You Know What’s Hilarious?

I mean, besides rape?

Watching a woman die. 

Sandra Teague’s husband John said the paramedics joked about calling the fire brigade to move his 17.5st (111kg) wife out of their home in Gloucester.

“They [joked about] getting her out through the window, which I thought was rather disgusting,” he said.

They spent 2 hours “deliberating how to move her.” During that time, she died.

For the Americans among us, 17.5 st. is 245 lbs.  How does it take two hours to figure out how to move 245 lbs.?

I guess it’s tough to stay on task when you’re busy telling knee-slappers about the fat chick. The dying fat chick.

I don’t even know what to say.

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56 thoughts on “You Know What’s Hilarious?

  1. That’s ridiculous!
    First of all, that’s totally unprofessional for a paramedic. God only knows what they’d do if a fat person got in a car accident.
    And 245lbs is not *that* big. We’re not talking about Gilbert Grape’s mother here, or like that poor woman who actually was graphed to her sofa (,,2-2004371699,00.html). I can’t imagine what they would have said about her.
    Don’t people even have a sense of decency? Or even just the ability to shut up and do their job?

  2. *blink*

    I’m ~220. My 155 lb husband can pick me up. By himself. They trying to tell us that two grown men can’t pick up a 245 lb woman? If they are physically incapable of doing their jobs as paramedics, then maybe they shouldn’t be paramedics.

    You know, for that matter, i had a friend in college who, at 230 lbs, was a paramedic herself.

    And there’s a lot you can do on the scene to help someone having a heart attack. Do they not have defibrillators? She had asthma. What, no oxygen tanks? She had diabetes. What, no insulin? Nothing to help this woman?

    It is complete and utter fucknuttery that she died, and i hope these asshats who let it happen get what’s coming to them.

  3. I said this on BFB but I’ll repeat it here: They would have had NO trouble lifting a man of that weight. N-O-N-E. A 245-pound guy who’s “all muscle” weighs just as much as a 245-pound woman who’s “all fat.” I guess Arnold Schwarzenegger and most of the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL ought to be worried that no one will be able to lift them once they’ve passed on, huh?

  4. Oh my god. I don’t know what to say.

    I guess Arnold Schwarzenegger and most of the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL ought to be worried that no one will be able to lift them once they’ve passed on, huh?

    Yeah, I mean, aren’t there measures already in place for this? If fat people are supposedly sooooo unhealthy, then considering how to get them to hospitals seems rather important.

  5. I’d say that the administrators of the Gloucester paramedic response unit need to re-evaluate the physical fitness of their paramedics. If multiple people can’t figure out a way to lift 245 pounds, they’re seriously out of shape. Oh, wait. Or stupid. Yeah. Stupid might be the issue here. But to allow your stupidity to kill someone??

    I’m glad that it at least seems like it’s being taken seriously, and that the article actually treated it as a serious matter, as well.

  6. Fucking bastards. That’s… it makes me want to weep.

    And Meowzer’s point is so fucking on-the-spot: they’d have had no trouble picking up a 245-pound man, so what the hell was their problem with getting that poor woman to a hospital?

    I mean, they tried to put her on an air mattress?? WTF is that about? Are they paramedics or trying out for some new high-larious slapstick comedy revue? Because, y’know, nothing’s funnier than a woman dying of a heart attack.

    You know, I thought my mom’s death made it pretty clear, but you just can’t make it clearer than this without resorting to out-and-out murder: FAT HATRED KILLS.

    I hope they not only get their asses fired and whatever paramedic licenses they’ve got revoked, but I hope they get prosecuted. That is nothing more than callous disregard of a human being in distress, when it’s their JOB to aid people in distress. If that were in the US, it would be negligent homicide.

  7. I work in a dialysis facility and most paramedic units come in with a gurney, but the article mentions that all they’d need to do was get her in a wheelchair and into the ambulance. Do paramedics in the UK not have gurneys available to them? FFS!

  8. I like how the article makes sure to mention that it’s her medication that caused her to get fat – because if she’d just happened to be fat for any other reason, she’d have deserved this kind of treatment…

  9. I totally disagree with Sara.

    What does it matter she got to that weight and size? That someone is fat or grossly obese does not mean they deserve that kind of treatment.

  10. Sicarii – Sara was being heavily sarcastic, parodying the mainstream media abuse of fat women.

  11. Oops, I guess I wasn’t in the frame of mind to pick up on the sarcasm, lol!

    My bad.

    Now, where’s that gallon of coffee?

  12. It’s not a full gallon, but it’s a good place to start: <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>here</a>.

  13. Meowzer, I forgot that was you who made the point about lifting a man on BFB (which is where I read about this). I was actually going to add that to the original post, but I was too lazy to go back and look for the name of the commenter. :) Glad you said it here, too — it’s an excellent point.

  14. Nothing to add, just equally horrified. I weigh somewhere around 260-270, and I don’t think of myself as too big to move. I can carry myself up four flights of stairs, for example.

  15. I cannot believe this. It’s an utter disgrace, and it’s a sad commentary on the attitudes and beliefs of those disgraceful paramedics.

    Two hours is a long time. You can do a lot of things in that span: watch a movie, read several chapters of a great book, cook an entire mea, eat and clean up…the list goes on.

    This is just horrible.

  16. Disgraceful. But will these people be charged negligent manslaughter or homicide for letting that woman die. NO…because she was fat…shameful. How do they walk around and do their jobs?

  17. Rebecca: Clearly, they walk around and DON’T do their jobs. Since part of their job is to save people’s lives and not to, you know, do a fucking amateur standup routine.

  18. I wish I hadn’t heard of this kind of story before, but there seems to be at least one a year that I just hear about. Gosh only knows how many other stories go unreported. There is no good reason they couldn’t have tended to this patient. She was fat, so they assumed they couldn’t possible care for her and probably didn’t think she was worth trying.

  19. I was in a bad car accident a few years ago and weighed 260, and I remember apologizing to the paramedics the whole time because I was so heavy. After a while, one of them, knowing I was freaked out about the whole accident and humiliated by having my dress cut off me, leaned down and whispered in a really kind voice that it was their job to lift me and they would have been failing me if they couldn’t.

    I really, really hope that some punishment arrives to these “paramedics”.

  20. Jebus. I, a supposedly unfit fat, short, girly girl can lift a 200lbs with not too much effort. Female nurses are certainly capable of doing this, I saw a tiny woman once get a large man from a waiting room seat to a wheelchair, and several men reckon they couldn’t do similar?

    I hope those arseholes get everything they deserve. Times ten.

  21. Utterly amazingly mind-bogglingly DISGUSTING.

    Having had friends and relatives in the medical field and rescue squads most of my life, I can vouch that knowing how to lift and move people much, much larger than yourself is extremely basic training. Not that 245lbs is even that large to begin with, but of course my point being that they knew what they were doing… and not doing.

    I’m hoping they get prosecuted for negligent homicide, at the very least, because logic would have me believe it was pretty damn deliberate.

  22. Hi – you know what’s hilarious?

    Gloucester is a serious rugby town and most of the forwards in the first team squad weigh about that much or more (seriously – I checked). I bet they wouldn’t have been left lying about on the pitch while someone called the fire brigade.

    My claim to fame: I live there. Woo.

  23. I’m appalled. I weigh more than that, and most gurneys / hospital beds / hammocks (!) here in NZ cater to 150-200kg. Paramedics, nurses and doctors should be well able to handle someone of that weight, and not treat them like freaks.

    xx Dee

  24. Britain seems to have a ~real~ bad problem with not only women, but fat women as well. Not too long ago there was the article about two 13-year-old girls that were gang-raped, and the defense lawyer (a woman) said that the ~fat~ 13-year-old girl was “probably happy to get the attention. (!!!!!)

  25. That’s horrific. And scary as hell. I can’t get out of my mind how awful it must have been to be that woman or to be her husband, watching this. Or family members who weren’t there, but still lost someone they loved due to these people’s callousness because of her weight. Damn it, no matter how much someone weighs, they’re still a person, with the same rights and feelings as everyone else! And I don’t understand how paramedics, in a profession that’s supposed to be about caring for people, miss this.

  26. i am an rn who works with spinal cord patients so i am a professional people picker-upper. i can say that if those folks were in this state they would be liable for negligent homicide charges. she could have been drug on a sheet by two men even had she weighed twice what she weighed. i don’t know what the laws are in england, but here those fellas would be facing charges and a wrongful death case by her survivors.


  28. Well, it’s also your last time commenting on the site, wazza

    Because you covered the troll in barbecue sauce and ate it?

    Seriously, what problem COULDN’T we solve this way?

    I find it especially funny, incidentally, that wazza could spell “barbecue” but not “one.” I think that says something.

  29. I find it especially funny, incidentally, that wazza could spell “barbecue” but not “one.” I think that says something.

    Probably that he’s fat.

    And yes, I eated the troll. It tastes like burning.

  30. I probably shouldn’t find this exchange as hilarious as I do… maybe it’s because I’m a gamer, and I know the best way to kill a troll is to barbecue it.

  31. *boggles*

    My husband, who used to be a paramedic, informs me that (a) he could move a 245-pound person by himself, tyvm (and he only cracks 125 in his winter coat) and (b) gallows humor is for when you’re NOT standing in front of the dying patient and her husband.

    We agree these two’s hell should start with a firing and end whenever the State and the woman’s family run out of lawsuits.

  32. Mmm, barbecued troll.

    But really. My lifeguarding class full of 16-year-olds years ago could have easily figured out how to lift someone much heavier than 245. I’m definitely convinced that this was a case of “wouldn’t” instead of a case of “couldn’t,” which makes it all the more disgusting.

  33. Does anyone know anything more about this than what was given in the article? I was hoping to hear a follow-up; some good old-fashioned justice to conclude this story. This is backwards-fucking insane. The paramedics should be locked up for the rest of their lives. See how much humor they can pull out of that. Pair of worthless, disgusting wretches that dare to call themselves organisms of any kind. Who the hell jokes about a woman’s weight while she’s DYING?!

    My god. I’ve never actually thought this before, but this species is long overdue for a good old-fashioned extinction.

  34. I looked for an update to the story, but couldn’t find anything.

    One commenter on the Daily Mail story about it claims that there’s an occupational safety regulation that applies to this situation requiring that “larger” people be lifted by a mechanical hoist, to avoid injury to the paramedics. But even if that’s true, and even if 111 kg counts as “larger” – they had 2 hours to get this mechanical hoist and, oh, I dunno, help the dying woman get to the hospital?

  35. I’m so glad that when I stumbled onto this blog entry, everyone was saying what I was thinking. All moral and ethical irresponsibility aside (which ought to be a lot heavier to push aside than someone weighing 245 lbs) it’s pathetic that people take the whole “youth and beauty” propaganda seriously at all, much less to let it dictate their attitude toward a (gasp) 245 pound woman! I agree with the other commenters (um, except the barbecue sauce one)… 245 is not that big! I’m tempted to post pics of myself at 215 to show how normal my size was. Augh!!!

  36. It MUST be some sort of regulation in desperate need of change because… 245? Whatever. That’s not that big. That article is nauseating. Also, here’s a question I don’t think anyone has asked yet; Was her husband handicapped? Was he unable to help pick up his wife or at least help them get her to the ambulance? Further investigation, indeed.

  37. Regulation? I know nothing of whatever guidelines UK paramedics have to follow, but Not Acting For Two Hours Thereby Allowing A Patient To Die can’t be among them.

    One person could have gotten her to the ambulance. ONE.

    I am utterly and thoroughly disgusted, and would like to kick these people in delicate places on their way to jail.

  38. Jut like the commenter Kristin said I was also in a car accident and weighing over 300 at the time was mortified and felt so bad that the paramedics had to carry me, and one of the guys kindly smiled at me and told me not to worry that they were not worried at all and I shouldn’t be either and that this was nothing.

    Granted it did take more than two men to lift me but that had to do with the fact that I was experiencing pain in my back and neck and the were worried I had spinal injuries and possible broken neck so they were extra cautious on moving me , but they were so kind about it all not one joke was made. Granted when I reached the hospital I was overdosed on morphine to “compensate for my extreme obesity” and spent the next twelve hours in and out of consciousness throwing up and such, but that is beside my point.

    The point being, all it says was she was having difficulty breathing nothing about a serious injury that would need caution in moving her. I working as a nurse could pick up a man of that size who was resisting me and get him into a chair, why two men who as paramedics should be in good condition couldn’t is beyond me, especially when there was the husband to help as well. I mean ffs it isn’t like she wouldn’t fit through a door, so put her on a sheet each person grasp the ends and transport her to the ambulance. I just am shocked by this, when people in those jobs lose their sense of compassion and get that callus towards the people they are supposed to be saving, they need to be removed, and in this case punished.

  39. Thank you LollyDee!

    WTH was her husband doing this whole time?! Did he just spend two hours listening to the jokes?

    If it were my loved one lying there I’d move him/her out the damned ambulance my damned self!

    And that poor woman, lying there listening to FAT JOKES as she’s dying!

    I hope there is a special place in h*ll for those idiots!

  40. My first reaction was if only this happened in the U. S. in one of the states that have lax gun control laws. I bet then those scumbags would’ve found some incentive to get that poor woman to the hospital.

    Second reaction is this is a textbook case of depraved indifference homicide, at least in the U. S. I hope Britain has similar laws.

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