funny.

  8. Um, I’m really torn here: I agree with Yellowhammer and I try not measure my *own* worth on the basis of my attractiveness – but speaking as a woman who is attracted to other women, I find the model to be lovely.
    Don’t quite know where the compromise is here…but I try not to objectify.

  9. I must say, had I not read all the commentary, I’d certes have presumed the ad was just using sexy scantily clad women (as so many ads do) to sell food and that such was the complaint.

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