14 thoughts on “Happy News

  1. Congratulations, Kate! You totally deserve it! Are you going to keep this blog going at the same time?

  2. Excellent, excellent. I just started getting into Shakesville and I am thrilled to see you writing there. Damn, girl, you are good.

  3. Hey y’all, is there a password needed to enter Shakesville? I cannot seem to access the page now…

  4. Hrumph. still can’t get in… maybe there’s a firewall here at work to block me from progressive and fat positive sites :) I joke, but now i’m seriously wondering…..

  5. Madge, a firewall might be likely. I just read something on one of the progressive blogs about how they’re getting categorized as “porn” because of all the dirty words. Fortunately, I still seem to be under the fucking radar.

  6. That might have been me, lol.

    Why yes, it was! I thought it was, actually, and scanned through yesterday’s post round-up, but I didn’t see that one, so I went, “Crap, maybe it was Pandagon or something” (you know, Melmanda and all), and I was too lazy to look any further.

    Probably bad form to refer to a blog I’m now writing for as “you know, one of them progressive blogs,” huh?

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