11 thoughts on “Fun for the Whole Family!

  1. Is one of those quotes from Dr. Phil? I swear I’ve heard him spew that one about the laws of thermodynamics before.

  2. It’s scary how few of those DIDN’T appear in that one damn thread on “preventing” obesity in children. Pretty much just the backpack and the lesbian stuff, I think, in one form or another. Well, maybe also the “thin person trying to get out” one as well. We’re dangerously close to getting full coverage bingo on that one.

    I LOVE that “Fat Free” is the name of the free space, LOL. Of course, some of the other ones are so automatic (health care costs, eat less/exercise more) that they could damn well have been used for the free space and wouldn’t impact anyone’s ability to get bingo.

    So, um, does someone who uses the “You’re going to DIE!” rejoinder not understand that every freakin’ animal that has ever lived either has, or will, also die? Regardless of how perfect their health may happen to be? That’s one that I’ve never understood in the slightest as an argument.

  3. I was mostly doing fat acceptance retorts, but we could probably do a whole card of aesthetic fat hate lines alone. I already want to do one off Kate’s Diet delusions.

    I fixed the typo on the original file, but I don’t think I can “replace” the file that I had first posted without screwing up links to it, but you can go to my blog and get the new URL for the fixed image if you like. Oh, and T-shirts. I told you not the encourage me!

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