What Do You Hate Most About Flying?

MSNBC has a poll up asking what you hate most about flying. “Tiny seats” are currently winning by a mile (39%), besting both flight delays (28%) and lost baggage (8.4%).

You suppose all those people are fat?

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9 thoughts on “What Do You Hate Most About Flying?

  1. While I have to admit that airplane seats are a lot less uncomfortable since I’ve lost weight, I wouldn’t say that that’s made them actually more comfortable. My knees still don’t fit between the rows unless I can get Economy Plus on United. I can tune out rude passengers to a certain extent (the sort who refuse to believe that the rules apply to THEM, oh horrors!), but if I can’t move my legs and have something jabbing my knees the whole time, I’m miserable. And I’m only 5’10” – granted that’s tall for a female, but dead on average for an american male. There’s no way in hell that females are considered the default for airplane seats, when we aren’t for anything else, so they’re making uncomfortable what they consider to be half of the population. And not a population that it’s ok to shame on, either.

  2. And on the other side of the coin, I’m so short that I can’t comfortably put my feet on the floor (without feeling like I’m sliding off the seat), and it’s too cramped for me to tuck them up under me, as I would in an ordinary chair. So I spend the whole flight squirming, trying to find a position that neither feels like falling nor places my foot in someone else’s lap.

    Is there ANYONE who’s comfortable flying? Skinny, 5’5″ people, maybe?

    Except I remember thinking when I was quite thin, “My butt takes up so much of this seat NOW, how did I fly at all when I was fat?” (Then I gained weight again and found out.) If it was miserably uncomfortable for a 24-year-old, 5’2″ size 4, what fucking hope is there for the rest of us?

  3. I just sort of plan to be uncomfortable when I’m traveling because, as you said, they barely cater to the skinny folks! I’m 5’7″, and my knees just fall off a half an hour into the trip. I wonder who tests the seats out? I’m hard pressed to think even someone 5’5″ and thin would be comfortable.

    Also, I love this blog. I added it to my link list!

  4. I can put up with the small seats. I figure on that kind of discomfort. Mostly I fly with my DH and I can put up the armrest between us and that helps a bit.

    No, what drives me absolutely insane and makes me utterly miserable is when the yahoo in front of me reclines and pretty much ends up squishing me. I seem to carry a lot of my weight fore and aft, so to speak, so while I can get my hips into an airline seat okay, I stick out forward of the seat more than most people, if you can sort of imagine. I’ve been known to kick the back of the seat of the person doing the reclining. I know this is neither mature nor civilized behavior, but on a transatlantic flight, ya gotta do what ya gotta do to have a little breathing room.

  5. I must be MAGIC, because I’m 5’10” and size fourteen and I’ve never noticed plane seats being particularly uncomfortable. (Unless you want to sleep. I don’t think I’m capable of sleeping on a plane.)

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