13 thoughts on “Good News, Bad News

  1. EEK!

    I haven’t seen a single one, not that I’ve put any effort into doing so. I like that you stopped to take a picture of the little guy. I would’ve been too busy screaming like a little girl and trying to get it away from me.

  2. Colleen, I haven’t seen any in the city, either. We trekked out to the suburbs to go to a computer store yesterday, and they were EVERYWHERE out there.

    Al took care of the screaming like a little girl part while I got out the camera. (Okay, I might exaggerate. But he did offer to knock the cicada off me with an umbrella, while I was like, “Fuck that! Take a picture!”)

  3. I visited my sister out in the burbs today and omg cicadas everywhere. Do not like!

    They’re not exactly scary as much as big, loud, and clumsy. They freak me out but I’m a big baby.

  4. I just did a massive spending spree at eeddiebauerdotcom. Please don’t tell my punk rock friends at school.

    Also – love the shoes!!

  5. Also, Laurie, don’t tell my punk rock friends at school that I’ve currently got full shopping carts at Eddie Bauer AND Land’s End, and am just debating which one to pull the trigger on.

    Also, for those who inquired about the skirt/dress, I just realized the Eddie Bauer site makes it look WAY dressier than it is. I mean, you could dress it up, but it’s a simple, cotton-knit over-the-head dress… I’m on my second summer of wearing the shit out of it as an everyday sundress, with different colored camis under it. And, uh, with orthopedic flip-flops, obviously. That’s how fancy it is.

    Also, wriggles, what makes them scary is that they’re bugs.

  6. You sure that’s not just one of your regular crabs that crawled out to get some sun?

    And what’s with the yellowy orangey color? Back in the day, cicadas were BROWN.

  7. Thanks, J., for raising the level of discourse around here, as always. :)

    The yellowy orangey color is part cicada, part photo, part enhancement of photo to make cicada detail more visible. The actual bug was brown with yellow and orange highlights.

  8. A. It’s beautiful.
    B. I would have screamed my head off and went all crazy ass.
    C. I’d like to clarify I wouldn’t have killed it. I just would have looked like a psychotic woman dancing in the street.

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