“It Is Shameful that Christians would Rally around the Physical Needs of the Poor”

That’s from a press release from the American Life League. For real. The only thing Christians should give a shit about is abortion — and of course, helping poor women wouldn’t have any effect on abortion rates. Also, rallying around the needs of the poor is not the Christian thing to do. Obviously.

You know, for as many issues as I have with the religion I was raised in, at least they never presented Jesus as an asshole.

Go read Jill’s analysis of this and all the stunning recent wingnut quotes at Feministe.

What is it with this week? I feel like the running theme is “Wingnuts finally say out loud the abhorrent things we always knew they believed, but thought they were smart enough to keep under wraps.” I thought the “They want to break down the white, Christian, male power structure” comment couldn’t be beat, until they came out with “The old procedure [standard D&E], which is still legal … means there is greater legal liability and danger of internal bleeding from a perforated uterus. So we firmly believe there will be fewer later-term abortions as a result of this ruling” — that had to top all, right? Admitting that they think it’s a good thing that more women will have their uteruses perforated? I was sure we had a winner. Sadly, it was beaten out by “Feminism is a minority social movement, whose members murder innocent children in order to obtain sexual gratification.” Which is most surely the champion — abortions make all the ladies come? It’s incredible.

But no. Now Christians should be ashamed for helping the poor.

Then go check out Ampersand’s handy chart for determining whether a given anti-choice policy is consistent with a belief that abortion is child murder or a belief that women need to be punished for having sex. Then read Amanda’s post that reminded me of that. Then try not to barf.

9 thoughts on ““It Is Shameful that Christians would Rally around the Physical Needs of the Poor”

  1. These are NOT Christians, no matter what they call themselves. They can get down on all fours and moo all they want, that doesn’t mean you can milk ’em. If Jesus were here he’d box these people about the ears and tell them to quit using his name to spread such bile. But really, what do you expect from people who really only get off on the Crucifixion and all the Old Testament angry-God crap, and have no use for anything Christ actually said?

  2. You know, I was thinking that same thing–it’s been a crazy week for wingnuts–and then I read Jill’s post and it all came together. Do you think it’s some sort of planned “honesty week” for religious extremists?

  3. Laura, maybe, except I’m pretty sure Jesus hates honesty. You know, like he hates the poor.

  4. I rarely discuss religious issues like these because I am always interrupted by projectile vomiting.


    What is WRONG with people?

  5. What is wrong with these particular people is that they cannot see beyond their noses. They fixate on abortion as THE GREAT EVIL and cannot understand the world as a complex place with complex issues. Oh, that my world were so simple.

    I take that back. I like complexity.

  6. Kate,
    Apparently you’ve forgotten Pat’s saying: “Jesus is the reason for the season.”


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