So, my first day of conference blogging went well, except for the part where I kinda took the “live” out of “liveblogging.” I wrote up a post this afternoon, e-mailed it to Jessica, and then had to e-mail again and say, “Wait, don’t post that!”

See, I sorta tuned out first thing in the morning when we all discussed confidentiality and creating a safe space for people to talk about their stories without seeing them, say, published on Feministing 2 hours later. Mea culpa. I hadn’t had much coffee yet. Also, I have the world’s biggest mouth. There’s that.

So I spent a good portion of the afternoon writing THE MOST BRILLIANT BLOG POST IN THE HISTORY OF BLOGKIND which, tragically, you will never see, because I subsequently realized it might contain more information than a particular attendee would want splashed across teh internets. So I asked her if that was the case — assuming, of course, that she would see the sheer genius in my eyes and tell me to go right ahead. She said, “Uh huh. Please don’t post that.”

I decided to rewrite the post when I got home, then got stuck in 8th-circle-of-hell traffic, so I only just sent the new post to Jessica a few minutes ago. And I’ve got another one to write yet, about the afternoon’s events,  but right now, I’m having a damn beer.

The meeting today was great, though, and you should all check out Causes in Common. Good stuff.

You can also check out my morning post here.

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  1. Well, I’m sad we won’t get to see that brilliant post. I loook forward to the alternate brilliant post instead. Good for you getting to contribute to Feministing!

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