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  1. I do not see this stuff as being any different than what I see at target, maybe their clothing line will make me a believer I looked at their online catalog and outerwear was a dead link.

  2. I was just poking around that catalog. *grin* I like the idea of it.

    Gordita, I’m not sure which items you’re referencing but a lot of this stuff is quite different, size and scale-wise, from the stuff at Target. The sleeping bags, for instance, are larger in dimension. The hangers without clips are oversized, so that shirts with larger necklines won’t slip off. I think that’s really kind of ingenious. Of course, I was hanging up laundry and my dresses kept slipping off of my Target hangers, so I might be biased!

  3. I think I was talking about the look of the stuff, it has little style(big girls like nice things too).
    as far as the size and dimension of the stuff I’m good wit that, hell even when i was thin I never fit right in chairs(my mother said as what happened to her the rest of my body caught up with my ass).

  4. Gordita, I plugged the site because of the stuff The Rotund is talking about, not for fashion. (If you want links to some awesome fat fashion links, click “Beauty Plus Power” on the blogroll.) Not so many places have things like lawn chairs that hold up to 500 lbs. and life jackets up to 6X, though, and I think Living XL is a great resource for that kind of thing.

  5. I took fencing in college and one of the most embarrassing things ever was trying to find a suit that would fit me. I think a lot of fat people shy away from activities that require any sort of equipment for just that reason. I’m really happy that there is this resource.

    Not that I’m any more likely to go camping any time soon (I am allergic to, like, the whole planet and all the bugs on it) but I like having the access to equipment. *grin*

  6. I feel yah, I’m a city girl, I never travel outside of 2 miles from a 7-11.
    But if it was not for the fact I can make my own cloths I’d be screwed, I have a weired size.

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