Solly’s Famous!

And someone doesn’t like my chair. (Which I’d be outraged about, except I don’t much like that chair, either.)

Stuff on My Mutt

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10 thoughts on “Solly’s Famous!

  1. Thanks. :)

    Al and I picked that chair out together, and I was somewhat underwhelmed, but he seemed to really like it. Once again, I forgot that he’s colorblind. He was surprised to learn about the red and green in it.

    It’s a fine chair, I’m just not in love with it. The dog, however, is.

  2. The chair is actually quite charming. You know you bought the chair for Solly, anyway.

    PS – I’ve never been to the mutt site. Now I’m downloading the feed. I can’t ever get a job if I’m on the internets looking at cute animals all day long!

  3. CG, the mutt site’s pretty new, relative to the cat one. I think it’s only been up for a few months.

    Everybody, thanks for the chair love.

  4. Didn’t Grandpa and Grandma have that chair in varying shades of blue? Somebody in our past did.

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